My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide – Cold Island

It's never too cold to breed new monsters.

Popular mobile game My Singing Monsters sees you creating your own orchestra out of cute little beasties. Each of these strange creatures brings its own unique voice to your songs, which you can later use to create your own tunes. But you’ll also want to breed new monsters by combining those you have to get even more sounds, which is when our My Singing Monsters breeding guide for Cold Island comes into its own.  

MSM Cold Island Breeding Guide

Once you’ve started to think about expansion, the first new standard island you’ll move into is Cold Island. It costs just 5,000 coins to unlock once you reach level four, and works just the same as Plant island in terms of placement, breeding, and hatching. It is also the home of the annual Festival of Yay, when you can breed exclusive Cold Island monsters such as Yool (needed in the breeding of the rare Carillong monster).  

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Below is a cold Island breeding table listing all the ways to get specific monsters on the island. Note that breeding failures may mean you instead gain a Mammott, ToeJammer, Tweedle, or Potbelly monster. Monsters marked with an asterisk (*) are only breedable during certain events. Some hour and minute times have been rounded up to make the table easier to read.

Cold Island Breeding Chart - My Singing Monsters

MonsterRequired LevelElements/EventsBreed Time (Standard/Enhanced)Breeding Combinations
Maw4Water Cold30 mins/22 minsToe Jammer & Mammott
Rare Toe Jammer*4Water6 hours/4 hours 30 minsBoth must be three-element monsters that have the Water element.
Rare Mammott*4Cold6 hours/4 hours 30 minsBoth must be three-element monsters that have the Cold element.
Rare Tweedle*4Air6 hours/4 hours 30 minsBoth must be three-element monsters that have the Air element.
Furcorn7Plant Cold8 hours/6 hoursPotbelly & Mammott
Pango7Air Cold8 hours/6 hoursTweedle & Mammott
Quibble7Air Water8 hours/6 hoursTweedle & Toe Jammer
Congle7Air Water Cold12 hours/9 hoursTweedle & Maw, Toe Jammer & Pango, Mammott & Quibble
Oaktopus9Plant Water8 hours/6 hoursPotbelly & Toe Jammer
Dandidoo9Air Plant8 hours/6 hoursTweedle & Potbelly
Deedge9Air Plant Water Cold24 hours/18 hoursThumpies & Toe Jammer, Spunge & Mammott, Congle & Potbelly, Bowgart & Tweedle, Dandioo & Maw, Quibble & Furcorn, Pango & Oaktopus
Grumpyre9Shadow36 hours/27 hoursDeedge & Congle, Deedge & Bowgart, Deedge & Spunge, Deedge & Thumpies
Yool9Festival of Yay & event36 hours/27 hoursThumpies & Congle
Strombonin9Mythical23 hours/17 hoursSpunge & Bowgart
Bowgart9Plant Water Cold12 hours/9 hoursPotbelly & Maw, Mammott & Oaktopus, Toe Jammer & Furcorn
Thumpies9Air Plant Cold12 hours/9 hoursDandioo & Mammott, Pango & Potbelly, Furcorn & Tweedle
Spunge9Air Plant Water12 hours/9 hoursToe Jammer & Dandidoo, Potbelly & Quibble, Tweedle & Oaktopus
Rare Potbelly*9Plant6 hours/4 hours 30 minsBoth must be three-element monsters that have the Plant element.
Rare Maw*7Water Cold1 hour 10 mins/50 minsAs common version (above)
Rare Pango*7Air Cold10 hours 30 mins/8 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare Quibble*7Air Water10 hours 30 mins/8 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare Congle*7Air Water Cold15 hours/12 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare Furcorn*9Plant Cold15 hours/12 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare Oaktopus*9Plant Water10 hours 30 mins/8 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare Dandidoo*9Air Plant10 hours 30 mins/8 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare Bowgart*9Plant Water Cold15 hours/12 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare Spunge*9Air Plant Water15 hours/12 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare Thumpies*9Air Plant Cold15 hours/12 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare Deedge*9Air Plant Water Cold31 hours/23 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare Grumpyre*9Shadow46 hours/34 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare Strombonin*9Mythical29 hours/22 hoursAs common version (above)
Epic Mammott*4Cold5 hours/4 hoursDeedge & Maw
Epic Toe Jammer*4Water3 hours/2hoursDeedge & Quibble
Epic Tweedle*4Air11 hours/8 hoursDeedge & Dandidoo
Epic Maw*7Water Cold13 hours/10 hoursSpunge & Furcorn
Epic Congle*7Air Water Cold23 hours/17 hoursThumpies & Maw
Epic Pango*7Air Cold27 hours/20 hoursThumpies & Oaktopus
Epic Quibble*7Air Water21 hours/16 hoursCongle & Dandidoo
Epic Furcorn*9Plant Cold17 hours/13 hoursSpunge & Maw
Epic Oaktopus*9Plant Water31 hours/23 hoursSpunge & Pango
Epic Dandidoo*9Air Plant29 hours/22 hoursBowgart & Quibble
Rare Yool*9Festival of Yay & events46 hours/34 hoursThumpies & Congle
Epic Bowgart*9Plant Water Cold29 hours/22 hoursCongle & Funcorn
Epic Spunge*9Air Plant Water25 hours/19 hoursThumpies & Quibble
Epic Thumpies*9Air Plant Cold33 hours/24 hoursCongle & Oaktopus
Epic Potbelly*9Plant9 hours/7 hoursDeedge & Oaktopus
Epic Deedge*9Air Plant Water Cold41 hours/30 hoursBowgart & Pango
Epic Grumpyre*9Shadow29 hours/22 hoursBowgart & Dandidoo
Epic Yool9Festival of Yay & events24 hours/19 hoursDeedge & Pango

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My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide – Cold Island

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