Best movesets for CAWs in WWE 2K22

In WWE 2K22, players can download or create custom Superstars to use in various game modes. The Create A Wrestler (CAW) option allows you to craft the perfect persona by customizing every aspect of their playstyle, including the correct move-sets. There are a plethora of move-sets that players can customize to give themselves an advantage […]

Best Finishers in WWE 2K22, Ranked

WWE 2K22 features a long list of devastating finishers used by superstars throughout the history of the WWE. In WWE 2K22, some finishers are extremely powerful, hard to reverse, and some require special conditions. The best finishers can be performed in many situations and will do a ton of damage to the opponent. Here are […]

Everything in WWE 2K22 1.12 update: New characters, bug fixes, & more

WWE 2K22 1.12 update released, adding MyRise exclusive characters to the roster, fixing a number of bugs, and improving gameplay. The update adds seven new characters, new singature and finishing moves, and prepares for the second DLC dropping soon. New Characters All new characters added are from MyRise mode and now available on the roster […]

Is WWE 2K22 cross platform/crossplay?

WWE 2K22 is now available for download, and players are wondering if the game features cross-platform support, as well as crossplay. Unfortunately, WWE 2K22 does not feature crossplay in online multiplayer mode. This means that PC players will not be able to play with friends who own PlayStation or Xbox consoles. However, it will feature cross-generation […]