BIG Games introduces ‘Secret Club’ Discord channel for Pet Simulator X super fans

BIG Games is no stranger to implementing paid exclusivity features into its experiences, most notably with the point-and-click farming experience Pet Simulator X, so fans weren’t shocked when the Roblox mogul announced its new Secret Club that requires a monthly fee to join. This “club” is a private channel that exists within the BIG Games […]

Minecraft Legends has a different approach to its Overworld

Minecraft Legends features a different approach to the Overworld than the core Minecraft experience. Instead of mining and changing the world, you are tasked with living in harmony with all aspects of it as you fend off the Piglin invasion from the Nether. The Minecraft Legends Twitter states, “In #MinecraftLegends, you’ll discover an Overworld filled […]

Upcoming fps THE FINALS uses unique methods to capture authentic sounds

The highly anticipated FPS, The FINALS, captured the attention of gamers when first announced, thanks to its impressive-looking gameplay and environmental destruction. Developer Embark Studios has returned with the start of a series of behind-the-scenes episodes to showcase the game’s making further. The FINALS Twitter states, “In the first episode of our MAKING THE FINALS […]