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11 Pokémon that can heal in battle

Pokémon are multifaceted and can be used in battle in many creative ways. Defensively, Pokémon can give players the chance to heal their other Pokémon or win the battle through attrition. Recovery isn’t available to every Pokémon, however, making those that do have it shine brighter. Many of these Pokémon have a good amount of […]

Pokémon GO: How to get Shiny Meltan (2022)

Shiny Pokémon are the most sought-after in Pokémon GO. These alternate-color variants are elusive and can be extremely tricky to get ahold of outside of Community Days. Some Pokémon even have their shiny forms released for a limited time, making them even more difficult to obtain. One of these limited time shiny Pokémon is Meltan. […]