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The Divine Beasts do come with drip.

While there aren't any Divine Beasts in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Divine Helms are nice little nods to them. Each of the main villages of the game (Rito, Goron, Zora, and Gerudo) have a Divine Helm nearby. Not only are they nice easter eggs to the Divine Beast from Breath of the Wild, but they also give Link some nice boosts.

How to find every Divine Helm in Zelda TotK (Tears of the Kingdom)

The first four sages in Tears of the Kingdom will each give Link the side quest for the Divine Helm that is connected to their respective area:

  • Tulin: on the top hut in Rito Village
  • Yunobo: middle of Goron City
  • Sidon: Throne Room of Zora's Domain
  • Riju: Throne Room of Gerudo Town
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Each sage will give Link hints as to where each Divine Helm is located. The hints will only be given out after each sage's story mission is done, but players can go search for them whenever.

How to find the Vah Medoh Divine Helm

Tulin will tell Link that the secret treasure is hidden where three hot waters meet. This is referencing three hot springs found in the Hebra Mountains: Goflam, Sherfin, and Sturnida. The midpoint between these hot springs is right here, where the blue marker is:

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This area is actually in a cave, though, so players will need to run around the west of Biron Snowshell. To the west is a huge block of ice (coordinates: -3960, 3251, 0237). Players will need to melt this down to get access to the cave beyond.

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There are a couple of ways of melting the ice here. I went with just building campfires, though. Link can melt it by holding a fire weapon or dropping some Red Chu Chu jelly, but this process that a very long time. I found that the ice melted quicker with a campfire. I also had extra wood on me, so I just kept building fires until the ice block was considerably shrunk.

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Behind the ice block is the North Biron Snowshell Cave, which has the Vah Medoh Divine Helm beneath. First, players need to blow up the rubble by fusing a bomb with an arrow. This will reveal a cavern with an owl statue at the bottom and a gust of air flowing from the middle.

Albeit they're hard to see, some piles of rubble are hidden in the walls surrounding this cavern. Therefore, what players need to do is fly up, find these rubble piles, and shoot them with bomb arrows.

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Three of them will cause water to flow into the cavern, and once all three waterspouts are revealed, the owl statue will move, revealing a secret passage with the chest for the Vah Medoh Divine Helm right there.

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How to find the Vah Rudania Divine Helm

Players can get this quest by speaking to Yunobo in the middle of Goron City. Yunobo's elder recalls a story about two fighting lizards: one hunting treasure and the other hiding from it. The treasure here is he Vah Rudania Divine Helm, but he actually isn't referring to literal lizards; rather, there are two lakes that look like lizards.

These lakes are found in the northwestern section of Death Mountain. The quickest way to get there is by warping to Sibajitak Shrine and walking west. The northern lake is the lizard hunting the treasure, while the southern lake is the lizard hiding away on top of a platform. Find the "head" of the northern lake to find that it is pointing out a secret cave (coordinates: 2199, 3081, 0405).

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Blow past the rubble here with a bomb arrow. Inside will be the chest holding the Vah Rudania Divine Helm. There aren't any special puzzles in this cave; just walk up and grab it.

How to get the Vah Ruta Divine Helm

As for the Vah Ruta Divine Helm, this is most associated with Sidon, sage of the Zora. He will be waiting in Zora's Domain, and his hint mentions a cave beneath the great fish. This is certainly the huge fish statue behind the throne room.

The hint will also mention a long bridge, which is the one leading to the entrance of Zora's Domain. Finally, the hint ends by suggesting diving in between two waterfalls. This is actually indicating that there is a cave behind the waterfall that flows underneath the bridge to Zora's Domain (coordinates: 3245, 0383, 0077).

Head to that bridge and jump off where the waterfall starts. Glide into the waterfall, where the Cave Beneath Zora's Domain is.

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This cave is home to a chasm that leads to the Abandoned Lanayru Mine in The Depths, but players will want to avoid that for now and walk past it.

At the other end of the cave is yet another waterfall that Link can go past. Head over there and swim through the waterfall to find the Vah Ruta Divine Helm inside the chest.

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How to get the Vah Naboris Divine Helm

Finding this Divine Helm is very similar to a quest in Gerudo Desert in Breath of the Wild. Riju tells Link that treasure in the Gerudo region is pointed out by the swordsman in the desert. This references the statues of swordsmen in the desert outside Gerudo Town, and their swords point out the way to find the Divine Helm.

The first swordsman that Link can find from Gerudo Town is right outside the northern exit (coordinates: -3991, -2861, 0041).

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At this point, I just built a Zonai airplane with autobuild so I could see where the swords were pointing (it was really nice being able to just fly over a Molduga without starting a battle).

Eventually, the swords will point to an area in the northwest of the Gerudo Desert with a small skeleton west of the Karusa Valley.

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Under the skeleton is a small hole with some rubble blocking it on the ground (coordinates: -4671, -1973, 0024).

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Shoot a bomb arrow through this hole to reveal the entrance to the West Gerudo Underground Ruins. Link will go down a tunnel that ends with a room where the walls are covered in rubble. There is a Gerudo swordsman here pointing the way forward, but players actually need to go right and knock down the rubble on the right wall.

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To say there is a lot of rubble here is an understatement. When I went through it, I must have broke at least ten weapons. It is for that reason I highly recommend using Yunobo's spirit here. His ability to break rubble will allow players to save weapon durability.

Otherwise, there are tons of Rusty Claymores hidden in the rubble. That's a strong pool of rock hammers that players can fuse to break up the rubble. Bomb arrows work down here as well, but it's easy to run out of bombs that way.

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As Link goes through the rubble, he finds more and more swordsman points where he should go next. Follow this trail to end up in a narrow hallway behind bars. There is one more grouping of rubble Link needs to clear at the end of the hallway. Beyond that is the chest that holds the Vah Naboris Divine Helm.

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All TotK Divine Helm Locations (Map) – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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