Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes trailer introduces Black Eagles, including Bernadetta, Caspar, and more

Nintendo’s new trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes reveals characters from the Black Eagles that are joining the roster. This includes the likes of Bernadetta, Caspar, Ferdinand, Dorothea, Linhardt, and Petra. The trailer was posted on Nintendo’s Twitter account. The tweet states in part, “Members of the Adrestian Empire join the fight” and showcases […]

Genshin Impact announces rhythm game upgrades for upcoming Version 2.7 event

Genshin Impact introduced an upcoming rhythm game event for Version 2.7, The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival, which will be held to celebrate Kuki Shinobu’s law graduation. The rhythm game will introduce drums with a semicircle tap zone and customizable gameplay and a new feature for creating custom beatmaps. It’s not the first […]

Is Obi-Wan Kenobi coming to Fortnite?

The relationship between Fortnite and Star Wars isn’t new. Over the years, Epic Games has made it a point to celebrate Star Wars day by adding Star Wars related cosmetics in Fortnite, with 2021 being the only exception. That said, since Epic Games added Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber to the game, fans have been speculating about […]

MultiVersus gives in-depth look at gameplay, perks, classes, and more with Pro Player Showcase

The MultiVersus Pro Player Showcase has been uploaded ahead of the alpha access and 2022 EVO tournament. It features professional Super Smash Bros. and fighting game players Light, ESAM, Lord Knight, and MVD. This news comes from both the MultiVersus Twitter and the MultiVersus YouTube channel. The former states, in part, “Bringing you a battle […]

Dendro Archon’s possible other name and other Sumeru characters are revealed in Genshin Impact leaks

Genshin Impact recently announced that Version 2.8 is slated to release on July 13, 2022, which means that Version 3.0 will most likely come at around August 25, 2022—assuming that HoYoverse continues to follow the game’s usual update schedule. With a few months left until Sumeru’s release, characters from the region are expected to make […]