BitLife Achievements List & Guide (2023) – How to get them all!

Need help with BitLife achievements? Here's what you need to know!

You can set several goals for yourself in BitLife, be it personal or life goals. However, BitLife has many challenges you can go after and complete. In total, there are more than 200 of these challenges, and more get added with expansions and other updates.

That said, the following are all achievements in BitLife, listed by their respective category. If an achievement is missing from our list, feel free to let us know with a comment below!

All Business BitLife Achievements

  1. Chipping In: Acquire a Semiconductor company to complete this achievement.
  2. Expansion: Lead a company with 100+ facilities
  3. Feeding Families: Lead a company with 1,000+ employees
  4. It's All Yours: Become a CEO.
  5. Lawsuit & Tie: Get sued by an employee.
  6. Meals on Wheels: Start a Foodtruck company.
  7. Now Buy Twitter: Introduce a new electric car.
  8. Phlegmpoloyee: Spit at an employee.
  9. Taco Tuesday!: Bring your team tacos on Tuesday.

All Prison BitLife Achievements

  1. Escape Artist: Escape from your first prison.
  2. Instigator: Start a Prison Riot.
  3. Justice: Get freed from prison by appeal.
  4. Midnight Express: Get sentenced to a Turkish prison.
  5. Behind Bars: Spend 50 years in prison.
  6. Cry Baby: Cry in prison once.
  7. True Lifer: Spend 75 years behind bars, you stand-up guy.
  8. Theseus: Escape a supermax prison.
  9. Gangtsa: Join your first prison gang.
  10. Aftermath: Escape prison in a riot.
  11. Inmating: Get a lover pregnant during a conjugal visit.
  12. Mercy Me: Get granted clemency.

All Royalty BitLife Achievements

  1. Executioner: Execute 20 people as a monarch.
  2. Markle: Marry into the British royal family.
  3. Monarch: Become a King or Queen.
  4. Napoleon: Get exiled to a distant land.
  5. Reign Over Us: Reign as a monarch for 100 years.

All Longevity BitLife Achievements

  1. Complete a Life: Complete a full Bitlife life from start to finish.
  2. Octogenarian: Live long enough to see your 80th birthday.
  3. Nonagenarian: Live long enough to see your 90th birthday.
  4. Centenarian: Live to see your 100th birthday
  5. Super Centenarian: Live to see your 110th birthday.
  6. Mega Centenarian: Live to see your 120th birthday.
  7. Strone Genes: Achieve a 500-year generation.
  8. Long Lineage: Achieve a 1,000-year generation.
  9. Living Legacy: Achieve a 5,000-year generation.

All Wealth & Stock Market BitLife Achievements

  1. Bottomed Out: Own cryptocurrency that drops to zero.
  2. BTLF: Invest in BitLife.
  3. Investor: Invest in five businesses.
  4. Elon Musk: Open your company for investment.
  5. Great Depression: Experience a stock market crash.
  6. Dogecoin to the moon: Buy Dogecoin.
  7. Millionaire: Become a millionaire.
  8. My Second Million: Achieve a net worth of $2m.
  9. Multimillionaire: Achieve a net worth of $10m.
  10. Rich: Achieve a net worth of $20m.
  11. Super Rich: Achieve a net worth of $50m.
  12. Stinking Rich: Achieve a net worth of $100m.
  13. Bitionaire: Achieve a net worth of $1b.
  14. Trillionaire: Achieve a net worth of $1t.
  15. Zillionaire: Achieve a net worth of $1z.

All Real Estate BitLife Achievements

  1. House Hunter: Make $2m from flipping houses.
  2. Real Estate Mogul: Purchase real estate worth $10m combined.
  3. Mansion Party: Throw a party in a mansion.
  4. Trailer Party: Throw a party in a trailer.
  5. House Haunters: Rent out a haunted property.
  6. Slumlord: Earn $1m renting run-down properties.
  7. Lord of the Land: Buy ten properties and rent them at the same time.
  8. Joint Ownership: Marry a tenant.
  9. Worth Diddly Squat: Lose a $250k+ property to a squatter.
  10. Scrooged: Evict a tenant who has 3+ children.
  11. Beverly Hillbillies: Upgrade a mansion to have an outhouse and rent it out.
  12. Close Your Eyes: Get a wishing well and make a wish.
  13. All-Inclusive: Sell a fully-upgraded villa.
  14. New lease, Who Dis?: Sell a property with people still living in it.
  15. BLTV Cribs: Fully upgrade 10 properties worth $1m+
  16. Spirited Away: Have a tenant die at the hands of a ghost.
  17. Both Hands Red: Walk in on a tenant playing Twister (Random during inspection).

All Animal BitLife Achievements

  1. Animal Rescue: Rescue an animal.
  2. Deaf Leopard: Yell at a leopard.
  3. Gorilla and the Fist: Get decapitated by a gorilla.
  4. Hungry Hippo: Get killed by a hippopotamus.
  5. Lion Tamer: Rescue a lion.
  6. Unicorn: Find a unicorn.

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All Career BitLife Achievements

  1. Actor: Become an actor.
  2. Airline Captain: Become an airline captain.
  3. At Inner Peace: Work 75 years as a monk.
  4. Candywriter: Work for BitLife.
  5. CEO: Become a CEO.
  6. Dentist: Become a dentist.
  7. Doctor: Become a doctor.
  8. Fire Chief: Become a fire chief.
  9. Astronaut: Leave earth to become an astronaut.
  10. Dealer: Start a weed empire.
  11. Model: Become a fashion model.
  12. Vampire: Become a vampire and rise and claim victims.
  13. Jack Of All Trades: Have 10 careers in one life.
  14. Judge: Become a judge.
  15. Last Resort: Seduce your boss to save your job.
  16. Lawyer: Become a lawyer.
  17. People Person: Befriend all of your co-workers.

All Combat BitLife Achievements

  1. Armed & Dangerous: Kill someone with a learned martial art move.
  2. Medieval Attack: Get attacked with a medieval weapon.
  3. No Grasshopper: Earn the top belt in a martial art.
  4. Sensei San: Earn the top belt in every martial art.

All Acting BitLife Achievements

  1. Deadpan Performance: Get hired as a zombie extra.
  2. Baby I'm Bollywood: Play a leading role in a Bollywood film.
  3. Best in Show: Win an award for Best Actor.
  4. Boo! Booo!: Get booed offstage at an awards show.
  5. Co-Star Calmer: Comfort a nervous co-star.
  6. Por Siempre con Amor: Star in a long running telenovela.
  7. Smells like Asscar: Win an award for Worst Picture.
  8. That's Showbiz: Get dropped by a talent agent.
  9. Worse than Bennifer: Experience critics call your film worse than Gigli.

All Social Media BitLife Achievements

  1. Social Media: Join social media.
  2. Social Media Sharer: Post on social media.
  3. Social Media Oversharer: Post five times on social media in one life.
  4. Social Media Star: Get a million followers on social media.
  5. Check!: Get a social media account verified.

All Fame & Entertainment BitLife Achievements

  1. Moviegoer: Go to a movie.
  2. Bitboi: Watch Bijuu Mike with a friend on YouTube.
  3. BTS Army: Go to a BTS concert.
  4. Movie Junkie:  Go to five movies in one life.
  5. Brightest Star: Achieve maximum fame.
  6. Centerfold:  Pose for Wank magazine.
  7. Endorser:  Get paid $2 million for a commercial.
  8. K-Pop: Become a famous Korean singer.

All Fertility BitLife Achievements

  1. DNA Donor: Make 25 sperm donations in one life.
  2. Fabulously Fertile: Have 10 children in one lifetime.
  3. Fertile Myrtle: Mother 25 children in one life.
  4. Smart Seed: Get artificially inseminated with lawyer sperm.
  5. Super Sperm: Have 100 children in one life.
  6. Three's Company: Have triplets.

All Disease BitLife Achievements

  1. Addicted: Sustain three addictions at once.
  2. Bubonic Plague: Contract the bubonic plague.
  3. Foam at the Mouth: Contract rabies.
  4. Sickly: Contract 10 diseases in one life.
  5. Successful Rehab: Have an addiction cured at a rehab center.
  6. Witchcraft: Get cured of a disease by the witch doctor.

All Crime BitLife Achievements

  1. Balcony Buccaneer: Steal 100 packages in one life.
  2. Bugatti Bandit: Steal a Bugatti.
  3. Burglar: Burgle 25 homes in one life.
  4. Cold Killer: Kill 10 people in one life.
  5. Dillinger: Rob five banks in one life.
  6. Going Anywhere: Rob the midnight train.
  7. Scare to Death: Scare someone to death.
  8. Serial KillerMurder 25 people in one life.
  9. Cosa Nostra: Join the Sicillian Mafia.
  10. Godfather: Become a mafia godfather.
  11. Rat Spotter: Correctly spot and identify a rat in the mafia.
  12. The Program: Enter the witness protection program.

All Love BitLife Achievements

  1. Black Widow: Widow five husbands in one life.
  2. Diamond Anniversary: Be in a marriage for 75 years.
  3. Family Planner: Convince a lover to go off birth control.
  4. Golden Anniversary: Be in a marriage for 50 years.
  5. Maiden Named: Marry a man who takes your last name.
  6. Multigamist: Get married 10 times in one life.
  7. Stud: Have 100 lovers in a single lifetime.
  8. Wedding Planner: Agree to an arranged marriage.
  9. Bejewelled: Receive three pieces of jewelry from the same lover
  10. Fake It: Propose successfully with a fake ring.

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All School BitLife Achievements

  1. Earning That A: Seduce your teacher.
  2. Naughty Child: Get expelled from school.
  3. Brothers Forever: Get hired by a frat brother.
  4. Swimming Star: Become the captain of the swim team.

All Military BitLife Achievements

  1. Career Military: Serve your full career in the military.
  2. General: Achieve the rank of general in the military.
  3. Admiral: Achieve the rank of admiral in the military.
  4. Absent Without Leave: Go AWOL in the military.
  5. Excavator: Clear 10 minefields.

All Pet BitLife Achievements

  1. Adopt Don't Shop: Rescue every pet in the shelter.
  2. Horsing Around: Own 50 horses in one life.
  3. Just Keep Swimming: Buy a goldfish and release it.
  4. Natural Selection: Have a pet that kills your lover.
  5. No Probllama: Buy a llama.

All Vehicle BitLife Achievements

  1. Lambo: Buy a Lamborghini.
  2. Antiqued: Keep a car running for 200 years.
  3. Car Collector: Assemble a car collection worth $1m.
  4. Extra Leg Room: Take your own 747 on a vacation.
  5. Not The Yellow One: Buy a submarine.
  6. Titanic Trouble: Run into trouble on a yacht.

All Sports BitLife Achievements 

  1. Full Ride: Accept an athletic scholarship.
  2. Lance: Win a championship while dopping.
  3. Canton: Get inducted into the football/basketball Hall of Fame.
  4. Cristiano: Win the Ballon d'Or.
  5. Giggsy: Win 13 career championships.
  6. Hooker: Get paid to be a hooker. 

All Music BitLife Achievements 

  1. Bling Bling: Have a record earn a diamond certification.
  2. Didgeridoo'er: Master the didgeridoo.
  3. Keep it on the Down Hoe: Perform at a hoedown concert in Btlife.
  4. Lyrical Legend: Release 25 or more studio albums in one life.
  5. Moves Like Jagger: Go on a total of four tours at the age of 75.

All General BitLife Achievements

  1. Hero: Save someone's life.
  2. Jackpot: Win the lottery jackpot.
  3. Snake Snack: Eat a Snake.
  4. Cliff Diver: Go cliff diving.
  5. Skeezy:  Get called "skeezy."
  6. Booty Call: Have a successful Brazilian butt lift.
  7. Winnipeg, Eh?: Visit Winnipeg on vacation.
  8. There's Always Canada: Emigrate to Canada.
  9. Say Goodbye to Hollywood: Get deported from the United States.
  10. Ultimate Betrayal: Your spouse leaves you following gender reassignment.
  11. ZAP!: Get struck by lightning.
  12. Rich Justice: Win a $1m+ lawsuit.
  13. All Along: Have a parent who comes out of the closet.
  14. Try & Stop Me: Violet a restraining order.
  15. Unethical: Bribe a college official.
  16. Perfection: Achieve perfect stats.
  17. Resourceful: Get $1m without ever working a day.
  18. Human Dictionary: Read the dictionary.
  19. Flamin' Hot: Survive 60 years on a Hot Cheetos diet.
  20. Sacrilege: Play with the Holy Grail.
  21. Dignified Donor: Donate a $1m+ heirloom to charity.
  22. Player Perks: Accept a casino's hospitality offer.
  23. Lowroller: Get refused entry to a casino.
  24. Run Bitizen: Win a bet on Bitizen the horse.
  25. Begone: Exorcise your own ghost.
  26. Paranightmare: Contract PTSD after a paranormal experience.
  27. Flee the Country: Emigrate to escape justice.
  28. Frankenstein: Survive five botched plastic surgeries.
  29. Bitlife Legend: Complete all other achievements.
  30. Goat Grabbing: Join a goat-grabbing team.
  31. Hyperthymesia: Score 20 sequences on the memory test.
  32. Nightmare: Wake up from a nightmare.
  33. Roswell: Have an alien encounter.
  34. Run Bitizen!: Win a bet on Bitizen the horse.
  35. Sweepstakes: Win the sweepstakes.

All Street Hustling Achievements

  1. Benevolent Beast: Panhandle change from an animal.
  2. Bravo: Receive a standing ovation.
  3. Pan Flute Pro: Become a master Peruvian pan flutist.
  4. Peral Necklace: Receive a pearl necklace on the street.
  5. Sucker: Sell a tourist fake weed.
  6. Tossed Salad: Eat a tossed salad on the street.

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BitLife Achievements List & Guide (2023) – How to get them all!

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