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Fortnite Leaked Skins & Cosmetics List – Updated for 7.2.0 Patch

We've got a full list of the currently unreleased skins that have been leaked but not yet put in the shop yet!

If you're looking for a roundup of all of the current Fortnite Leaked Skins then we have them all below! Fortnite Cosmetic Leaks can come out in multiple different ways. Most of the time they are found via datamines, but sometimes platforms accidentally reveal them early and promotional images will sometimes hit the web.

This post will be updated whenever more are datamined or revealed. We'll also be shifting the released ones out once they hit the shop.

The majority of the skins below will be added to the store eventually. However, there can be skins that could be available via other methods like the purchase of Save the World, or in other promotional ways. Most skins are datamined and then released within a week or two, but others have been sitting in the files for a while and we still aren't clear how they will be released.

Recently Released

  • Flux emote released.
  • Fyra and Jaeger released with the rest of the Primal Hunters set.
  • Verge and the rest of the Modern Mercenary set released.
  • Paradox and Lace Outfits released and rest of Ouroboros set.
  • Lazy Shuffle emote released.
  • Ark Outfit & Virtue Pickaxe released.
  • Knee Slapper & Mind Blown Emotes released.

Leaked/Unreleased Outfits

It looks there's going to be a Fortnite cosmetics bundle included with this MSI GV62 Gaming Laptop. Here's the information included on the item:

  • Fortnite Bundle: Receive Code within 30 days
  • 2000 V-Bucks* ($20 value)
  • Rare Street Ops Pack ($25 value)
  • Street Ops skin
  • Pick axe
  • Back bling
  • Glider

It could very well be the Instinct skin that has been leaked for a while shown below, but the name "street ops" doesn't really fit with it. I'll update this when we get more information on it.

Leaked/Unreleased Back Bling

Back Blings are generally always attached to other skins, or they are potentially a tier in a battle pass.

Leaked/Unreleased Dances & Emotes

Leaked/Unreleased Gliders

Leaked/Unreleased Pickaxes

Leaked/Unreleased Pets

All pets have been added to the game in one way or another!

Leaked/Unreleased Wraps

Galaxy Wrap

This will likely be apart of the Samsung Galaxy promotion.

Leaked/Unreleased Contrails

All contrails have been added to the game in one way or another!

Leaked/Unreleased Sprays

The Galaxy Llama spray has been leaked by Shiina on Twitter! It is unclear how it will be released, but it stands to reason that it will be somehow part of the Samsung Galaxy promotion.

Galaxy Llama

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  1. Probably no skins will get leaked since epic did something at the beginning of the season so data miners would have a really hard time getting leaks like it’s impossible

        1. I think they took the extra steps to encrypt the previous skins because they were going on holiday vacation. I don’t think that will be the standard protocol.

    1. I mean, I’m hoping for that, but I really doubt it. The profiles don’t match up. I swear he’s my favorite skin and I’m kinda mad he still isn’t out yet.

  2. I feel like the instinct skin could come with a new twitch prime pack, along with the steadfast could also come along with it.

  3. Have you heard of the iPhone XR bundle coming? It has Instinct, her back bling, some weird Pickaxe, and the Steadfast glider and some v-bucks as well

  4. Just letting everyone know the frozen black knight was clickbait by those twitch clips YouTube channels. And frozen renegade raider was click bait by DooM Clan

    1. So I looked into this more and the video looks really good. However, the static image of it looks pretty poorly done. I want to say it’s fake because I think he might have just added custom textures into the game to create it, but it’s possible it could be real.

  5. Hey Evident, do you know when the next leaks are coming? I really want to see if they add a skin for the Vision pick axe!

    1. Are you sure because I have been on this site for ages and that skin has never ever been released kind of like they forgot about it or gave up on it

  6. I think the Backbling similar to the Wave Form may not come out, due to DJ Bop coming out and already having a backbling.

  7. I have been using this site since christmas day in season 2. It is the best site on the basis of this topic probably on the internet. Do you have a creator code Evident?

  8. Evident, do you think the ‘longhorn’ pickaxe is actually going to be released considering it is part of the Western Wilds Seg which is the same set as Calamity and she’s in the Season 6 battle pass? And if you think it will, how do you think it’s going to be released?

    1. Rip it’s not… I’m disappointed that it’s not since it would be nice to get a free skin for once instead of banners, emoticons, and sprays people will never use.

  9. I think epic games wants to release a bunch of animal skin rhino,octopus,fish…
    And i think they aim to relase zodiac and astral skins. If u look to the axs u can realise that.

  10. Do you think the ‘longhorn’ pickaxe is actually going to be released considering it has like the same theme as Calamity in the Season 6 battle pass? And if you think it will, how do you think it’s going to be released?

  11. There is an octopus emblem in the battlepass, and items in the battlepass usually hint at future content. Someone find that Cthulhu skin! I HOPE its a badass Cthulhu skin and not something derpy like the Fishsticks one…

    1. Nice, an octopus pickaxe the day after I said this! I didn’t realize that the Nautilus glider would be related to the set though, that color scheme is not what I was hoping for lol.

      My first thought when I saw the emblem was the Cthulu skin for Zenyatta in Overwatch. And the Long Legs backbling from the Arachne skin but with tentacles instead of spider legs.

      Anyone else hype for this skin to leak/release?

    1. That will not happen because the season shop was a battle pass but u had to buy everything so releasing her would be like putting omega in the shop

      1. Do you know she’ll galaxy skin for guns will come out?Or have an idea when it will?If so can u tell me?Thanks for ur time!

  12. so usely with fortnite they realease skins in battle royale then put them in save the world but no cloaked shadow is in save the world right now but it aint in battle royale.

    What the heck epic?

    1. I don’t understand this comment.
      you said they usually release skins in br then put them in save
      but you are confused because cloaked shadow isn’t in br or save?

      First off they didn’t release it yet so it’s going to hit the shop soon and
      save the world skins from BR usually drop in until mid to late season.
      Plus they USUALLY do it just like you said so i don’t know what you are trying to say.

  13. Sorry, but today i found more wraps. No advertisement, but “TheCampingRusher” goes over ALL leaks on cosmetics. He did one about wraps, skins, etc. he does one for every update. I advise you should watch him for this section leaks!

    1. I saw the wraps you are referring to, and I’m not positive those are actually going to be added. I didn’t see any new skins.

  14. there was a leaked crackshot bird backbling, merry marauder gingerbread backbling, and ginger gunner gingerbread backbling (i think they were all released but put them on)

    1. It will be added soon, I know there’s more cosmetics I’m missing. There’s no need to comment about them (not just you).

  15. Hey!
    Cinematics are known for leaks and stuff! There was also a picture of “ the nutcracker family” so probably they will also release a female version of it!
    And now if you start the game ( before you go in stw or battle royale or creative & havent gone over any of the options with your cursor ) there seem to be 3 new leaked skins and a new pickaxe and a new wrap 🙂
    Dont really know how to name them (and cant upload any pictures) although the wrap seems to be like a knight version

  16. evident do we have any info on the love ranger being given to the people who already own it ??? And also great website been on it for months !!!

  17. what about the wraps? maybe a section dedicated towards the wraps? also, you are missing the leaked “Candy Cane” and “Galaxy” Wraps.

  18. You can remove the Merry Marauder alternate because that was just the concept art for it before it was released. Epic games decided not to go with this design though.

    1. I don’t think it will be a problem, I think it was more about showing in-game leaks rather than skins. We’ll see how it plays out.

    1. Good luck on your YouTube. I’m going to let this link go, but in the future we don’t allow people to link to stuff that isn’t relevant to the article.

  19. Hey Evident the leaked new winter weapon skins and winter style for 3 skins : Raven, Red Knight and Love Ranger !!!!!!! They didn’t show them yet but they leaked the file codes.

          1. I played Fortnite since the day it came out. So I don’t know what your talking about. And no offense but if you look up the snow man skin the only thing you’ll find is fakes and the picture of the one in the trailer.

    1. They apparently have a sword like it in save the world, and it doesn’t look like any other pickaxe, as it isn’t top heavy, so it might be a weapon in the future.

  20. In a fanmade skin of a snowman, there was an icicle pickaxe called “Cold to the touch”. Now we have seen a snowman skin in the trailer and also a leaked pickaxe called Icicle with the description Cold to the touch. This means that the snowman skin is probably a hidden leaked skin. And might come out soon as it’s pickaxe was leaked in THIS update!

  21. There is also a new version of the Marry Marauder coming. You can see it in the loading screen in the battle pass. Might want to put that in.

  22. If you look on the right side of the picture with the 3 leaked skins, you will see onesies eye, which most likely means the accidental put her in the files to early and are going to release her in the battle pass

  23. Something wierd got leaked… Its in a Hollow video (like the youtuber) its a Season 7 battle pass picture of that knight and the cat too but with a motor engineer im thinking thats just another random skin like the Dusk. But hopedully you guys see it too! (Btw its snowing on the island)

        1. it depends what you are looking for, if you like completing challenges and just love the grind it is the best choice to go normal if you are a low key player and just want to play for fun and get skins for it get the bundle you will get almost all the tiers by the end, trust me

  24. Hey. Anyone got ideas about the Longhorn Pickaxe that was leaked AGES ago from the Calamity and Deadfire set(dont know what set it was) in Fortnitemares? Also how do you guys think it will come out?

  25. What skins are going to be in the battle pass? Like in battle pass season 6 it was calamity and the DJ but what is for season 7? I can’t wait!

  26. Wierd isnt it? Another skin or pack or smthn has released. Without aaany leaks of the skin or glider ,only a pickaxe? Im thinking Fortnite is getting better at hiding stuff. Maybe well see other stuff get released but get leaked in one item… We should think about the rest of the items and how they would look

    1. It will probably be for Chinese new year being that it has chinese words and symbols on it and the Onsie will no doubt come out being that the S6 week 10 loading screen has her in it

  27. Evident you make the best fortnite content ever how do you find this stuff this is awesome. When I found your tips website I told nobody then I found the cosmetics ones and brought it to everyone that is a boy that likes the game at my school I check this every day and I love doing it. Oh by the way could you take this in to consideration. Make a website that tells about new updates in the news and sorry when I said wreck it Ralph was at shifty I misunderstood what my friend had said it is at risky . Love the content man it is the best fortnite content ever you are the man

    1. Glad you like the site, and thanks for the kind words. You don’t need to comment multiple times, I get them all but sometimes it takes me a bit to read through them. I’ll try to get a page up for news stuff, but in the future if you have suggestions it’s better to use our Discord:

      1. Also, why did u stop adding the descriptions to the skins? I really enjoyed the little bits of information. It really made this website the best to me.

    1. I’m confident the Guan Yu will comeback out this week/weekend. Either Thursday or Saturday. It’s the only epic skin in leak as of right now and those take over the item show on those 2 days. Rares, and Uncommons are usually the ones displayed to the right which aren’t main focus. Skins leaked never take months on end to come out, they’ve already did wukong for Chinese New Year they aren’t going to keep releasing skins for the same unremarked holiday if it’s not a very common one like Christmas.

      1. Well just because it isn’t as common for us Americans to celebrate does not mean that its not important to other people like those who are Chinese it is kinda important to them so epic has realized that and so they make skins just for that some people don’t celebrate Christmas. Especially with the Chinese servers coming out for Fortnite Chinese New Years skins can be a special gift for those who do celebrate it. You might not and I might not but its cool to keep things fresh like they could’ve made it to where they don’t add new winter/Christmas skins.

  28. Can the frickin Guan Yu just come out already! I’ve been waiting over 3 weeks now and they keep throwing shit skins down our throat. The Guan Yu is all I want that skin is amazing.

    1. SAME!! Shogun came out but not Guan Yu… idk actually I haven’t played. I was just talking to my friend over the phone while he was playing and he told me.

  29. Oh my gosh…

    I am in love with all of these Japanese style skins they’re adding!

    And gatekeeper is awesome and it’s only 500!! Maki master is lit… I want to get her and sushi master

    And it looks like they’re making a glider for dazzle… hey I just realized Dazzle is kinda rare… hmmmmm

    But guan yu and taro… there are no words. Shogun is amazing as well but he’s so expensive…

  30. A question here does experience quests stay after the season is finished “example I have finished all tiers so I am 100 tier Is the dire quest get lost after season finishes?

        1. I’m the only one of my friends that doesn’t have the mask for the Omega, and it’s really annoying because my gamer tag is Omega1556.

  31. People are saying that reflex and instinct are going to be twitch prime pack 3, but no one has any proof to back this up. There’s a male skin with a female counterpart, usually these types o skins are in the item shop as a set. Also, they aren’t the twitch color scheme of purple and gray. But trailblazer wasn’t, so I’m not sure if that’s a good reason why.

    People were also convinced that Archetype was going to be the next twitch pack because of ever reason that goes against these two skins. There was only one male skin with no female counterpart and everything was basically perfect.

    But who knows. They could be, but they probably won’t be. I kinda hope they aren’t, I really want instinct and if she’s twitch then everyone will have her and I’ll look like a noob.

    Tell me what y’all think! It’s good to have more than one opinion.

  32. Nothing datamined in at least two weeks? What is epic games making that is taking so long, or is it that they have a lot of stuff to unload before they make new skins?

        1. I really hope Epic is taking a long time to make something good. If its just that they’re not working on anything right now I’ll be sad 😥

    1. I started in Season Two, and the rarest skin I have is probably Sparkle Specialist because I didn’t get the Black Knight. Could be the first Twitch Prime skins I guess, those are starting to become rare.

  33. Referee skins… the refs are so stupid and they ruin the game. I want to get one so I can kill myself as a ref.

    Ugh the football players are epic *sadness* and I just got bullseye so I won’t be able to afford one this time. I think I’ll save for one or for mayhem or hime or something.

  34. I hate how a ton of people don’t care about the reflex at all. I honestly love the skin. But hey this is just my opinion.

  35. WAIT sorry if this is spam…. but I can’t wait until the wait emote comes out. I have something similar to that in D2 it’s so funny.

  36. onesie and K-pop were removed from the games files, along with the Storm Salutation emote, and the Helium and Steadfast gliders. You might as well remove them as they will most likely never come out otherwise they would never had been removed from the game’s files. The rest of the cosmetics will most likely come out soon. (I’m pretty happy that I didn’t like any of those cosmetics :P)

    1. Again, this doesn’t mean those skins won’t come out at some point. Just because they were removed from the game files only means that they likely aren’t going to come out in the near future.

      1. Also do we have to claim it AGAIN like playing 3 games and waiting 48 hours?OR will we receive it just by logging in on whatever platform?

  37. Hey Evident will the people that have the galaxy outfit/skin be updated and granted the pickaxe and glider too??Or is it only for the Item Shop? Or do you have to buy it again????

      1. If I were you I would buy Double Helix, because it is a pretty cool skin and it comes with a cool glider or you could buy the Galaxy which will soon be updated to have a glider, pickaxe, backbling, and 15,000 v-bucks.

  38. Is it possible to make an unreleased weapons page? Its OK if you don’t want to cause you already got a lot on your plate.

  39. I think “male ghoul trooper” is a re-skin of Stage Slayer (is from the garage band,) well kind of because its not that he had more texture to the skin, so i guess it looks more like “male ghoul trooper” but, i think its a male ghoul version of Calamity.

  40. That skin teased in the Fortnitemares pictures is not a male Ghoul trooper it’s a male Calamity. I’m not saying there won’t be a male ghoul trooper in fact there probably will be but it’s very clear that this skin is not a ghoul trooper because it’s clearly designed like calamity is with the Wild West theme that she has but also the spooky style of her later upgrades. Calamity even teases in her description “righteous retribution” which I believe is a tease to this character

    1. Honestly I don’t think it is a male Ghoul Trooper or Calamity because it is Wild West themed but a zombie doesn’t fit with Calamity. That’s just what I think

    1. A lot of people think it could be a male version of Ghoul Trooper, but I guess it’s possible to be a male version of Calamity.

      1. They leaked something about a male vampire, which is probably part of the night coven set. The pickaxe probably will go with him.

    1. Evident said it’s going to be a pack that comes with 1,000 v bucks that will be available for purchase on all console platforms. I’m not sure about PC though… anyways, I trust him. Epic prolly said it was, Idk I’m dumb and I don’t read anything so I’m clueless.

      1. Evident said that it will probably be something for China and Korea only, however I think you possibly can get it during Halloween for challenges

        1. Galaxy Dude has been here for as long as I can remember

          I just want to help wherever I can, and Evident replies and helps lots of other people, including me.

  41. My friend told me that frostbite is going to be an Xbox skin… please tell me he wasn’t lying. I don’t believe him

  42. Electro swing reminds me of something, but I can’t remember (someone please help me, Im deciding if I should buy it)

    1. Its a possibility. But its not likely. Twitch Prime packs are usually Military theme with grey UCP. And Twitch prime packs are usually a purple rarity xd.

  43. Am I the only one that’s confused about epic games saying that Skull Ranger being the female Skull Trooper? Isn’t that Ghoul Trooper?

    1. In case you’ve missed it, they look absolutely nothing alike. A set, both male and female, have uncanny resemblances.

      1. Well actually what about the durr burger set? Or the pizza pit set? Or even the defaults? Or the fate and omen????? (Lol)

        1. Fate and Omen are part of the overseer set. And they both are villains. Durr burger set is meant to be a fast food chain. And the pizza pit set is as obvious as it gets. And the defaults are just defaults with even sets of four for gender wise.

      1. I think it’s ragnarok and Raven
        Ragnarok: blue eyes and kinda same cape
        Raven:same clothes as Raven
        (And a little bit of a pumpkiny vibe)

    1. Does anyone else see at the end there of the leaked skins there are names of other things, like for skull ranger at the end is grave, and for onesie there is durr burger?

  44. Hey Evident, sorry, but please don’t forget I said that skull trooper will be back. I don’t want to sound bad, but I kind of just flat out said it was coming back. Just pointing that out.

    I don’t really like the skin. I’m not getting it. If those skins are real, I’m probably getting one of those.

      1. There’s no rarities available at the moment. If Skull Ranger is a female version of Skull Trooper then it’ll probably be epic rarity.

  45. i still don’t understand what’s with the helium, steadfast, and rush gliders. will they be like the 800 vbucks back bling bundle or will the be like storm salutation and never be released?

    1. I think that Helium and Rush could be a China Exlclusive. About Steadfast, maybe a daily item shop or a Twitch Prime?

      1. I think the price would stay the same. If they increased it, wouldn’t they have to charge people who already own it extra v bucks? It’s blue and it will stay blue. They can’t just change rarities of skins.

    1. I saw those, and I’ve added them now. Having a bunch of names of skins isn’t super interesting which is why I didn’t initially add them.

      1. I needed a new Xbox because my Xbox one original was have a burning smell and the fan wasn’t working. And it just so happens that a Fortnite bundle came out.

    1. You should get it! It’s amazing. I have it. It shoots out the little purple cube language things whenever you swing it and summons a dark cloud of awesomeness when you pull it out.

  46. Storm Salutation won’t come in the item shop cause it should have been put there last season but it didn’t and that’s because of it was replaced by Praise the Tomato!

      1. I know this is late but if you add it into the game files the Storm salutation is the emote picture but when you use it, it is just the default dance

  47. Have you not seen the new scarecrow skins that are most likely coming out, there in the background of the 1st weeks challenges load out screen, I’m sure they wouldn’t show them if they wasn’t coming out but let me know

    1. I saw it, but that doesn’t mean it’s an actual skin. I agree that it’s likely, but until we see it in a data-mine I wouldn’t put it here.

      1. Fairs, it might be in the week 2 data-mine but not sure looks like a dope skin though tbh, & is there any news on k pop just sat twiddling my thumbs waiting for him to come out😂

    1. I thought Death Valley had a different handle, but you might be right. I’ll look into it more and maybe remove it. I figured it was part of the Werewolf skin challenges.

  48. I think the dog skin in the back of the leaked image will have unlockable stages like the Drift, Ragnorok, Carbide and Omega skin and he will become the “werewolf” skin when the stages are fully unlocked

  49. I like the no skin sitting on the llama with fake legs. He’s lit… in both ways…

    But the cowgirl is best skin in the game, and she’s not even on the game yet.

  50. Its so stupid how ps has so many things and xbox doesnt have a single thing and when(if) we do its probably going to be terrible like eon, its just a recolor.

  51. Cowgirl an DJ llama are lit. The cowgirl is my favorite skin for season 6 battle pass, she’s so cool and so perfect for me.

    Looks like Eon wasn’t fake. I don’t want to have to buy a whole new Xbox for her though.

  52. Evident please could you add the season 6 leaked skins into the unreleased section. One was a llama dj and the other was a cowgirl like skin

    1. I’ve added them. I didn’t add them because I don’t really consider skins that Epic releases themselves as leaks, but I got multiple comments about this so I might as well put them up.

  53. Welp, cloaked Star wasn’t twitch prime and it didn’t come with a backbling… which means… ghost portal is yet another ps+ item. 😡😡😡

      1. I think it’s going to be for a boy vampire hunter (the cowgirl has a wooden stake pickaxe that’s why I’m calling her a vampire) and of you look at her glider in the battle pass it also has a similar blue glow to it. They just look alike, I don’t know if it’ll be for that.

  54. What about the cliff hanger pickaxe the new one that was released… yes the blue and pink one? With black it’s really nice looking.?!?

  55. I think Cloaked Star might be in the season 6 battle pass, and Eon is definitely an Xbox exclusive. I don’t know about the mystery skin. Maybe a Switch exclusive?

  56. The mystery skin will be in the item shop. A file containing it called “K-Pop” was found under “Featured Items”. Not sure if that is the skin’s name but interesting nonetheless

  57. Steadfast, Rush, and Helium are probably going to be for the Chinese version o the game, because that’s what happens when you have something that isn’t blue that hasn’t been released in ages. Cloaked Star’s backbling has blue in it so I am just assuming that it will be yet another PS+ skin, even though it’s in stw. I am really starting to hate the amount of exclusive stuff PSN players get. I’m still really angry that royale bomber comes in a PS4 bundle, I really like that skin. And also, why on earth did they put Rogue Agent in the shop? It was a pretty cool season 3 veteran skin, and it was on the road to fame as it was never going to be available again, and they decide to completely change courses and put it in the shop!

    1. I don’t think that Cloaked Star is a PS+ exclusive. He doesn’t fit whit the the theme of the PS+. Probably Steadfast will be in the shop or in the Twitch Prime Pack.

  58. I think Cloaked Star will be Twitch Prime Pack #3 with Ghost Portal Backbling and Steadfast glider.
    The other skin without name in my opinion is gonna be a china exclusive.
    Helium and rusher also
    What do you think?
    Great Website Broo

  59. Do you think cloaked star will be part of the next twitch prime pack? I’m starting to get impatient for it to come out.

  60. You should add a list of recently added skins/cosmetics cos I was on away for 2 weeks and when I came home I had no idea what was added recently.

        1. Dude, buy the Season Pass, is the better Choice, but if you want anyway the uncommon skin and pickaxes you should buy Scorpion, Armadillo or the two nite show as skins and Victory lap as pickaxe.

  61. I think EPIC is ruining the concept of skins by adding cool skins like scorpion, armadillo in the uncommon section and may I also point out that they also have back blings. Same goes for sushi guy. I think he should be at least an epic because of the fact that rares are just supposed to be heavily customized defaults without bbs

    1. Having a default customised skin for rare skins destroys the point of owning a skin. I wouldnt buy sushi guy if he was an epic.

  62. I’m going to get Raptor when he comes out. I’m thinking of also getting Propeller Axe. Any other gliders/pickaxes ideas that go well with him?

  63. I really REALLY hope that durrr burger 🍔 is twitch prime 3 cuz it would be free although it probably won’t be

  64. Thank you for showing us the leaked skins and every skin/item

    Question: How long does it usually take to find new leaked skins

  65. Seriously, i thought that the archetype was going to be the twitch prime no 3 pack, but it isnt. i bought the pickaxe though instead of ice breaker should i refund it to get this?

    1. You can’t refund it is against Fortnite rules and you will loose some of your data and you will locked out of your account for a day or 2

    1. To me Drift (mostly the lower level versions), Maverick, Shade, Fortune, and Archetype all have a similar feel to me. Maybe this is some kind of gang that’s being formed.

  66. storm salutation has meant to be coming out for months now and it still hasnt so i dont think it will by the way the intensity emote is absolutely peak

  67. The Penguin and Insignia back blings are free in ghe chinese version of the game. They also have a free daily gift so it might be from there, there might be challenges for it or it might be free like the rust bucket.

  68. I’m not sure what the insignia or penguin backbling is going to be for because rare skins don’t get a back bling so the only way they would come out is if they were in the battle pass

    1. The penguin and insignia back blings are exclusive to the Chinese WePlay Android release will not be released in the US

  69. I dont think the warprint and rose team leader are going to be skins in battle royale, they are in a pack in save the world. I forgot which name the pack was but it showed rose team leader and warprint.

  70. Is it worth putting the Royale bomber as a ps4 promotional skin rather than unreleased because it is released. Love the website perfect for locating upcoming skins and backblings. Keep it up.

  71. Release a Deadpool skin or something inspired by Deadpool or different color so no copyright. the backbling could be a pack of swords wrapped up or something or like drugs or something, or a note that says “I love you” or some stupid shit. The axe could be of a samurai sword or whatever he uses.

  72. I keep seeing things with the christmas skins. Are those really about to release again? I really hope not because every old skin I have fortnite keeps releasing them again.

  73. I reckon that the none of these leaked skins will be for the road trip because last season there werent many leaks about the visitor.

      1. They don’t leak it people find out about it without them knowing then the people who find out about it share it which is when it becomes a leak!🤓

  74. of you go on mobile and the loading screen pictures show game play of the warpaint and rose team leader but without the back bling. I think you are gonna get the skins in battle royale of you bought the 200$ (for Canada at least) save the world founders pack and picked the mythic or legendary pack of them. you had the choice of the soldiers (warpaint and rose team leader),the constructers, ninjas , and finally the outlanders.

  75. Description of emotes talks about rocket spinner not being it for a while. It was just released, so the description should probably be updated! Great work Evident!

  76. I don’t think the red knight should come back either, even though I don’t have it, it is a skin hat proves you’ve been around since season 2 and are probably a good player. I’ve on my been on Fortnite since season 3 and don’t believe that I or anyone else who didn’t buy it when it was in store or joined Fortnite later should have the opportunity to buy it

    1. They should have skins that unlock new looks based on wins or light up from every kill like some pickaxes so people aren’t the skin police. I mean I understand with holiday skins but not with red knight.

    2. Ive plate since the week it came out and the only “old” skin I have is the black night. skins mean nothing I’ve played omegas that play like noobs and no skins that play like pros

    1. I heard that rumor too, and I hope to god that the red knight does not come back. I have the skin and it’s OG, I don’t mind the ax coming out but WITHOUT the skin

          1. You shouldn’t buy skins because they are “OG” or discourage purchasing “OG” skins because of this. People should buy skins if they like em. Trying to look “OG” is incredibly dumb. Also remember it is a skin in a fiction video game.

  77. I love this website it’s so efficient, if I ever need to to know what skind to look for and who’s coming out, this is always the go to place.