How to enter the LEAP closed beta

LEAP is a new game from Blue Isle Studios, developers of 2016’s Valley, and appears to take inspiration from other PvP shooters like Splitgate and Halo Infinite. Fans of these sci-fi FPS games like should have LEAP on their radar. For players wishing to playtest LEAP, its closed beta starts on Jan. 19. Players can […]

How to play the new Attrition game mode in Halo Infinite

Attrition is a new game mode introduced in Halo Infinite’s Cyber Showdown Event. The event is set to last until January 31st, 2022, and will likely take the Attrition game mode with it when it goes. The Cyber Showdown Event features a free battle pass where players can unlock Cyber Showdown-themed cosmetics by playing Attrition […]

Gligar Counters and Weaknesses in Pokemon GO

Gligar can pose a real threat to Pokemon GO players in battle and is now featured prominently in Team Rocket leader Arlo’s team lineup. Raid Guide Gligar is a Flying and Ground Dual-Type Pokemon. This means that it has a list of resistances, including Electric, Fighting, Poison, Bug, and Ground-Type moves. It is best to […]

How to obtain the MEDIC! Achievement in Halo Infinite

The achievement titled MEDIC! is one that has been confusing players since Halo Infinite’s release. All other achievements seem to be obtainable, while MEDIC! remains locked to a game mode that has not yet been introduced in the game. How to get the MEDIC! Achievement? To get the achievement, players must “Revive 3 allies in […]

How to get the Black Eye Skull in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s open-world map is filled to the brim with Easter eggs, secrets, and collectibles for players to find. Among these collectibles are Halo’s signature Skulls. These Skulls can be found scattered all around the map, usually in difficult-to-reach places. Once obtained, the Skulls can be used to change certain mechanics and aspects of the […]