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Pet Rift Codes (May 2023)

Pet Rift is a pet collection game. You start with a single pet, who you can take out into the rift to collect Gold and Diamonds. As you collect more treasure, you can buy more pets, who will all help you collect Gold and Diamonds faster. But you will also level up, opening new ways […]

Royalty Kingdom 2 Codes (May 2023)

Royalty Kingdom 2 is so much more than just another Roblox dress-up game! Run around the gorgeous world, helping the locals by completing quests in various towns and villages. And, of course, make sure you look fabulous while you’re doing it. The theme changes with the seasons, offering lots of new stories and fresh items […]

One Shot Codes (May 2023)

In One Shot’s open-world map, you are given a random ability on your first spawning. With that ability, it is up to you to explore the city, fight enemies, and complete quests to power up your stats and earn some Yen. You can also earn a Skillset, which gives you powerful superpowers to use in […]

Project Ghoul Codes (May 2023) – FREE spins!

If you’re an anime fan making your way through Roblox, you may have found your fair share of titles inspired by the popular Japanese medium, like Roblox Blox Fruits, each with a unique spin on the title. Other anime, like Tokyo Ghoul, have games dedicated to them as well. While you’re sure to enjoy this […]

Roblox Era of Althea Codes (May 2023)

Era of Althea is a game where you are given random traits and are faced with an adventure across a land. The main objective is exploration, and players will die a lot when they begin. Players use Yul, the currency, to buy swords, armor, and spins. You can get Yul by defeating the various monsters […]