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How to purchase and use weapons in BitLife

After the Blackmarket update, players can buy and equip weapons to eliminate anyone who crosses their path. While it is easy to acquire one, many don’t know how to utilize one in the game. So, learn how to purchase and use weapons in BitLife with this guide. How to purchase weapons in BitLife So, before […]

How to become a famous magician in BitLife

If you love entertaining people in BitLife, Magician would be an excellent job to match your personality. Unlike other jobs, you do not need much education, and a high school graduation is more than enough to secure the job.  Still, you must possess a high look rating to sit for the interview, as the job […]

How to be born in Massachusetts – BitLife Guide

Creating a character out of a particular city has always been one of the initial objectives of several challenges. One such objective for finishing the Mistress of Dark challenge is to be born into the state of Massachusetts. Being a state, you cannot directly select Massachusetts as your birthplace. Instead, you must bypass by picking […]

How to be born in Texas – BitLife Guide

Weekly BitLife Challenges like Slice & Dice require players to create characters out of Texas. So, if you are wondering how to be born in Texas or create a character out of Texas in BitLife, here is a detailed guide. How to create a character out of Texas in BitLife Before doing anything, please understand […]