Fortnite Leaked Skins & Cosmetics List – Updated for 9.1.0 Patch

We've got a full list of the currently unreleased skins that have been leaked but not yet put in the shop yet!

If you're looking for a roundup of all of the current Fortnite Leaked Skins then we have them all below! Fortnite Cosmetic Leaks can come out in multiple different ways. Most of the time they are found via datamines, but sometimes platforms accidentally reveal them early and promotional images will sometimes hit the web.

This post will be updated whenever more are datamined or revealed. We'll also be shifting the released ones out once they hit the shop.

The majority of the skins below will be added to the store eventually. However, there can be skins that could be available via other methods like the purchase of Save the World, or in other promotional ways. Most skins are datamined and then released within a week or two, but others have been sitting in the files for a while and we still aren't clear how they will be released.

Recently Released

Leaked/Unreleased Outfits

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The Sofia skin is part of the John Wick collection of skins. The head is a PLACEHOLDER, and will be different upon release.

Leaked/Unreleased Back Bling

Leaked/Unreleased Contrails

Leaked/Unreleased Dances & Emotes

Leaked/Unreleased Gliders

Leaked Loading Screens

Loading screens are generally unlocked from completing weeks in your battle pass.

Leaked/Unreleased Pickaxes

Leaked/Unreleased Wraps

Deleted or Long Time Leaked Skins

There are skins and cosmetics that were in datamined files and have been removed or have been leaked for a long time and never released. These cosmetics might never be released or were changed for whatever reason. We do not know ANYTHING more about these.

Leaked/Unreleased Music

All music has been added to the game in one way or another!

Leaked/Unreleased Sprays

All sprays have been added to the game in one way or another!

Leaked/Unreleased Pets

All pets have been added to the game in one way or another!

Leaked/Unreleased Toys

All toys have been added to the game in one way or another!

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Evident is a lifelong gamer and creator of websites. He mostly focuses on shooters, but has been known to dabble in the occasional card game as well. You can find him binge watching TV shows in his downtime.

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  1. Evident when you click on chow down it show you the bao basket and when you click on bao basket the image it just shows you the you the image

  2. Do you think maybe you could add more pictures showcasing the wrap?That would help me,and others I’m sure.btw I use your code :p

    1. Thanks for using our code! I generally add videos to each of the wrap pages, but unfortunately for some of these leaks there’s no video available.

  3. Evident! There is going to be a new PS Plus Pack. Its going to contain the Blue Fusion contrail and something else too. We will see.

  4. Hey evident, I just played a game and came across a skin I’ve never seen, and I can’t find it anywhere. It was a dude wearing a black and white helmet, do you know anything about it. I have a picture of it but idk how to send it to you.

  5. Hey Evident, I like the Grind skin but no the Clutch skin. I like the colors and the style of the skin but I don’t know If pay the 1,800 VBucks or wait to other Epic or Rare Skin.
    What is your thoughts of this bundle? Do you like it and think that would never return when the event ends?

    1. I dig the bundle, but it’s not for everyone. I don’t know if it will return or not, with licensed skins it’s a bit hard to tell. The NFL ones have returned, but the Marshmello one hasn’t.

  6. Hey evident! This doesn’t really have anything to do with leaked skins but I was thinking what if you made an LTM list? I’d love to hear your opinions and takes on it! Btw the way I use progameguides in the shop ; )

  7. Seems like the Sofia skin was meant to be for the female skins in Wicks Bounty before being scrapped and replaced with the Rook body instead. Explains why Sophia didn’t have a head, only a body.

  8. Hey Evident, do you know if there’s gonna be a code in the Dark Vertex bundle to redeem the skin like with the Eon bundle?

      1. Oh Evident, also Merl on YouTube who’s a super reliable source said and showed proof in his video today that the Dark Vertex bundle should come out on or around June 7th. Want me to comment the link for the video so you can see?

    1. No idea, hard to say with these licensing type of deals. We haven’t seen the Marshmello skin again, so I’m not sure how often they can put them in the shop.

  9. Hey Evident. I caught wind of a Fortbyte Wrap, not sure if it’s real or not but, I thought you’d like to know just in case it is.

      1. It’s most probably fake as I can’t find any proof this wrap exists, sorry for the time wasted, case closed.

    1. It’s not an edit or style, it’s a separate skin. The Season 3 skin wasn’t officially “John Wick”, it was just a skin that looked like him.

  10. Goodbye, everyone.
    I would no longer be leaving comments on Pro Game Guides as Highrise, due to the fact that I did a little thing where I, well, died in the game. I even have a gravestone in one of the Creative islands. I won’t stop playing Fortnite (Or checking out this webpage) and will go under the name, “Agent 1288”.

  11. WOW!! It’s the real John Wick and it’s REALLY Keanu Reeves! Not some toy version!!! That’s dope! Definitely using you guys code for thissss!!

  12. Evident. I know this is kinda of a wierd question but how those this comment selection is used? Like do you choose the comments if it is acceptable or there is something else to this?

    1. I choose comments that are acceptable. If I didn’t moderate them, the comment section would barely be readable. We get a lot of comments that add nothing (one word, derogatory, off-topic, or nonsensical), plus there’s a lot of begging for skins and V-Bucks.

  13. Evident, as I said before, I love your work and I would like to help you improve it with simple proposals.
    It was happening to me that maybe it was a good idea that in each skin you put the base character that was used to create it.
    for example, you would say that a certain skin is Jonesy, or Ramirez or Hector etc, and if there is a skin with a new character model, it should be called like that skin. (The case of Guild, Kratos, Velocity, Lynx) because the model is possibly copied again.
    Of course, other skins like that completely cover the face (Omen, Spider Knight, Omega etc) should only be put “Unknow Character”
    Hope to help you, I know is a bit of extra work but I think that this web site is very good, and you have to continue doing that excellent job.

    1. It’s possible, but it’s a pretty difficult thing to go back and do. Epic also uses a lot of custom designs now, they are far less reliant on the base skins. I’m also wondering how useful would this be. Why would people want this information?

  14. Hopefully Fishstick will come back into the itemshop… Im waiting for him to come back for over 4 months!

  15. I honestly liked it better when the Battle Pass weekly Loading Screens had the first 7 weeks based on the Battle Pass skins

  16. Am I the only one who thinks the Week 2 loading screen pistols are kinda looking like New pistols or am I high?

  17. Evident I know that this has nothing to do with Fortnite (I dont find another place to ask you this) but I read that you like a lot to watch TV Shows.
    What are your favorite TV Shows?

    1. Normally, I don’t like answering personal stuff, but I’m a sucker for good TV shows. Our Discord is the best for conversing with me and the community:

      General All-Time Favorites: The Office, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Brooklyn 99, The Wire, Veep, Breaking Bad (Better Call Saul is also very good), Season 1 of True Detective (favorite season of television), Season 1 of Westworld, Game of Thrones (not really enjoying this season as much). There’s probably some I’m forgetting!

      One of my favorites right now that is ongoing is The Expanse. Very good Sci-Fi show, check it out if you have Amazon Prime. What do you like?

      1. Yea I have watch a lot of that. HBOs True Detective Season 1 have a STELLAR acting with McConaugey and Harrelson. I also like The Leftovers, Westworld (Both seasons, love the Sci-fi this one) and Game Of Thrones. Breaking Bad is also good.
        I think that one of my favorite that you did not mention is Black Sails (Golden Pirate Age) the entire 4 seasons are on Netflix. Also Lost and Death Note enjoyed a LOT.
        Yes I have Amazon Prime, I would check it.
        Also I Am so excited for HBOs Watchmen and Amazon The Boys!
        Thanks for your response you have a really good taste on TV Series.

        1. Thanks! I’ll take a look at the ones you mentioned, I’m always looking for more good shows. I didn’t know about the HBO Watchmen series, I’m a big fan of the graphic novel, so that should be interesting!

          1. No problem. I think that you would like it a lot Black Sails. Is a big budget TV Series. First season is kinda slow but since Season 2, there is no turning back.
            Yea Watchmen looks very promising, ther id alrrady a teaser trailer, is kind of a Sequel “remix” of the Alan Moore comic.
            Keep doing your good job on the web site, have a nice day!

  18. Well there ya go Prickly Patrollers, ya have an emote. I’m never going to the desert again. Also did you add the Season 9 Battle Pass loading screens? Haven’t bothered to check.

  19. Hey Evident. The Steadfast glider finally got released as the Field Flyer at Tier 22 in the new Battle Pass.

  20. Hey Evident, what happened to the blue and grey wrap that looked like it had little chunks of rocks in it? Thanks!

        1. Thank you! My post was before the season and I was very excited to purchase. Glad it’s going to be free now!

  21. do you think a website or someone is gonna accidentally leak season 9 skins just like almost every season?

  22. Evident! There is a skin version for Vertex called Vertex V1. Its like a yellowish gold skin version of it. Search up on google to see a picture of it.

    1. That was one of the deeper leaks, it should’ve probably been on this page but I doubt it’s going to be in the game so I’m not going to add it.

      1. I think that I like the most Nitehare because of its unique creativity, also Supersonic because he is a legendary with 4 different selectable styles and also the Star Lord outfit.
        I expect a lot of cool skins with the new futuristic theme of season 9.

      1. It’s actually the Infernal Wrap, just colored weird in the files. In the 8.4 update it had the correct black and orange color, but it was changed internally in 8.5 for whatever reason

    1. Based on leaks it looks like we’ll be picking a weapon to unvault, but other than that I don’t know.

  23. Hi it’s me again, this is not a leaks question but one that I have been asking myself a long time, will epic games make moving parts move on mobile (I play on mobile). Thanks! 🙂

          1. I meant like how the cloths move like prisoners cloth for example. If this helps any

    1. In mobile, the clothes of the Prisoner have a TERRIBLE animation, some hairs of some skins don’t move when the skins walks, the clothes of the Spider Knight looks low quality (makes the skin looks bad) I already write to Epics but they only fix one skin (Eyebrowns of Molten Valkyrie). I don’t t think they would fix that any time soon.

      1. The hair doesn’t always have to move. Besides, when they tried adding more logical physics to the game in season 6, things didn’t turn out so well. (The whole issue with Calamity, Fables pigtails choking her when she danced, etc)

  24. Evident, do you think this season was disappointing when it comes to the release of new skins? Only two legendary skins, which although interesting were not even the best. I think other seasons have released better skins and more variety of legendary, while this season only Malice and Supersonic were legendary and the epics were not that great. They took the opportunity to get their best jobs with skins at the real money store, and that was a bit unfair. We hope that the season 9 is not shy with selling us new and more legendary skin varieties.
    Including the skins of the real money store, which were your Top 3?
    1. Molten Battle Hound.
    2. Nitehare.
    3. Star Lord.
    ***Guys, feel free to comment your Top 3 of the Season 8 skins!!!!!***

  25. Hey, Evedent I was wondering what if you make a section on this site for the upcoming weapons for battle royale. an idea would be like, under the leaked music there would be the new weapon coming soon. and for this update the new weapon is the shawdow bomb, thank you hope you use my idea.

  26. Hello EVDIENT, can you add a new page that’s you show all Fortnite map changes.(sorry for bad grammar)

  27. Inferno, Burnmark, and Crimson Scythe. Are all realeased in the store this morning for 20 bucks and with 1000 v-bucks

    1. Haven’t seen anything about Spider-Man, I’ve only seen stuff about Star-Lord. Epic said there’d be two Marvel sets, so I doubt that Spider-Man is coming anytime soon. It’s possible Spider-Man could be promoted when his next movie comes out.

  28. Hey so I updated my Fortnite the other day and It was doing this bug. The bug is where if I hover over the item shop tab fortnite show’s that my pointer to my mouse is actually over the locker tab. Ever have an issue like that? If so, can you help?

    1. Haven’t experienced that, I can’t really help. You’d want to try asking through Epic’s support channels.

  29. Hey Evident the “K-Pop” skin is just a test for the ikonik and the name “K-Pop” was just a code name for it if you can find the ikonik skin in the files it will say “KPOP2” or something like that

    1. It was not just a test for Ikonik, it was likely a skin they decided not to release or they recycled into Ikonik.

  30. Hi evident I was in my locker and I Seen that the Amber skin has another edit style when I went on it said that complete on overtime challeges. So will the challeges overtime challeges come back again

  31. When do you think the Overtime Challenges will come out Evident do you think that they will make this season like two weeks longer?

  32. hi, i have a question…
    is the bunnymoon skin an exclusive holiday skin (halloween) or can it come to the item shop before holiday?
    all my friends say that it is only available on halloween, but the internet says nothing about it…:(
    thanks if you can help me 🙂

    1. It’s likely only available on Halloween. They do bring holiday skins back every once in a while off-season, but it hasn’t been as frequent as it used to.

    2. I have a feeling it is a reference to a Halloween movie but I can’t place my finger on what it is quite yet. ( I think it is a Disney movie)

  33. I hate it when they make a new set and then it only has two items ie; Criterion, Space Hop (Which I think should be part of the Space Explorers set)

    1. In addition, why can’t one item be in two sets? I have seen many cosmetics that qualify for this including Gemini.

  34. Hey Evident, Do you know if the K-pop skin will come out? I want to complete the set with ikonik. It would be good to know 🙂

  35. Hey Evident, since there have been a ton of encrypted skins recently, I think you should make a page for them. This is just a suggestion.

      1. Hello Evident! When do you think Gemini will come in the shop? Do you know any emotes that are coming either? Thanks!

        1. Not sure when it’ll be in the shop, likely soon. I think there’s another leaked emote, but I didn’t see an image for it.

  36. I was looking at this page and thought I’d buy the Relax Axe when it’s out. And with pure luck, it came today.

  37. Hi Evident, a few weeks ago I found this amazing website, With all sorts of tips and guides on the games I play, do you possibly have a fortnite creator code? I want say how thankful I am and how much I have improved on becoming a better video game player all from you. Me and my friends are truly happy from all you have done 😀

    1. It was probably going to be the Ikonik skin but then they changed the design to the current one. Hence the same pose.

  38. Evident, in my ignorance until today I realized that you write guides of many other games besides Fortnite (including Red Death Redemption). Many will agree with me; I want to thank you for all this work that you do that is very useful for us who play video games, there are many people who use this site, so your venture has already touched the hearts of thousands of gamers. Thanks for your work, I hope it grows and is very successful in the future! People like you unite this community and thats has to much value for us!!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I’ve put a lot of hard work into the site, and I’m glad you have been enjoying it!

  39. I am so disappointed of this Season shop realased skins. So far, just one legendary: Malice. And she was not so great. I thought that maybe 4-5 legendary cool skins would be realased this season but so far are just purchasable with real money. At least the Lava Legends Bundle was worthy my dolars.

  40. Whats Your Code? I’m Probably going to get the stealth reflex skin since the inferno is 20 Stink’n Dollars and I was looking forward for that skin

  41. Wow no new skins in 8.3.0 really, just some wraps. Is Epic doing something to better hide them or are they just slowing down on releasing new skins? Whens the last patch to be so dead on new items?

  42. Why are the rare emotes becoming better than the epic ones? Maybe its just me but im buying all the new emotes that were leaked.

  43. Evident the peely picked picaxe is in the leakaed section but it was already in the item shop. Btw I use your code.

  44. So if we put in you as a support a creator do you directly get money? And how are you a creator if you leak skins?

    1. Lots of people who leak information have creator codes, Epic doesn’t seem to mind too much. Here’s the information on the creator code on how creators get money:

      “In Fortnite accepted Creators will receive $5 USD (or the local currency equivalent) for every 10,000 V-Bucks spent by players who elect to support them in-game. This applies to free V-Bucks that players have earned as well as any V-Bucks they’ve purchased. Fans declare their support for a Creator in-game by entering the Creator’s Epic tag via the “Support a Creator” button, found in the Item Shop in Battle Royale, or the Loot tab in Save the World.”

  45. The 3 wraps arra called: Bandage for the whiteish striped one. And its in the Support Squadron set. The Evil Suit wrap is called Burnmark. And the last one is Digital Grayscale and it isnt in any set. I have 0 idea whats the “Evil Suit Pickaxe” is called

    1. Oh yeah the rock one is maaaaybe is for Ruin like a reactive wrap. When you get a kill or you outlive people it will becomes molten or smthing

    1. It’s Legendary based on the leaks, which would be odd since it’s a starter pack skin. It might be listed wrong?

      1. Just a heads up, it looks like Inferno isn’t going to be a starter pack skin and is likely going to be available the same way that Fallen Love Ranger was. It will probably be $19.99 in the cash shop, and will include a Pickaxe, Wrap, and challenges that when completed should get you 2,000 V-Bucks. That’s if it is exactly the same as Fallen Love Ranger.

  46. have you found any evidence of a twitch prime pack #3 coming out, don’t know why they’ve stopped it, they’ve both been brilliant.

  47. I have tons of v bucks so I am going to get evil suit, can’t wait! I use this Website everyday. PS I use your code

  48. Maybe add a “Cold Case” (reference to police files that go unsolved) section for items that were leaked, but will most likely not come out (K-Pop, Helium, Rush, Steadfast, Founders glider and pickaxe), and have it at the bottom and not mixed with the others that are more likely to come out. Maybe have the guidelines like “leaked but unreleased for over 3 months” or something like that.

      1. I like surprises. Aside from the item shop stuff. That’s why I’m careful with patches then page getting as I don’t wanna see the Loading Screens.

  49. The Warpaint Glider and Rose Team Picaxe have recently been deleted from the files. Will you remove them from the site or keep them for now? Also, why keep K-Pop even though it was most likely changed into Ikonik?

      1. I would remove them because i like this website because i know is stuff that is coming not that has been delete or change to something else 👍🏽

  50. That demon skull pickaxe is 🔥🔥🔥🔥, I bought the lava legends pack, and I think that the pickaxe will go so well with them, what do you think?

    1. I reckon that they would go well with the pickaxe. Also most people think that the picaxe is going to go with the ‘ruin’ skin that epic games leaked earlier today.

  51. Hey Evident, do you think the K-Pop will ever be released? and do think it was retooled to be the ikonik skin because they have similarities.

    1. I haven’t seen anything about that. It’s common for people to claim just about every skin is going to be a Twitch Prime skin though.

      1. I was recently rocking the John Wick and Love Wings combo for a throw back. I usually go Onslaught pickaxe, Wet Paint Umbrella, and Glitch in the System Contrail for the rest.

  52. Hey evident do you know how the evil suit will come? Will be a bundle or item shop? I will keep on using your code 👌🏻

  53. Do you know what skin that has green hair and a orange crop top? And how to get it? I’ve seen it before being used on YouTube (Specifically Loserfruit) and I really want it.

      1. Cool, thanks! That would be awesome! Also, just thought I say I am happy you have a support-a-creator code now. I use this site all the time so it is fun to support it!

  54. Hey Evdient do you think Evil Suit might be the male counterpart of Malice since there isn’t a male skin of the Diabolical set yet?

  55. How come Play Station Players get all these free skins for having some online payed system but not any for the others?

      1. Its here! I… Boi this is AMAZING! If We can get the Demon Skull pickaxe then its awesome. I wonder whats the evil suit going to be. Maybe a free skin!

  56. When will rose leader and war pain come out! they look so cool and I am an active Stw player so It’d be cool to get them soon

  57. Hey evident, I have bought two skins and three pickaxes with your code. (I saw you on 999 and I thought I’ll make it 1000 so I created another account to make it 1000) 😜

  58. Hey Evident, there is a skin texture found in the game files . kind of a rare blue skin with an aqua costume and an anchor on her shirt

  59. Does anyone really know if there is gonna be a lava legends pack coming out because I saw a lot of yt vids on it. Just asking . Please get back to me soon

    1. I’ve seen the leak, I don’t know if it’s real or not. I rarely take a YT video for truth, and the more reliable spots I watch haven’t reported it.

  60. Hey Evident, you think that the new Rivet Wrap is somehow related with the Solid Steel Set?? I Am waiting for Diecast since months

  61. Laguna also come with the Pineapple wrap, I would think because the skin is blue
    This 100% because I saw it in the pack in the Store (Not item shop)

  62. And is the Laguna starter pack already released or not. I have seen a lot of players with that skin, but i cant purchase it and this site says she is unreleased

  63. The k-pop skin is leaked for a long time. When ist it finally coming in the item shop? I dont really like that skin, but i wanna know.

    1. Part of me doesn’t think so just because The Getaway is still going on, and I don’t think Epic will have two different events happening at the same time. I think it’ll just be the LTM with the skins and wraps showing up in the shop later today.

      1. But maybe they’ll wait till a couple days after the Getaway is over till they release these challenges. We’ll have to wait and see

  64. Evident, is the Laguna starts pack skin confirmed to be rare(blue)? And also when are the new founders rewards coming out?

    1. It’s rare according to the leak, but leaks have been wrong before about rarities. No idea when the founders rewards are coming out.

  65. I was expecting cooler skins. I have more than 6,000 Vbucks to buy the season 8 legendaries outfits but i think that this season would not realase great skins worth 2,000 Vbucks or even 1,500 Vbucks.

    1. I removed it because I think it was mistaken to be a wrap, and ended up being a texture for something else (I could be wrong).

        1. I’m thinking 800 V-Bucks, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it at 1,000. This is purely speculation though.

  66. Thanks a lot for this page I have been referring from this site for long and have always trusted it ,keep up the good work!

  67. Hey evident, do you think longhorn will come out with Deadfire?? I don’t think it will come out with that skin because Deadfire already has a pickaxe called dark shard. Most of the people here asking if it is going to come out with the skin don’t no that he already came with a pickaxe. You website is amazing plus I have followed your insta.

    1. Hopefully it comes out with Deadfire at some point, I like to remove things from this list. Thanks for following the instagram!

      1. Same Xbox live is expensive af but they most likely have contracts with sony and samsung preventing this happening anytime soon

    1. Nothing to report really, the only thing is that the Sun Wings Back Bling rarity has been changed to Rare. I’ll be fixing that soon.

    1. HONOR Guard is kind of out, it’s had issue with the release. I’m not even sure you can redeem it right now. You’d have to show me what Sea Strider skin you are referring to, I’ve never seen it.

        1. That’s like saying all of the unreleased skins are “out” when they were being played in the recent tournament. It’s not out until everyone can get it.

  68. The Fortnite ESL Katowice Royale tournament has a lot of skins that aren’t out yet. I’ve seen Mezmer, Sunbird, Hayseed, Sunflower, Munitions Major, Carbon Commando, and Ikonik. I don’t know if this is an error that they’re using a future patch with these skins or if it’s intentional or what’s going on and no one is addressing it lol. Does anyone know if this is a huge Oopsie?

    1. I think they’ve had things like that in the past. The accounts the players use are fully unlocked, which apparently includes unreleased skins.

  69. The new map is so good! Except RIP lazy links and tomato temple, and there wasn’t much change in the other part of the map, not the top right corner part.

    1. Tomato temple is still on the map it just doesn’t have those hauses around it and it’s not named. Tomato town was batter anyway so don’t care

  70. Here’s my guess for the new season 8 leaked skins: Middle is tier 100 (she looks like a cool pirate and could be uprgaded a lot like the calamity skin). And the left and right skins are the first two skins you get in the battle pass. This could be the case but considering the fact that all tier 100 skins are male my next guess would be that the ninja style skin on the left is tier 100.

  71. Hey evident, i have heard that in season 8 you can take of the masks of your skins km additional styles locker. And that the LTM called food fight was just a test from epic games too se how IT was to put other skins mask on your other skins

  72. Wow I’m surprised that there hasn’t been anymore leaked skins lately these same ones have been up here for awhile! Also I don’t know when we’re ever gonna hear about this Galaxy Gun Wrap in the public I’m getting impatient!! Lol.

  73. Bright Bomber was re-released with the new Bright Blimp glider, and Tomato Head with the new Extra Cheese Glider. Based on this, do you think we may see Dead Fire return soon to correspond with the release of the Long Horn picaxe? And what skin do you think the Flimsie Flail will go with?

  74. I was looking through fortnite Twitter and saw on the picture of the dark love ranger a female statue in the background do you think that is going to be skin or do you think it was just a design that epic put to make the image look better

    1. We have a couple of guides on Fallout 76, but nothing extensive. You can check what we cover under “Other” in the navigation.

          1. Yeah, I checked HYPEX’s channel and the one you are referring is someone modding the files to use the skin in the lobby

  75. Since the Ikonik skin is a thing now, the K-Pop May never come out. Cause the Ikonik skin is basically the K-Pop but with a different design, it is even in the same pose as the K-Pop. But who knows, all the bundle skins have been reskins till now, so maybe it will come out, maybe even a battle pass skin.

    1. I doubt they will ever bring it back, there’s a slight possibility they make it into a frozen skin or something like they did with others.

    1. That’s quite a bit of cash, I mean if you really like the skin and were planning on purchasing some V-Bucks then it might be a good deal.

      1. Well, i have half that money left over from my last purchase and i dont know what else to spend it on. So really, i would just need 12 bucks.

  76. I have the honor view 20 phone and I was told the skin would be released February 15th but I don’t know how to get it I can’t find anything about it do you know anything?

  77. evident do you think that the sprinkles wrap, the ice pop pickaxe and the ice cream cruiser are part of the ice cream set i think its very likely to happend but i want to ask you what your opinion is

  78. Hey, Evident which one you recommend to buy Rebel or Revolt? And how to get fallen love ranger, do we need to buy love ranger?

    1. I don’t know about the two robots, Fallen Love Ranger is part of a pack you have to purchase. Click on the image for more info.

  79. Hey I think you should add A little box at the top of this page that says fearturd item and it will have the coming soon item in the box. IDK thought it was a cool idea.

          1. sorry for the confusion, What I was wondering was if you could add somthing that said what the next item coming to battle royale is.

  80. Evident? Do you think the Slick emote will be linked in any way to the Valentine theme, it’s been leaked for awhile and it seems rather fitting Valentine’s Day.

  81. Hey Evident do you know if the Galaxy gun skins will be part of the phone case promotion or do you think people who bought the Galaxy Note9 or Tab4 will get them is there any info you heard??

    1. I don’t think it’s part of phone case. I’m not sure what’s going on with it, I haven’t seen anything about it in a while.

      1. Ahhh ok. Thanks for the reply Evident. My theroy/guess is that I’m like 75% sure that its for the original Galaxy Note9 promotion just unreleased so. Cause at first they just gave us the Galaxy skin then 3 months later they gave us the glider and pickaxe so might be the same thing just later on hopefully! Either way I’m buying that new Samsung case for my Galaxy Note9 I want everything there is to offer for this promotion already went this far and Galaxy stuff is literally my favorite skins in the game!!

      2. Oh ya I forgot to ask you! What’s you opinion on the Galaxy skin Evident do you like it at all? Cause myself I consider it to be in the top 10 best Fortnite skins!

          1. Yes I also think so too! The skin is something like a “Snipers Delight” though you can see that skin like halfway across the map glowing purple and BOOOOM Sniper Headshot haha

    1. He has a youtube where he has uploaded fortnite videos. Though whether this is bait or not, idk. But ‘itsmemarshmello’ is his name

  82. god damn! this site grew and got better evident you are awesome! keep it up, also whats your favorite and least favorite skin. sorry for taking up your time reading this, also best site for info.

    1. Thank you, I’ve been working hard on it! Favorite skin of the more recent ones is Lace, and my least favorite skin… Wasn’t really a fan of Cabbie, Tech Ops, or Paradox.

  83. Henlo. Im fox. So there is going to be 3 new styles for Powder Onesie and Trog. And 2 new skins. I didnt catch theyre name but. They look cool. 1 is a Llama skin the other is like an assassin kinda. Im hyped for this event!

  84. Could I please get a reply.
    If I purchase save the world in the next few days, will I still get the warpaint and rose team leader skins for BR?

        1. Ha, yeah before I bought STW I flipped out every time I saw someone with one of the founders gliders because I thought it was OG.

  85. I think that the Kitbash and Sparkplug are part of the “street ops bundle”. The Kitbash might be released into the store though and the Sparkplug in shop.

  86. Will I get the new founder’s pack when it comes out if I get save the world now? Also, would I get the rose team leader and the other one too?

    1. It isnt a wrap. Its the texture for Marshmellos hat. And its animated because when you dance with the skin it lights up. People were just messin with you.

  87. My friend is a BIG fan of the skin Raven. Here is a re-themed skin idea for Season 8, I hope you like it!

    Set Name: The Phoenix and the Flame…

    Male Character Name: Phoenix

    Description: Brooding master of (molten lava?)
    Back Bling: A fire themed Iron Cage called Molten Cage, with the description: no one can escape the heat

    Female Character Name: Flame

    Description: Circling overhead, shrouded by flames.
    Back Bling: A fire themed Dark Wings called Fire Wings, with the description: swoop in and bring the heat

    Glider: A fire themed Feathered Flyer called Burnt Feathers, with the description: smoking hot victory. It could also be trailing smoke or embers…

    Pickaxe: A fire themed Iron Beak called (Molten Beak, Burnt Beak, Melted Beak?), with the description: burn away. The metal could also be white hot from the heat…

    Contrail: Embers or Phoenix Tears

    Other: The metal on the two skins could also be white hot, for example the gauntlets on Ravens hands…

    I hope you liked this skin idea, hopefully Epic Games will eventually come out with a skin similar to this.

    1. very cool, but maybe not an exact reskin of Raven. like the idea of a flame bird pheonix and the glider would be a pheonix and the pickaxe would be a flame sword or something i dunno

  88. Hey evident should I get the leaked cheer up emote or the leaked emote glowstick because they are both emotes that I want bit can’t have both so help me decide and pick one

  89. You have never disappointed me. I have told my friends, “If you want to know leaked skins, go here. Never once has he showed a skin that doesn’t come out. Thank you

    1. I’m glad to hear that, thanks for sharing the site around! I try really hard to make sure I only post things that I think are legit.

  90. why are people saying that the marshmallow skin will not come out as a skin only a character on the stage for the dj is that true or will we see the marshmallow skin, as a skin for us to where while playing baddle royal mode

    1. Yes it is an NPC. People only have it in their lockers who hacked their acc to have it. Hes actually doing to do 2 emotes. Marsh Walk which we can buy and Keep It Mello which is a challange item.

  91. You removed the “Nautilus” axe, do you think that concept turned into Squid Striker and is there information to back that up? I liked the octopus one and don’t like this squid one, especially with the vibrant coloring and more cartoon-y style. I’ve been anticipating a scary Cthulu not a cutesy squid friend. 🙁

  92. Just sayin’ there is going to be 3 items in the Showtime Challenges. Keep it Mello Marshy Masher and that spray. And the new wrap the Golden Clouds is a challenge item or bp8 item.

  93. Evident, do u know if marshmello will be in the item shop or the new season 8 battle pass skin, or the next 5$ bundle?

    P.S.- you should start doing giveaways

    1. It’ll probably be sold in the shop during the leaked “Showtime” event. That event has some challenges where you can earn the Marshmello Pickaxe.

    1. That would be the case, but I’m thinking it’s a joke now because I’m guessing the Unihorn pickaxe will go with the Boneyard set.

      1. Yall all wrong! The ice has melted so much that we can see the hand of the guy! And its actually a god. Guess who? Hades! Well its based after him. His name is the The Fire King. And why is he grey? Basically hes gonna be red but lemme explain. So easily hot things are red but when put to a cold temperture it becomes greyish. Thats why hes grey in the ice block form

  94. Since you can no longer comment on the outfits and skins list, i thought i’d comment here. What is the Storm Fusion and Bundle set? The “Bundle” set may just be an error, but what is the Storm Fusion set and if it does exist, what skins are there in the set? Currently it says there are no skins in this set. Im curious.

  95. Can we not get another promotional skin? I hate those i want new good skins for ps4 or a nintendi switch starter pack that would be cool

  96. So I just found out that Malcore is Ark’s male counterpart, they are both part of the Eternal Struggle set. Also, Evident, you might need to fix the release listing in the outfits & skin section. It says Funk Ops was released around the time Disco Diva was. Funk Ops was released around season 2. Also, will you be doing the same system you did with the skins to other articles like back blings, harvesting tool, gliders, etc.?

    1. Thanks, I meant to fix the Funk Ops skin. I will be updating the other pages with this new system soon (I was literally just working on it)!

        1. Also, a little fix I think should happen but its debatable. You should put battle pass skins where they release in the release section, like put season 2 skins after skins released in the shop before the battle pass actually came out. Same with promo skins.

          1. I don’t mind that idea, but it’d be pretty hard to do. I’ll look into it, thanks for the suggestion!

    1. I don’t know, it’s personal preference. I personally like The Ice Queen skin more, but whatever you think is better.

  97. Probably no skins will get leaked since epic did something at the beginning of the season so data miners would have a really hard time getting leaks like it’s impossible

        1. I think they took the extra steps to encrypt the previous skins because they were going on holiday vacation. I don’t think that will be the standard protocol.

    1. I mean, I’m hoping for that, but I really doubt it. The profiles don’t match up. I swear he’s my favorite skin and I’m kinda mad he still isn’t out yet.

  98. I feel like the instinct skin could come with a new twitch prime pack, along with the steadfast could also come along with it.

  99. Have you heard of the iPhone XR bundle coming? It has Instinct, her back bling, some weird Pickaxe, and the Steadfast glider and some v-bucks as well

  100. Just letting everyone know the frozen black knight was clickbait by those twitch clips YouTube channels. And frozen renegade raider was click bait by DooM Clan

    1. So I looked into this more and the video looks really good. However, the static image of it looks pretty poorly done. I want to say it’s fake because I think he might have just added custom textures into the game to create it, but it’s possible it could be real.

  101. Hey Evident, do you know when the next leaks are coming? I really want to see if they add a skin for the Vision pick axe!

    1. Are you sure because I have been on this site for ages and that skin has never ever been released kind of like they forgot about it or gave up on it

  102. I think the Backbling similar to the Wave Form may not come out, due to DJ Bop coming out and already having a backbling.

  103. I have been using this site since christmas day in season 2. It is the best site on the basis of this topic probably on the internet. Do you have a creator code Evident?

  104. Evident, do you think the ‘longhorn’ pickaxe is actually going to be released considering it is part of the Western Wilds Seg which is the same set as Calamity and she’s in the Season 6 battle pass? And if you think it will, how do you think it’s going to be released?

    1. Rip it’s not… I’m disappointed that it’s not since it would be nice to get a free skin for once instead of banners, emoticons, and sprays people will never use.

  105. I think epic games wants to release a bunch of animal skin rhino,octopus,fish…
    And i think they aim to relase zodiac and astral skins. If u look to the axs u can realise that.

  106. Do you think the ‘longhorn’ pickaxe is actually going to be released considering it has like the same theme as Calamity in the Season 6 battle pass? And if you think it will, how do you think it’s going to be released?

  107. There is an octopus emblem in the battlepass, and items in the battlepass usually hint at future content. Someone find that Cthulhu skin! I HOPE its a badass Cthulhu skin and not something derpy like the Fishsticks one…

    1. Nice, an octopus pickaxe the day after I said this! I didn’t realize that the Nautilus glider would be related to the set though, that color scheme is not what I was hoping for lol.

      My first thought when I saw the emblem was the Cthulu skin for Zenyatta in Overwatch. And the Long Legs backbling from the Arachne skin but with tentacles instead of spider legs.

      Anyone else hype for this skin to leak/release?

    1. That will not happen because the season shop was a battle pass but u had to buy everything so releasing her would be like putting omega in the shop

      1. Do you know she’ll galaxy skin for guns will come out?Or have an idea when it will?If so can u tell me?Thanks for ur time!

  108. so usely with fortnite they realease skins in battle royale then put them in save the world but no cloaked shadow is in save the world right now but it aint in battle royale.

    What the heck epic?

    1. I don’t understand this comment.
      you said they usually release skins in br then put them in save
      but you are confused because cloaked shadow isn’t in br or save?

      First off they didn’t release it yet so it’s going to hit the shop soon and
      save the world skins from BR usually drop in until mid to late season.
      Plus they USUALLY do it just like you said so i don’t know what you are trying to say.

  109. Sorry, but today i found more wraps. No advertisement, but “TheCampingRusher” goes over ALL leaks on cosmetics. He did one about wraps, skins, etc. he does one for every update. I advise you should watch him for this section leaks!

    1. I saw the wraps you are referring to, and I’m not positive those are actually going to be added. I didn’t see any new skins.

  110. there was a leaked crackshot bird backbling, merry marauder gingerbread backbling, and ginger gunner gingerbread backbling (i think they were all released but put them on)

    1. It will be added soon, I know there’s more cosmetics I’m missing. There’s no need to comment about them (not just you).

  111. Hey!
    Cinematics are known for leaks and stuff! There was also a picture of “ the nutcracker family” so probably they will also release a female version of it!
    And now if you start the game ( before you go in stw or battle royale or creative & havent gone over any of the options with your cursor ) there seem to be 3 new leaked skins and a new pickaxe and a new wrap 🙂
    Dont really know how to name them (and cant upload any pictures) although the wrap seems to be like a knight version

  112. evident do we have any info on the love ranger being given to the people who already own it ??? And also great website been on it for months !!!

  113. what about the wraps? maybe a section dedicated towards the wraps? also, you are missing the leaked “Candy Cane” and “Galaxy” Wraps.

  114. You can remove the Merry Marauder alternate because that was just the concept art for it before it was released. Epic games decided not to go with this design though.

    1. I don’t think it will be a problem, I think it was more about showing in-game leaks rather than skins. We’ll see how it plays out.

    1. Good luck on your YouTube. I’m going to let this link go, but in the future we don’t allow people to link to stuff that isn’t relevant to the article.

  115. Hey Evident the leaked new winter weapon skins and winter style for 3 skins : Raven, Red Knight and Love Ranger !!!!!!! They didn’t show them yet but they leaked the file codes.

          1. I played Fortnite since the day it came out. So I don’t know what your talking about. And no offense but if you look up the snow man skin the only thing you’ll find is fakes and the picture of the one in the trailer.

    1. They apparently have a sword like it in save the world, and it doesn’t look like any other pickaxe, as it isn’t top heavy, so it might be a weapon in the future.

  116. In a fanmade skin of a snowman, there was an icicle pickaxe called “Cold to the touch”. Now we have seen a snowman skin in the trailer and also a leaked pickaxe called Icicle with the description Cold to the touch. This means that the snowman skin is probably a hidden leaked skin. And might come out soon as it’s pickaxe was leaked in THIS update!

  117. There is also a new version of the Marry Marauder coming. You can see it in the loading screen in the battle pass. Might want to put that in.