How to become a Trillionaire in BitLife

Reach the trillion-dollar mark!

One of the most ambitious objectives any player could pursue in the BitLife universe is to become a Trillionaire. Users mainly fail to achieve this status due to the time constraint, as they usually die before turning their wealth even to a billion, let alone a trillion. But, thanks to the business update, players can earn a lot of money and even become a trillionaire by indulging in big profit-making businesses like designing semi-conductors chips or car manufacturers.

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Step by Step procedure to become a Trillionaire in BitLife

Firstly, we highly recommend having a lot of money from the get-go, to quickly scale up your business instead of relying on the initial profits. The best way to have a lot of money in millions is to be part of the royal family. So, start with a life where you are a royal. After turning 18, give up your royal title while retaining all the wealth.

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Use your wealth to buy and start a new business from the Special Careers tab in the Job section. You can begin any commerce from the industries list as long as that business has a high demand value among the people, filled green bar. Check the Demand parameter carefully before buying anything. For the guide, we are going ahead with a Semi-Conductor business as it has great demand and a high-profit margin.

Pay the initial minimum investment for the business and name your business. For your salary, don't take anything for now, as you need to work on making your company profitable and not yourself. While customizing your first product, choose each chip and perform a market analysis. In that analysis, look for a chip with a demand(high green bar value) and low competition value. We recommend going for something like an Automobile chip that exactly fits that criterion. 

Choose the Automobile chip and launch the product. Now comes the most vital part, the production plan of your factory. Use the following criteria for each parameter in the production plan.

  • Fixed Cost/Chip - 80 to 90% of the slider(initially available slider).
  • Marketing Cost/Chip - 20% of the fixed-cost chip. 
  • Price/Chip - 40% profit margin
  • Production - 25% of the slider(initially available slider)

To explain it more appropriately, let us take an example with some numbers. If your fixed cost is 600$, your marketing cost should be around the 120$ mark, 20% of the chip. Now, to gain a 40% margin, adding up marketing and fixed cost, which is $720, you must sell each chip for at least $1,000. Keep the production value to 25%. It is a very safe number range, and you won't face any issues regarding the over-production issue.

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After editing your production, the next part is to find a good supplier for your product. Always look for a supplier that gives you better quality than the one available at your disposal at a much cheaper rate. This criterion should be your standard when looking for a new supplier. Getting a good supplier will increase the popularity of your product, as the customer ratings will always be favorable.

Once you have set everything, launch the product. Age up and receive your first annual and analyst forecast report. This yearly report will be your insight upon which you need to take action. If the game recommends that you can sell 30% more units than the current production, increase the production value to match the amount. On the other hand, if it says you can increase the price of the chip to a certain amount, do it. Play according to the report and stick to it very strictly. Since the demand is high, you would never face a situation where you have to decrease production.

With each yearly report, ensure the net income, revenue, and profit margin are increasing slowly. With the profit acquired, slowly ramp up the facilities and the employee number. We recommend starting a new facility for every 500 million profit margin money you gain as profit. Alongside the factory, increase the number of employees to the maximum value at your disposal. Remember, you will face a decrease in net income momentarily when you open new factories. Don't worry. The net income is not our goal. Our main aim is to increase revenue and profit margin yearly.

At the same time, improve the morale of your factory workers, take them out to fancy events and always be positive towards them. Change their salary to Big Bucks to make them content and stop revolting against you for wages. Always praise your workers and never go against any one of their wishes.

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While making the workers happy is one-half, you should also take care of your health. Being the owner of a big chip manufacturing corporation, you will have high blood pressure regularly. In such instances, visit the doctor immediately and get treatment for it. Otherwise, you will die much earlier than intended, hampering your progress toward becoming a trillionaire. Also, we recommend eating healthy and going to the gym each year before aging up.

By now, you would be making progress slowly and steadily, turning millions into billions and staking up the overall value of your company. Now comes another vital part, do you need to make another product? Well, you don't need. It's better to stick with one chip for the entire journey. Focus on improving its quality and adjusting the production plan instead of splitting your concentration into multiple items. As mentioned earlier, try to find a better supplier than the current one and make the quality bar completely green as soon as possible.

Repeat all the steps and age up carefully after monitoring your progress each year. By the time you turn 90 to 100 years, your company should have a trillion to 2 trillion dollar valuation. Sell the company and become a trillionaire in BitLife. 

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How to become a Trillionaire in BitLife

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