Apex Legends Season 10: All Weapon Changes

Apex Legends Season 10 features a number of weapon updates including new hop-ups, changes to attachments, and changes to weapon stats. Apex Legends Season 10 is now live so here is all the weapon changes players will find in the update. Hop-ups The Anvil Receiver and the Quickdraw Holster will be vaulted in Season 10. […]

Apex Legends Season 10 Care Package Weapons

Apex Legends Season 10 features a lot of changes include new care package weapons that may change up gameplay substantially. The Kraber and Triple Take will remain in the care package rotation, but the Prowler Burst PDW is returning to ground loot. The new weapons joining care packages are the Spitfire LMG and the Alternator […]

All Legend Changes in Apex Legends Season 10

Apex Legends Season 10 patch notes have been released, detailing all changes coming to the new season including weapon changes, map changes, and some legend buffs and nerfs. Season 10 will introduce the micro drone-wielding Seer, but will also feature a few changes to existing characters to keep gameplay fresh. Fuse Season 8 legend Fuse […]

Best Defensive Lines in Madden 22

EA Sports has revealed the full list of ratings for Madden 22 and the defensive lines are once again stacked with talent across the league. The entire defensive line together can be an unstoppable force, but here are the top individual players for each defensive line position including Defensive Tackle and Left/Right Defensive Ends. Defensive […]

Best Defensive Backs in Madden 22

EA Sports has released ratings for Madden 22, and defensive players are shaping up to be a force in this year’s title. In a league where the Wide Receiver and tight end position is full of athletic and skilled stars, defensive backs have to be at the top of their game. Here are the best […]