Should I buy Ember Knights? – Ember Knights review

Ember Knights, developed by Doom Turtle and published by Asmodee Digital, promises players high-paced action in a Roguelite environment. But the Early Access release—which is meant to show off combat mechanics while emphasizing cooperative gameplay—fails to live up to expectations due to constant bugs affecting gameplay. Even so, it’s still a lot of fun to […]

Should I buy Coromon – Coromon Review

The monster-taming RPG Coromon wears its Pokémon inspiration on its sleeve and offers that nostalgic classic Pokémon experience reminiscent of the Game Boy days—so much so that it’s hard to talk about Coromon without mentioning its obvious inspiration. Exploring the world of Coromon and discovering everything it provides is truly a joy and brings back […]

Should I buy Weird West – Weird West Review

Weird West is Wolfeye Studios’ take on the Wild West, and it is filled with rich lore and interesting characters, story moments, and set pieces. Mystery surrounds the world from the moment you step into the body of Jane Bell, the Bounty Hunter, and it sticks with you through all the characters who bear the […]