BitLife Deployment Guide – How to Complete the Mini Game

If you're heading into a military career in BitLife, then you might find yourself being deployed. If so, you will be tasked to complete a mini-game that can be a bit confusing to some at first. Well, we're here to clear that up by walking you through it with our BitLife Deployment Guide!

Deployments happen randomly when you are part of the military. You can always decide to desert your post, but then you might get thrown in prison for your doing so!

Deployment Mini-Game Guide

You may have played a game like this before, it's pretty much exactly the game Minesweeper that used to be included with the Windows OS. It can now be found as an app for your phone or even just search Google for "Minesweeper" and play it in your browser. You might've clicked around this game before not really understanding how to really play it. Well, if you're attempting to get through Deployment in BitLife, you will need to know what to do!

Starting Out

Unfortunately, your first move is always up to random chance. You might just hit a mine, and there's just nothing you can do about it. I generally start out with one of the corner tiles, you are hoping to open up a larger mass of squares. You will want to just randomly hit squares until you are able to make a determination precisely on where a mine will be. You will now see some numbers, but what do these mean...

The following is just an example of a game, not all games are the same! You should pretty much learn all you need to know by seeing how a game is completed.

What do the Numbers Mean?

The numbers correspond to how many mines are touching that particular number. You'll notice that there are some empty open blocks, that means there's no mines touching them which is why they will open in a larger space. If there's a number 1, then there's ONE mine touching that number. So, if you have a 1 like above on a corner of a tile and it's not touching any other tiles, then you know for sure that it's a mine. Tap and hold on that tile to put a flag on it, that will let you keep in mind which is a mine and which isn't!

Proceeding Further

Now that we know what each number means, we can now determine where mines are. We see that there are two different number 1s touching tiles on corners. So, we know for sure that those are mines. If we look below, there's a number 2 that is only touching two blocks. So, we know for sure that those two are mines.

The number 2 between the 1s is touching the middle tile. We know that the 2 is already touching two different mines, so we can safely press that tile. We are now left with the following field.

Now we have a ton of 2s, there's one to the right of the flagged tiles. It's only touching that tile and one other one, so we know for sure that it is a mine. We now have the 2 directly below it that we know is safe. So, that means the tile to the right of the newly flagged tile is safe! The 2 to the left of that mine is also touching a tile, so we can press that one too.

We now have a 1 on the right side touching only one tile so we know that's a mine. On the left, we have a 2 that's only touching two tiles which makes both of those left ones mines. That leaves us with two safe tiles that we can tap on to open up further options!

That opens things up quite a bit, so you'll have a 2 towards the top right that is only touching two tiles so we can flag that one. That confirms the three mines are touching the 3 and the 1 next to it. There's also a 1 at the top right that is touching a tile we can safely press. These are the final ones we need, so all we need to do is flag the top left one and it's complete!

That's how you would complete a full deployment game. It can sometimes get a bit more difficult because of the size of the board. That seems to be randomly decided, and it doesn't change much other than adding more mines.

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