How to become King or Queen in BitLife

It's time to take the throne and bring some civility back to life by becoming royalty in BitLife!

The Royal Update has finally arrived to BitLife and that means we will be role playing as rulers of nations! With great power comes great responsibility, so it is up to you to determine how you will wield those responsibilities when you obtain them. While this sounds great, the question still remains, how exactly do you become a royal ruler of a nation? Well, we'll teach you exactly what you need to start approving laws and handing out justice to your subjects.

How to become King or Queen

If you want to be come a king or queen in BitLife then you are going to need to be born in a country that features a monarchy. This can be places like Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. You get a random chance by being born in these places to be part of the royal family. Otherwise, you can also marry into royalty by finding one of the family to date. This can be as random as someone from royalty becoming interested in you by just going to the gym! You can also try the date option under the Love tab and hope to run into someone.

While this is how you get to become a royal, it doesn't necessarily mean you will be a king or queen. You might need to wait for someone to die or abdicate the throne. You will also want to make sure that the country has a king or queen, it's possible they have some kind of lower designation.

Gaining Respect

Now that you've gained some kind of rule, you can go ahead and engage in the Royalty tab that can be found under Activities. This is similar to Fame, but has even more options to choose from! You can Abdicate your title, mingle with celebrities, execute someone, choose how you'd like to be addressed, review laws, engage in some dastardly disservice, or perform royal duties for the commoners.

The easiest way to gain Respect is to perform royal duties. These are pretty foolproof, because you are literally just doing good deeds for the people. If you want to be a strong ruler, then make sure to do this at least once a year. You can also check for a new law to support or denounce. You won't always have an option available, but deciding whether your kingdom will become all vegetarian or not is up for grabs.

How to Execute

You will need to reach the pinnacle of royalty to get the ability to execute anyone. You can't just be a prince or princess, you will need to be the king or queen of your country. You can get away with this most of the time, but you will suffer backlash from your countrymen. Make sure you have high respect before attempting it or you might end up a victim of execution yourself!

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How to become King or Queen in BitLife

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  1. I married into a viscount, am I able to remarry another royal like a princess

  2. you can chose to become prinse or prises if you have god mode

  3. Im a duchess but the throne is empty I’m over 18 is this a glitch

  4. I cant pass the throne to my son

  5. Bro, I started a new life in Japan & got prince first try I’m so lucky lmao 🤣

  6. I am currently a prince, I married into the royal family to a princess. However, she’s died and I can’t see who is king on BitLife…is there any way I can move to being a king or is this as far as it goes since there’s no view on who the King is on BitLife? Help!

    1. you have to be born into royalty

  7. OKAY so i decide that i want to try this. I open this website, learn that i need to be in a monarchy. Choose japan as my starting country and press begin. First. Try. Princess of Kyoto.
    (my mother was empress but she lived till like 100 so i wasnt empress for quite a while)

    1. Should’ve put a hit on her (if you’re into that), I became king when I was 19 by putting a hit on my father and older brother (no one found out).

  8. How do I make one of my children king before I die

    1. I don’t think you can. I usually just surrender then continue as my oldest to keep the title.

      1. This doesnt work for me why?

  9. So I have an android and I’m guessing I cant get this feature..

    1. you can now

    2. Nope, sorry. It’ll be available in the future, but we don’t know when.

  10. So I was a princess for 120 years I was born into royalty and even got married never became queen!!

    1. Your mom either has to die or she needs to give u that title

  11. If you’re already royalty could you date another person in another royal family?

  12. i dont have any family members, though I’m not king or queen, I’m a princess for some reason

  13. Do i need bitizen for this?

    1. No, you do need the Apple version of the game though.

  14. So i was emigrated to morocco and had children there then i switched to one of my daughters and then she was in huge debt. And my bitlife said exactly this “i was forced to abdicate as Princess of Aman after running out of money.
    I surrendered .“ so does this Mean i became a princess? Like I don’t understand it. What’s happening?

    1. That means you stopped being a princess. Their parent had debt, then the debt transferred onto the child. The child was a princess but because they lost their money they lost their title.

  15. I’m a prince and my father died yet I’m not a king. Can someone explain this?

    1. Are you sure another family member didn’t inherit the throne? I had my father die and my sister was made Queen rather than me be made King.

      1. Same thing happened to me but I don’t have any siblings so I’m a bit confused

  16. If you play as a normal male who dates and marries a princess, your kids become a title down like duke and if they marry a normal person the title just keeps dropping till you loose your royalty status. I keep hitting the date option to find a royal like playing the lottery and only have found a royal once so far. I hope I find a single king or queen soon.