How to rob a bank in BitLife [Successfully]

If you are considering a life of crime in BitLife, then there's nothing much better than running out of a building with a sack of money with a dollar sign on it. If you want to reenact the movie Heat, then heading into your local bank and skipping the line for an immediate withdrawal is what you will want to do. While attempting to commit the robbery is pretty simple, the getting away with it part is what is a lot more difficult. We'll walk you through the process of doing the crime without doing the time.

Successfully Robbing a Bank

To rob a bank in BitLife, you will first need to head to Activities and then Crime menu. Go ahead an select the Bank Robbery option, where you will be greeted with a bunch of different selections. You can pick the bank, weapon, disguise, and how you get away. Believe it or not, all of these choices do not seem to matter. Pick whichever ones you want and then hit the Rob it option. The game will now decide if you were successful or not. This is purely random, and you have no real control over it.

However, what you can do, if you aren't successful, you can close out of the game completely and open it back up. If you do this before closing the window prompt, you will start back at where you were before attempting the robbery! You can then give it another shot and see if you get away with it. Repeat this as much as you want until you get the result you are looking to receive.

As mentioned, it appears that most of the options available to you are for jokes. Robbing the bank in a Willy Wonka suit and getting away via a Pogo Stick seems like it wouldn't work very often, however, now and again you might actually be successful with this selection. Like a lot of things in BitLife, it purely comes down to randomness, so there's not a lot of influence you can place on the robbery. If you do end up failing at robbing the bank, and you get thrown in jail, you can always attempt an escape via our guide!

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