Fortnite Leaked Skins & Cosmetics List – Updated for 10.31 Patch

We've got a full list of the currently unreleased skins that have been leaked but not yet put in the shop yet!

If you're looking for a roundup of all of the current Fortnite Leaked Skins then we have them all below! Fortnite Cosmetic Leaks can come out in multiple different ways. Most of the time they are found via datamines, but sometimes platforms accidentally reveal them early and promotional images will sometimes hit the web.

This post will be updated whenever more are datamined or revealed. We'll also be shifting the released ones out once they hit the shop.

The majority of the skins below will be added to the store eventually. However, there can be skins that could be available via other methods like the purchase of Save the World, or in other promotional ways. Most skins are datamined and then released within a week or two, but others have been sitting in the files for a while and we still aren't clear how they will be released.

Recently Released Cosmetics

Other Leaks

I'll be adding other cosmetic and game related leaks below! These are things that don't really fit within this post, but will be interesting to players of the game.

Batman Themed Leaks

It looks like a lot of Batman based stuff is coming to the game including the addition of Gotham City in place of Tilted Town! Rarities are currently speculative, it looks like there might be a "DC" rarity being added. Names aren't currently official, I just put my best guess.

Possible Halloween Skin Leaks

These posters were found in the recent 10.31 patch, and are very likely a teaser towards the Halloween skins we will likely be seeing in October at some point! The names I've listed below are from the files, and are not likely going to be the names of the skins when they are released.

Leaked/Unreleased Outfits

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New Styles in Recent Patch

These styles are available if you own the skins already, but they are a bit bugged and not displaying correctly in the locker.

Leaked/Unreleased Back Bling

Leaked/Unreleased Dances & Emotes

Leaked/Unreleased Gliders

Leaked/Unreleased Music

Leaked/Unreleased Pickaxes

Leaked/Unreleased Sprays

Leaked/Unreleased Wraps

Deleted or Long Time Leaked Cosmetics

There are skins and cosmetics that were in datamined files and have been removed or have been leaked for a long time and never released. These cosmetics might never be released or were changed for whatever reason. We do not know ANYTHING more about these.

Leaked/Unreleased Contrails

All contrails have been added to the game in one way or another!

Leaked Loading Screens

All loading screens have been added to the game in one way or another! Loading screens are generally unlocked from completing weeks in your battle pass.

Leaked/Unreleased Pets

All pets have been added to the game in one way or another!

Leaked/Unreleased Toys

All toys have been added to the game in one way or another!

About the Author

Evident is a lifelong gamer and creator of websites. He mostly focuses on shooters, but has been known to dabble in the occasional card game as well. You can find him binge watching TV shows in his downtime.

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  1. I believe that there are 2 Batman Skin. Dark Knight is the bundle of 20$ and Classic Batman is a VBucks Skin. It makes more sense. Because they guarantee that no matter the situation, you will bought a cosmetic: if you have money, you buy the bundle and if you have VBucks (like me who grind STW) I buy the Vbucks Batman. And is not a surprise because they did it with Brite Bomber, Team Leaders, Drift and of course this Battle Pass skins.
    What do you think Evident?

  2. Evident, So i know I posted these before but is the Batman cape going to be put under Batman leaks and also I heard about a Catwoman set don’t know if it is true but if it is can you add it pls

    1. I posted the Batman & Catwoman skin leaks. I’m not going to bother with the cape because it’ll be out tomorrow officially most likely.

  3. Hey evident do you think it would be cool if epic did a collaboration with the people who created the transformers movie and made like bee and Optimus and have them transform with different styles like in the movies

  4. Surely I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the idea of a “DC” rarity? It just seems really stupid to add a whole new rarity that they’ll only use for a limited set of themed items. Rarity in BR used to a statement of how much that item would cost, now it just seems like a ultimately pointless detail.

  5. A little strange how Fortnite is the first video game in history to feature both DC and Marvel at the same time. Now that Lego made over 3 games based off both franchises, I wanna see Lego DC vs. Marvel!


  6. there will be 3 batman skins, (probaly batman and 2 enemy) but i wanna know who the 2 enemies are, do you know that?

  7. Evident, sorry if this is not the right place, but you are in the Fortnitebr Reddit community (or another community)?
    Which is your username?

  8. Yes, a DC rarity has been confirmed, if you went to the Gothic Missions list, the loading screen has a gray DC rarity, part of a DC set, so I will presume every other leaked Batman item will be DC too. But I’m still questioning why they referred to it as “The DC set” instead of the “Batman Set”, since during the Marvel crossover, they had Black Widow and Star-Lord in different sets.

  9. The elmira and castor fire styles are indeed usable for owners of the skin! Just saw a fire castor while I was getting my challenges done.

  10. There are two types of skins: Spooky and Scary. Spooky skins have a intentional spook to it, are usually Halloween items and are most of time people in costumes, but not really nightmare-inducing.
    Skull Trooper
    Skull Ranger
    Ghoul Trooper
    Hay Man
    Straw Ops
    Jack Gourdon
    Patch Patroller
    Spooky Team Leader

    Scary skins are intentionally (sometimes) creepy, yet not Halloween-based, and look like they’re straight out of some horror movie.
    Nite Nite (Maybe)
    Peekaboo (Kinda)
    Candy Man
    Gas Mask
    El Diablo
    Man with Hood

    Yyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh, Candy Man doesn’t look that family friendly, almost like kidnappers.

  11. Evident, as you see there are 5 new posters for “The Final Reckoning” right? So 5 new skins, Do you think that those 5 skins plus The Scientist and The Visitor are all of the “One Of The Seven” that are on The Scientist and Visitor’s Description?

  12. Do you think the Final Reckoning skins will be item shop or battlepass? The only thing similar I’m recalling are the posters leading up to new seasons but it seems a little early for that, right?

  13. Saw on reddit leaks about posters (and possible skins) named as: The Final Reckoning. The poster appear like monster Halloween themed skins.
    Do you know something about it, ma friend Evident? I think is to soon to add Halloween skins in the files.

      1. I read on reddit that the “Final Reckoning” is in fact a movie announcement in the Gotham Theatre that will be added soon in the crossover event.

    1. Yes, it’s for this week. I’m not sure, there’s apparently quite a few encrypted cosmetics still. The fact that they might add a “DC” rarity might be a good sign for one.

  14. Hey Evident, there’s apparently new styles for the Castor and Elmira skin, and there’s also a few encrypted and leaked Batman themed items, which also include challenges.

  15. Hey, Evident. I heard somewhere that you have a biological son. I don’t want to seem personal, and you can ignore me if you want, but tell me about your family.

  16. I saw leaks on Reddit about some challenges regarding Visitor Volta. Those challenges awarded Battle Stars.
    Evident, you think that the Visitor Volta is a shop skin that include challenges with the purchase or this skin is the “secret” skin of this season? Which make a lot of sense since the logic of this season and a Visitor image that Epic post last month..

  17. i want the p1000 and the air head but the air head has been leaked for a very long time and same with the bao bros i hope the p1000 is not actually going to be a challenge because it will take a while so its just better to be in the item shop i already copped the quaco/the taco skin i love it alot its so cute.

    ok see you in a few

    1. P-1000 is going to be a V-buck Pack like Breakpoint and Fallen Love Ranger

      As for Airheart and Bao Bros, if Shot Caller and Astro Assassin can get released, I still have hope for the other two

  18. Did anything ever happen with IT Chapter 2? The movie is in theaters now and I only ever saw the balloons with the creepy laugh. Seems like whatever they were gonna do fell through or that was the smallest promotion ever.

  19. Evident u don’t gotta post this but I was looking on insta on this account called * and it found lots of leaked skins and a new bundle! U might wanna check em out!

  20. Even though I quit the game quite a while ago, I still check on the cosmetics once in a while. The leaked skins look fire, but I think I like the pickaxes the most. I’d personally use all of them if I still played. The only problem I have with this update was the whole ‘Dark Rarity’ thing. Why does this exist? Sure, they might add more Cube related items in the future, but that doesn’t really mean there’s a reason for a whole new rarity. The ‘Marvel Rarity’ has the same problem, but this one is understandable, because the cosmetics are based on items from a bigger franchise. They were also limited to the Avengers crossover so you won’t be seeing them anymore.

  21. Evident, I saw a leaked videos and show two “placeholder” skins that are 2 STW heroes?
    Those are real skins free for STW owners or what is it?

  22. THESE NEW LEAKS ARE SO GOOD! I love Slumber, Hotwire, and Visitor Volta! Also remember to put in the new Moisty Merman styles and remove Dark Reflections from leaked!

    1. It will be a Store Pack like with Breakpoint and Fallen Love Ranger. But it comes with challenges for Edit Styles and a backbling. No V-bucks

  23. I actually knew that the Combat and Drum Shotguns have been vaulted. I also know two future additions to the vault, and I know they would make you happy. But if I tell you, they won’t happen. I know the future of Fortnite. And I’m afraid to share the information.

    Hint: Mjeucnhk

  24. Hey evident did you see that above every sewer in the map there is a creepy red balloon and if you pop it it makes a pennywise noise

  25. Evident on Instagram a reliable account posted that new leaked cosmetics were found and that includes a female fish stick skin a durr boxer and more

  26. I would really like it if Tomatohead and Beef Boss got a style where they take off their masks. I got Beef Boss when it first came out in season 5 and I think that would be cool.

  27. Evident, I am not a fan of the Borderland Franchise (play half of 2 only) but I really like the pet and the skin is cool.
    But there is a supposedly Pennywise skin coming this week. I am not a fan of the movie neither but the skin could be interesting.
    So I ask YOUR opinion: Buy the Psycho bundle or risk to wait and see the Pennywise skin, but if I don’t like it, maybe the Psycho Bundle will dissapear because I need to complete the challengues today.

    1. If you aren’t a fan of either franchise, I’m not sure why you’d be making a purchase. I like Borderlands and I really like the pet and skin. However, a Pennywise skin is going to be pretty dope, so I honestly don’t know what you should do.

    1. It’s for completing one of the Welcome to Pandora challenges. Once you’ve done that, it’s not useful for anything else as far as I know.

  28. I asked a while ago if there was any information on a skin to go with the note 10. Has anything been discovered? Do you think there will even be one?

  29. OK, I said before that I want a Star Wars crossover this Christmas to coincide with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker releasing on December 20. They might have a schedule with the Christmas skins and such, but they managed to have the Stranger Things and Independence Day skins in one shop back in July so I don’t see why not.
    Luke Skywalker (Epic)
    Han Solo (Epic)
    Darth Vader (Legendary)
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Legendary)
    Rey (Rare)

    The LTM can be like Endgame’s LTM where it’s 20 V 20 with melee weapons. These can be lightsabers. The Rebellion can use blue, green and purple lightsabers and guns while the Empire has red lightsabers and guns. Maybe you would either have a light or dark cloak upon entering the LTM, I dunno.

  30. Evident, do you think that the Borderlands Bundle will stay the 13 days that last the challengues?
    And I read about a IT Crossover with Fortnite, possibly the Pennywise skin! Do you think is true or fake news?

    1. Not sure about the Borderlands Bundle, I think it will go out but come back at some point during the challenges. I did see the IT crossover stuff, it does seem likely that it is real!

    2. I think an IT crossover is likely, for a couple of reasons:
      1. Salty Springs inevitably gonna change. So in the Season X Battle Pass trailer, we saw Salty Springs change into something. So, maybe a sewer location for Pennywise, and we also get the items in Creative? Now only if that could happen for Marvel, John Wick, Jordan, Marshmello and Stranger Things.
      2. We saw creepy laughs and balloons in the files. I heard somewhere that the creepy laughs came directly from the IT: Chapter Two trailer, I don’t know, I’m too young to see it, etc. etc. But the balloon seems like an IT-related thing. Would they unvault the balloons for no reason? (Despite the fact that in the files somewhere, I read that the balloon is a weapon, but they could unvault balloons for this event.)
      3. IT: Chapter 2 is right around the corner. This one speaks for itself. It’s too much of a coincidence that we get creepy laughs and creepy balloons a week before the release.
      4. They have done mature franchises in here already. John Wick and Borderlands are 18+ yet they added them there. I think John Wick was more so because they were poking fun at the old Reaper from Season 3, but Borderlands came in out of nowhere. I heard about the event around an hour before it went live because I live under a rock.

      So, yeah. I want this to happen because a Derry-themed version of Salty Springs would be pretty fun, a Pennywise skin would be the best thing (I feel bad for everyone who bought Nite Nite thinking they wouldn’t collaborate with IT) a possible LTM and challenges (Remember, the creepy balloon from the files is a weapon) and it’ll give me 2017 nostalgia when IT was the only thing people could talk about on the internet and 2017 Pennywise was up there as a horror icon. But a ComicBook article scares me as they suggest that it’ll just be generic Halloween stuff and a possible skin would have the same relation to Penny-Penny as The Reaper had to John Wick. Boy, that was a mouthful.

  31. Hey Evident, I logged into Save The World a few hours ago, and received 6 pickaxes which I can use in Battle Royale. There’s apparently 1 more pickaxe I didn’t get. The pickaxes are; the Basic Basher, the Hydraulic Wrecker, the Laser Pick, the Ol’ Woody, the Tech Axe, and the Vindertech Elite. All these pickaxes are uncommon rarity and are part of the Save The World set. (As I said, there is 1 more pickaxe I didn’t get, but it is available. It’s just really hard to get.)

    1. Thanks for letting me know about this, but I’m not going to be adding those at this time. I can’t find a way to reliably obtain high quality images of them.

  32. Regarding the silver Spider Knight, you think that we have to pay ANOTHER 2,000VBucks for the exactly skin but recolored, or previous owner will receive him for free?

    1. It’s going to be a Pack, like Breakpoint and Fallen Love Ranger. But with unlockable styles, not V-bucks. So it’ll be in the Store, not the item shop

    1. Oh Yes!!! That means Kevin the cube is RETURNING!!!!!!!!!! Also the Loot Lake we have now in my opinion is rubbish.

  33. Hey Evident, there seems to be a statue in haunted hills, I’m not sure as to how long it’s been there but it looks like a possible female love ranger. Could possibly be a new skin, next time you’re on give it a look?

  34. Evident, is there a leaked Llama Bell music disc or nah? Cause i saw a leaks video with the music in the background

  35. Hey Evident, do you have any idea if there’s gonna be a secret skin this season or not? One of the Zero Point Challenges says “To be revealed” but idk if that’s for a secret skin or not. Also if there is one, you think it might be a new version of Visitor since they’re teasing him so much or no?

  36. Heya Evident, I have a few ideas for a secret skin.
    To go along with Season X’s theme of old skins, I’m going to figure out what could realistically be the new skin:
    The Reaper remix
    Elite Agent remix
    Carbide remix
    Omega remix
    Ragnarok remix
    Calamity remix
    Dire remix
    OR, the most likely of all,

    Visitor remix

    1. or all of them lol. Just Elite Agent in a superhero themed Reaper suit With the Ragnarok skull mask with a cowgirl hat backbling, and can turn into a werewolf. also has the visitor logo. that would be funny

  37. Hey, Evident. I have a cool idea for a new item:
    Storm Flip was released to coincide with Stratus and Tempest.

    Junk Rift was released to coincide with Star Walker.

    But now, MY item to coincide with my release:
    The Bubble Bomb.
    Basically, when you press the attack button, Right Trigger whatever it is, your character pops some bubblegum, spits it out and throws it at anything, creating a bubble to destroy whatever surface it meets. People can also bounce on it like Kevin back in the day. Eventually, it’ll pop, but still, it’s the ultimate sweat killer.

  38. I know the item shop kind of changed and you were probably getting around to it but moon bounce is also released 🙂

  39. The red plastic wrap appeared in my locker for some reason today any idea why I bought the green and gray ones a while ago but never this one

  40. Evident or someone: Is there a secret skin for this season x? Because I can’t find were it should say something related to that in the Missions men???

  41. I feel like Airhead and Astro Assassin are about ready to go into the long time un released section. What do you think Evident?

      1. Yo I really hope that when the leftovers loading screen releases Epic will give Tomatohead and Durr Burger man those styles, that would be really cool

    1. Do you know what happened to the red skull trooper variant. Also do you think it will come out this year for previous owners??

      1. I was thinking that in the image that appear the Brute searching for X-Lord, there is the Brute Navigator in the head of the Mech. If you look closely his suit is not black, is like the color of that leak video. Like white-silver.

  42. Hey Evident on instagram I saw a post of a new Apple skin called Globula that is pretty much a female Galaxy skin

  43. The same leaker for the Red Strike Starter pack has leaked a back bling for the set.

    I come to this website frequently and I love seeing how nice the community is here and how much care and effort you put into the website, it’s amazing and I’m loving it, good job Evident and keep up the hard work.

  44. Hey Evident, I subscribed to your YouTube channel. You should consider hiring someone to upload the daily item shop in a video. That way people who can’t get on can still get a 360º view of the new skins. Mabye you could also show what emotes look good with the new skins.

    1. Thanks for subscribing. I’m not sure that would actually be worth the money, but then again I don’t know how much an editor would cost me.

      1. Just something to consider. You could try doing it yourself a couple days in a row, see if it worth the effort. Just load into Fortnite when the item shop switches, save a video showcasing each item, then upload the video. Little to no editing involved! BTW I mentioned awhile back I lost my Fortnite account, I was able to get it back with help from Epic Games!

  45. How awesome would Fortnite X Star Wars be? Imagine if we got lightsabers as weapons, to coincide with Episode XI this December.

  46. Evident, the leaker by the user HYPEX, has found data streams related to “charms”. If weapon charms do get added to the game will you make a leaked/unreleased section for them?

  47. Hey Evident, what would be the requirement for being a long time leaked item? Like is there a required time length? Because Bao Bros, Shot Caller and Airhead has been leaked for a while now, along with Bao Basket, Souped Up, Utility Pack, and Metro Machetes

    1. It’s mostly arbitrary, I usually figure about six months or so. I don’t find it super necessary to be adding skins to that list.

  48. Evident, in YOUR opinion, which skins of Uncommon Rarity and Rare Rarity are the ones that are more worth it?
    I ask this because EPIC is making much cooler “cheap” skins recently!

    1. I think a lot of the recent rare/uncommon skins are good, they have definitely put a lot more detail in them. I don’t know, in particular I thought the BRUTE skins were really good. Both Mika and Tsuki were also skins I liked. Which ones do you think are worth it?

      1. I like a lot the BRUTE Navigator, Vector and the Demogorgon. I think that are very detailed for the price. If EPIC put so much effort in those skins, I want to see how they surprise us with their next Legendary skin.

  49. Are the files for Airhead still in the game? I’m wondering if the skin was scrapped due to poor design choices such as the left glove being unable to hold a weapon.

    1. Starter Pack skins are almost always Epic. And they get leaked with the entire featured image. They also usually don’t leak until the X.1 update

      1. The Laguana starter pack had a rare skin and back bling so it technically is possible. Plus, all the current unreleased epic rarity skins seem like they will be shop skins, so I still think Bravo Leader will be the next starter pack skin. If not, darn, because I do like that skin.

  50. Evident or someone:
    Did Epic quit completely the daily quest on Fortnite to win 5 Battle Stars? Because I has 3 yesterday but now, I did not find them!
    If that is the case, did they replace them with something else?

    1. Instead of daily quests, I believe you can do the Limited-Time Missions. The one that is live now is called B.R.U.T.E. Squad. It’s very similar to daily quests, but you earn different rewards.

  51. Regarding all the theories this is my conclusion: the ball explode and mix all realities and time into a single one!
    The King Llama is the mix of the pirate Blackhearth and DJ Yonder.
    The Astronaut with green lights is the mix of Dark Voyager and the Calamity Chick.
    The New Sparkle Specialist is the mix of the Old one and Drift (Teaser 3)
    This season is the mix of different realities and times (all previous seasons) and because of that, they decide to mix different skins of different season to merge in one. They mix things of previous season and put in this season map.
    And they will continue with season shop skins I think.
    What do you guys think?

  52. Evident, the leaked skin that you named like “Skull Skin?” Is actually the robot of the Teaser 2. If you look closely looks exactly like him (look his hands).
    I really hope that I am wrong because I wish to be a kind of vehicle/weapon. I use A LOT the Turret weapon but I feel like in this season Epic will vault it and I hope that they will replace it with a kind of robot of the Teaser 2 but it look more than a skin.

      1. Because everyone is confused. Is not a skin. Is a “vehicle”. But yes, he looks a lot like the robot in Teaser 2. I think that they will add this robot like a mix of Airplanes and Turrets. It should be fun.

          1. Correct! All of you are right. Probably is a new vehicle and it look fun! His hands can’t grab anything.

  53. Hello do you know if the three skins on the trailer are going to be styles for the dark voyager , sparkle specialist and the other skins or they are going to be brand new skins.

    1. Yeah, people are losing their crap, but there are a lot of differences between Drift and… lets call her ‘Rift’ For now. As for the other skin, its not a skeletal rex, but it does has a style resembling Carbide/Criterion’s helmet.

  54. Season 9 is coming to an end and we must admit that EPIC left us excellent skins throughout these months.
    Evident and Fortnite players, what were your 5 new Season favorite skins released in the Cosmetic Shop?
    Mine are the following:
    1. Tempest.
    2. John Wick.
    3. Demogorgon.
    4. Vector.
    5. Grind.
    Comment everyone, lets see which skins were the favorite this Season!

    1. 1.Tempest
      3.Summer Drift
      4.Vendetta (Maxed Out)
      And idk if these count as a new skin but
      5. Fishstick’s new styles (VR and the World Cup)

    2. John wick
      Beach bomber
      Summer drift
      I bought like 8 this season but these are my fav. Idk if the fishstick edit styles count or otherwise I would have kept it on top

  55. Hey Evident, do you know if that 2nd Fortnite Birthday pink cake backbling is coming to Battle Royale or is it STW only? They showed a pic of it in the news tab in BR so that’s why I’m wondering

  56. I got a theory: Season 10 will be alternative time lines. Like a mix of all the previous seasons in one season. They would unvault weapons very often and vault them again. The map would return his iconic locations and similar to the weapons, they would change it often for other locations.
    Regarding skins, is hard to tell but my best bet (sound crazy) they will release and alternative time line skins of previous skins. Like a futuristic Ragnarok/Black Knight or Omega in another dimension. Maybe like the movie Spiderman into the Spiderverse, something like that.
    What do you guys think?

  57. Evident, I am from Guatemala and want to know were I can watch the Fortnite World Cup Live? It starts tomorrow right? So they will streaming on Youtube, offcial webpage, or which site?
    Also I dont understand if there are a lot of matches from different peoples, then classify to a “play-off” thing or how they would make it?
    Thanks, and love the site, very helpful.

      1. I am from Guatemala as well! Congratulations Evident, your site has come so far around the world. Thats the consequences of doing an excellent job!! I say it before, but we appreciate your hard work and we happily support with your code when we buy cosmetics.

        Regarding the World Cup: July 26 would be the match of duos that consists on a Professional player and a “celebrity” person (don’t t know any of them).
        July 27 is the real World Cup finals of Solo and July 28 is the Final of duos. Both of them were a lot of in-games matches to classify.
        I believe that the World Cup Finals are 6 matches. But I am not sure.

  58. Evident, you wrote in the Fishtick page that when the World Cup is over the World Cup style will not be available ever again. That means that all the players that in this moment have Fishtick and recieve the new style for free, is just limited time and when the World cup is over, we will loose the style and just have the other 3 styles (default, VR and Pirate)?? Or we keep the World Cup Style forever?

      1. It looks like there is going to be a 2nd B-Day back bling. It seems to be in the “World Warrior” Image.

  59. Hi Evident when do you think the neo versa skin will be available in the UK? because I have been waiting for a long time.

  60. You forgot the birthday jonesy it got put in the files not too long ago you should premire those skins evident love your website btw sooooooo AWESOME! but anyways, could you please show that skin thank you.

          1. Fishstick will be back out this week, and you will have a chance to purchase him and you’ll get the World Cup style.

  61. I think the Revel emote, despite being an uncommon rarity, will be changed to rare when its released. They don’t give uncommon emotes music (Not including sound effects). It’s happened before in the past (Savor The W), so it could happen again.

  62. Hey, Evident, I found a leaked birthday skin on this page here: [REDACTED]

    Could you confirm if it is a STW cosmetic or not?

    1. The Jonesy birthday skin is STW as far as I know. I removed the link you posted because I don’t allow links to other sites in the comments.

      1. i also saw it on lucas7yoshi’s twitter, but he doesn’t have a picture of the emote, it is the actual skin doing it

  63. The prospect back bling was given to owners of shadow ops. Don’t forget to remove it from the leaked section. 🙂

  64. Hey evident! When those the Breakpoint skin bundle go out from shop? Im interested cuz im going on a vacation for 1 week and i dont know if its 1 week or maybe 2.

  65. Evident, 2 questions:
    1. Now that there is the “Giant Robot” Skin, you think that Epic will release a “Giant Monster” Skin?
    2. The World Cup Fishtick probably will be ANOTHER selective style for the actual skin. You think that it will be available for all Fishstick owners or just to the ones that are World Cup related?

    1. 1. There will probably be a Giant Monster, but nothing confirmed yet.
      2. Not sure how the World Cup stuff is going to work, it should be available for Fishstick owners.

    1. The World Cup style for Fishtick is a limited-time only. You can use the style only for the world cup time before it gets removed

      1. Really? I just assumed it was a style that you could only get this time fishstick is released, and you couldn’t get it next time he releases

  66. Evident, in the “Banner Brigade” section, a back bling is mentioned, but I don’t see it. Has it been leaked? Also, do you have any intel on whether or not the “Best Buds” will be an item that you have to give someone, but it costs 0 v-bucks, similar to the valentines glider?

    1. Yes, there’s a back bling. I didn’t have a PNG of it, and it’s coming out tonight, so I was going to wait to post it.

  67. lucas7yoshi has a ton of other leaked cosmetics on twitter, could you add them to the list (v9.4.0 update)

      1. for example he has a real world cup skin, the ones you have are actually these skins where your banner goes on. go to fortnite’s twitter to find out more.

        1. Yeah, but I already have those skins… They are basically exactly the same, they just aren’t World Cup related.

  68. the prospect back bling’s white style has already been released alongside the original style and shadow ops’s new style. consider removing it from the list.

  69. Hey Evident, the black and white styles for Growler and Flapjackie as well as their respective back blings have been released.

    1. I had added those and put “Recently Updated Styles” but I’m getting a lot of comments about this, so they’ve been removed.

  70. As there is only 15 days left of S9, do you think the newly leaked skins may be released next season (BP or item shop) or could they come out while season 9 is coming to an end. Also what is up with Gemini??

  71. Hey Evident, they released the Mean Streak pickaxe and Rose Rider glider to people who own Save The World

    1. Actually I think that is Gemini. I think that was why she was removed from the files, to remodel her. And I was right on the money when I guessed Gemini was a mech pilot.

      1. But she’s not tough, in the leaked loading screen it clearly shows that Singularity is the mech pilot! Gemini’s remodel version is even called Astro assassin, how do you get mech pilot from that?

  72. Neo Versa is no longer a leaked skin; she is already available in Australia. Ali-A has gameplay of the outfit in one of his recent videos. Remove her and her back bling from the list.

  73. The neo versa skin has been released in Australia. It’s an ps4 exclusive and u have to buy anther a ps4 bundle controller bundle or a microphone bundle

  74. Apparently the World Cup skins are going to be the in season 10 battle pass. You unlock them by collecting the hidden banners?

    1. I don’t think they’re going to be in the battle pass, I think they’ll be released when the World Cup starts.

      1. Or when we get the Arena items. That could be the second way. The skins are definitly are itemshop skins and the pick glider music pack might be something else idk.

    2. Idk man, that would mean they would have a secret banner every loading screen which brings us down 5 tiers.

  75. I really hope they release Gemini anytime soon. She’s been leaked for so long and still hasn’t been released yet. 🙁

  76. Imagine they make a crab skin a skin from the stonks meme and an info reverse card skin and take mothmando and make a meme squad set

    1. Very true statement. They should honestly give skins to owners of Xbox Live and Nintendo Switch Online, like they do with PlayStation Plus.

      1. I’m pretty sure Epic has an exclusive deal with Sony for those things which is why they haven’t done it on the other consoles.

  77. Hey evident I thought I would let you know that the week 10 loading screen is out. 🙂
    Also I have a question, I posted a reply on someone’s comment and I don’t see it, does that mean it got deleted?

  78. What’s your least and most favorite Battle Pass skin from each season:
    Best: Renegade Raider
    Worst: Aerial Assault Trooper

    Best: Black Knight
    Worst: Sparkle Specialist

    Best: The Reaper
    Worst: Elite Agent

    Best: Carbide
    Worst: Squad Leader

    Best: Ragnarok
    Worst: Redline

    Best: Calamity
    Worst: Nightshade

    Best: Sgt. Winter
    Worst: Powder

    Best: Blackheart
    Worst: Ember

    Best: Bunker Jonesy
    Worst: Vega

    1. One
      Best: Air Assault Trooper
      Wort: Renegade Raider
      Best: Black Knight
      Worst: Royale Knight
      Best: Dark Voyager
      Worst: Reaper
      Best: Omega(Max)
      Worst: Zoey
      Best: Drift
      Worst: Sun Strider
      Best: Yee-Haw
      Worst: Dire
      Best: The Ice King
      Worst: Powder
      Best: Peely
      Worst: Luxe
      Best: Bunker Jonesy
      Worst: Vega

      1. One
        Best: Renegade Raider
        Worst: Ariel Assault Trooper

        Best: Sparkle Specialist
        Worst: Royale Knight

        Best: Elite Agent
        Worst: Mission Specialist

        Best: Max Omega
        Worst: Zoey

        Best: Drift
        Worst: Redline

        Best: Yee-haw
        Worst: Dusk

        Best: Ice King
        Worst: Trog

        Best: Luxe
        Worst: Blackheart

        Best: Vega
        Worst: Storm Stalker

    2. Season One:
      Best: Renegade Raider
      Worst: Aerial Assault Trooper

      Season Two:
      Best: Sparkle Speacialist
      Worst: Blue Squire

      Season Three:
      Best: Elite Agent
      Worst: Mission Specialist

      Season Four:
      Best: Teknique
      Worst: Squad Leader

      Season Five:
      Best: Drift
      Worst: Enforcer

      Season Six:
      Best: Fable
      Worst: A.I.M.

      Season Seven:
      Best: Onesie
      Worst: The Prisoner

      Season Eight:
      Best: Master Key
      Worst: Hybrid

      Season Nine:
      Best: Singularity
      Worst: Sentinel

    3. Season 1:
      Best: Renegade Raider
      Worst: Aerial Assault Trooper

      Season 2:
      Best: Sparkle Specialist
      Worst: Blue Squire

      Season 3:
      Best: Elite Agent
      Worst: Mission Specialist

      Season 4:
      Best: Zoey
      Worst: Carbide

      Season 5:
      Best: Drift
      Worst: Sledgehammer

      Season 6:
      Best: Dusk
      Worst: DJ Yonder

      Season 7:
      Best: Lynx
      Worst: Trog

      Season 8:
      Best: Ember
      Worst: Master Key

      Season 9:
      Best: Demi/Rox/Singularity
      Worst: Vendetta

      1. 1
        Best: Aerial Assault Trooper
        worst: renegade raider

        best: black knight
        worst: sparkle specialist

        best: dark voyager
        worst: the reaper

        best: omega and technique
        worst: Zoey

        best: drift
        worst: huntress

        They’re all trash

        best: trog and ice king
        worst: lynx

        best: peeley
        worst: luxe

        best: singularity and bunker jonsey
        worst: vega and sentinel (normal)

    4. Season 1
      Best: Renegade Raider
      Worst: Aerial Assault Trooper

      Season 2
      Best: Black Knight
      Worst: Royale Knight

      Season 3
      Best: Dark Voyager
      Worst: The Reaper

      Season 4
      Best: Omega
      Worst: Zoey

      Season 5
      Best: Drift
      Worst: Sun Strider

      Season 6
      Best: DJ Yonder
      Worst: Giddy Up

      Season 7
      Best: Onesie
      Worst: Sgt. Winter

      Season 8
      Best: Master Key
      Worst: Luxe

      Season 9
      Best: Vendetta
      Worst: Sentinel

  79. Evident, by today standard , almost all Rare, Epic and Legendary skins should come with a backbling!
    My question here is: Do you really think there is a intentional purpose for EPIC to make the decision to release skins without a backbling for the same price (and rarity) than the skins that came with a backbling??
    I don’t understand why most skins come with their respective backblings but a few come without it, BUT have the same price and rarity!
    What are you thoughts about this?
    Skins like Demogorgon, Vector, Firewalker and Flytrap are good examples. I have good ideas of backblings concepts that should look very nice of them. Is not that is impossible to make them backblings.

    1. I have no idea why they don’t add back blings to every rare skin. It seems the more detailed ones sometimes don’t get back blings.

    2. I think that some skins are a different strategy approach to gamers. Skins like Firewalker, Demogorgon and Vector are all Rare but the level detail are for a higher rarity without a doubt, so Epic decide to sell them in Rare rarity but without a backbling to compensate the price. Otherwise they would very likely be Epic rarity.
      Other skins break the rule, like Fishstick (very detailed but with a backbling) and Flytrap that in my opinion is ok for a Legendary rarity but it SHOULD come with a backbling.

  80. Ok so a while back i said that there is 15 days left from season 9
    I think yesterday was 10 days left. Now it 21 days left.

      1. You guys too? I thought I was going crazy! Maybe it has something to do with the vendetta skin, like, the challenges may not be available after the season so they’re giving people time?

          1. No because when there was 14 days left that was the perfect amount of fortbytes to be revealed.
            It must be something with the event and something upcoming stuff. ( i mean like the meteorite from season 3 it came for a whole month and got himself a hole.) So after the event that may not be the ending event for seadon 9!

  81. Hey evident! The Neo Versa will be a PS skin (yes of course AGAIN)
    and will probably come with the Blue Came wrap
    Oh yeah you can buy it by purchasing a Ps a Headset or a controler i think?

  82. Evident, I know is hard to answer this but if you have to choose your Top 3 Legendary Skins released on the Cosmetic Show, who are they?
    Mine are
    1. Leviathan.
    2. Omen.
    3. Tempest.

  83. Evident, im sure if you have, you would’ve uploaded it, but have you heard/seen whether or not there will be a season 9 overtime? I assume there will be, seeing as the season was projected as 80 days long, just like season 7.

    1. I’ve seen reports that Season 9 will end on August 1st, so it seems likely that there will be overtime.

  84. Ok, hear me out. If singularity is the mech driver, and she has different styles. Maybe when she drives the mech it would be styled after the suits style. Example: Singularity has the pizza pit style equipped, the mech would be a giant tomato head mech. Also, the quack pack has been released.

      1. No, this is all just wishful thinking. I hope you can, like it would be a 50v50 where one team has the mech, and the other, the beast from polar.

  85. Are Bao Bros/Souped Up and Airhead going to be moved to the long time leaked section any time soon? Perhaps also Metro Machetes as iirc they’ve been leaked for weeks but still not released

      1. In the Fortnite pro am they give account with every item and upcoming item unlocked on them and I saw I person at the pro am using metro machetes so the should not be moved to abandoned section

    1. I think it won’t have one. Is too detailed for the price, so to justify him to be “only” rare, they don’t bother to make a backbling. Same happen with the Demogorgon skin. It should be Epic or even Legendary. They make him Rare but without a backbling.

  86. I hate when they make popular tv/movie skins, all the little kids just buy it and don’t even no what it’s from and go “look a my cool monster guy and this sheriff” I wish epic would stop!

  87. Yo evident! Just wanted to let you know that the surf stick spray challenge came out today and is no longer a leaked spray. Happy 2 help

  88. Evident, is there gonna be a Patch this week? Because they have to release the Drum Shotgun and also the Stranger Things event with all their leaks alongside the Demogorgon skin right?

    1. The Demogorgon and Sherrif Hopper skins are encrypted. And as far as we know, there’s no event, LTM, or challenges coming with them. Just the skins.

  89. Don’t quote me but I heard the “world cup skins” are actually part of the banner brigade set and you can customise them to have a banner on their shirt

      1. Well… It didnt. But the skins (all 8) might be Rare which is 1200 vbucks each. And the glider is a definit 500. The pickaxe might be 1200 or 1500.

  90. Hey Evident, did you see the leaked skin on the cover image of Use With Care?
    It’s the girl riding the rocket.

  91. Peely Smoothie is Unlocked after doing all 14 challenges for the 14 days of Summer, also we now know that singularity is the Unlockable skin for 90 fortbytes..

    Do you think Starfish is a good skin? I was planning on getting it, that, Flutter, or DoubleCross

    1. This page also keeps cosmetics until they are released, neither of those you mentioned are available yet.

      I like all the skins you mentioned, not sure which I prefer most.

  92. Evident, I have only 1,200 v bucks I was wondering wether to buy Beach Bomber or the Gage skins what’s your opinion?

  93. Hey Evident just letting u know they are bringing back Wick’s Bounty for 14 days of summer so maybe Sofia will come out then so add her back to this list.

  94. Evident, how long do these bundles usually stay in the shop for, I have to wait a week before I get paid again and… you did it again! We have Soak It Up available!

  95. Evident, I want to hear your opinion regarding the Summer Drift Skin and the Beach Bomber Skin.
    You think that is unfair to buy those skins when clearly should be an alternative style for both of them? Epic has released alternative styles for free that differ more with the original skin than this Summer Drift and this Beach Bomber with their original counterparts. Yes people can like them, I am not saying that are ugly. But is unfair to charge so many VBucks for them.
    My solution was not to give them for free, but both of them 800 Vbucks, or release a Bundle of 1,500 VBucks for both of them. They are so expensive for the skins that are just a “less detailed, lite version” of the originals.
    Evident, agree or disagree??

    1. I don’t like that they decided to reissue the skins when the understanding was that Battle Pass skins were not going to return. Giving them free to Battle Pass owners of that season would have been the only real way to make it fair.

  96. Hey Evident, the Shadow Legends pack is I in Japan, and it’s named ‘Shadows Rising’. The skin names are Shadow Skully, Shadowbird, and Perfect Shadow. All three skins are epic rarity. The wrap is animated and is named ‘Array’. It is a rare wrap.

  97. Evident, how much will the shadow legends pack be? its the only legends pack that doesn’t have legendary only cosmetics. just wondering if it would be cheaper to see if I’m spending another $30 on another awesome legends pack. Or if they at least lower the price to $20.

  98. Hey evident what do you think about the king flamingo skin I thinks it’s really cool and was wondering if it was going to be 800 v-bucks like normal green skins

  99. Evident, I bought 5,000 VBucks and have 2 options:
    First: to buy 2 legendary skins: My favorite ones are the following: Spider Knight, Omen, Raven and Tempest.
    Which 2 skins of those you will buy if you have 4,000 VBucks??
    My other option is to buy one of those skins and Malcore & Snowfoot? What would you do if you have 5,000VBucks??
    Thanks for the advice man!

    1. I don’t know, the ones you listed sound good! I would probably buy Wild Card and Spider Knight. I also really like the upcoming Beach Bomber, and I’m a big fan of Lace. Buy whichever skin you like the most is my general advice.

  100. Evident farther down in the comments D-Fault said something about people who participated in the world cup and you said good call, do you think it would be world cup qualifiers would count because if so I reached champion league and had the option to play in the qualifiers but I decided not too because i didnt have a duo, so although I didnt particapate in the qualifiers i had them unlocked to play would that mean i have the skins unlocked if that is how they work? BTW ill still use your SaC for Airhead 🙂

    1. I have no idea, we’re just making educated guesses at this point. It seems likely that they could be distributed to people who participated in some shape or form, but there’s no confirmation yet.

  101. Hey ya, Evident, people have been speculating about Stranger Things X Fortnite since May. I heard somewhere Netflix confirmed this, yet Fortnite hasn’t. Maybe you can look into that?

    Also, would you recommend Stranger Things? I only saw a bit of the first episode.

    1. The Stranger Things stuff has been more-or-less confirmed. There’s been some mention of it in the files already. Yes, I would recommend Stranger Things. It’s a fun and interesting show, particularly if you’re a fan of 80s movies/television.

  102. So somebody told us how many it costs. (The full Summer Drift set)
    Each individual items cost this much: Summer Drift:1500 Dual edge:1200 Driftstream:800 and Kitsune:500

  103. Just a heads up for all Drift fans out there, it will cost 4000 v-bucks to get Summer Drift, the wrap, the glider, and the dual axes. I am not sure if the Oozie backbling is included. Btw, Oozie sounds like uzi, the irl smg. Also, og “Drifters” might not get the skin for free, but mabye we will get the wrap, pickaxe, or glider for free!

    1. Yeah nah. No free stuff. We know that the skin is 100% itemshop.
      The glider the pick and the wrap too. So no free stuff. But maybe the wrap

  104. Hey evident, are the brave bag and color guard backblings going to be released in the item shop with the fourth of July skins similar to the two farmer skins or will it come with the skin?

  105. Who do the totem and floral shell back blings go with?
    And what’s the deal with the World cup skins? Will they be in the item shop or exclusive to those whom compete or?….

    1. Pretty sure Totem goes with Heist, and Shell goes with Doublecross. We don’t know what’s going on with the World Cup skins.

  106. Hey, Evident! I saw some supposed leaks about a summertime Dark Bomber, and I just wanted to ask you if it is real or not. Thanks!

  107. I am not from USA so I ask: When you guys have that “summer vacation”? When is suppose to start that 14 days of Summer event?

    1. Their probably going to unvault a new weapon every day.
      Let’s just hope that one of them will be the pump shotgun!

  108. Whats the deal with the wonder skins? I have seen a few when playing and in FaZe replays stream he killed a trio of them. Is it realesed or what??

  109. Wait, it says there are no leaked sprays yet we clearly know that there are 2 leaked skins and an emoji.

  110. do you think the people think I drift from the battle do you think the people think I drift from the battle pass or going to get the summer drift outfit for free and you can also buy the summer drift outfit in the store if you don’t have the drift from the battle pass?

  111. Help Evident. I don’t know if buy some of this skins (Maybe Vector or Flare) but I saw on several websites about a Stranger Things Crossover. Honestly is not even close of my favorite show BUT dataminers says that Epic will release a Demogorgon skin, and that will be amazing, probably Legendary, but I want it.
    Evident, do you really think that is true? Because I haven’t seen any image of the skin, so I don’t want to let pass those skins for false promises.

      1. Ok, I think that if I play STW until July 4 every day, I can get enough VBucks to buy Vector and Demogorgon if is Legendary!
        Not a big fan of the Show but I will like to play with him in Fortnite (assuming that Epic do a good job with the character)

  112. Hey evident, the Versa skin has been removed as the new playstation pack just realised and does not have Versa, just has a contrail, glider and loading screen.

    1. I originally thought they would make a neo legends pack, as that would make more sense then shadow legends for the season. However it wouldn’t make all that much sense to me since it is a brand new skin and most of the outfits the’ve turned into pack skins are fairly old.

  113. Hey Evident, could you make an option in the pickaxe page of the pickaxe is dual wielding? I was trying to find pickaxe which are and I was lost thanks.

  114. Evident! High Score and Summer Splashdown should be changed. High Score is going to be a free one. Probably. And Summer Splashdown has a coordinate on the boards. So probably there is going to be a star in there

    1. I see what you mean, however, only every other loading has a secret battle star, it wouldn’t make sense to have three loading screens in a row with secret battle stars. Evident is probably right when he/she says that it will part of 14 days of summer event.

  115. Do you know if the Brave Bag and Color Guard will attached to the 4th of July skins or will it be sold separately?

  116. Hey Evident, it looks like doublecross is going to have styles. If you look at her in the soak it up loading screen and her default state, youll notice some of the coloration is different. just pointing that out

  117. Hey Evident. There’s a leaked Rubber Ducky backbling as part of the 14 Days of Summer event as well as some sprays. The usual leakers I follow didn’t post the individual images however, just the full compiled list, so I can’t find a link to just those items to show you unfortunately.

  118. Evident, the reason that Epic leaked so many skins is because they would not released another patch until the last weeks of this season right? I read in internet that they will take a break.
    Nice skins, anyway. I was hoping for a good legendary but I think that I will buy the Vector Skin, looks very nice, and gladly is only rare.

  119. Its funny how a skin like Fishstick has 3 unique styles for free but you have to pay 1,500 Vbucks for another style for the Drift skin and 1,200 VBucks for another style for the Brite Bomber Girl.
    Epic sometimes is the hero, sometimes is the evil.

  120. Lucas7yoshi said Savor the W has turned into a rare emote on Twitter. Gonna change the background for the picture

  121. I’m not sure about this, but I’m guessing the Crop Duster glider could be part of the Fatal Fielders set.

  122. Hi evident, do you think that the summer drift gonna be na edit style from the normal drift???? I hope iT so

  123. Hey Evident, is it true that the star spangled ranger and star spangled trooper are getting a new selectable style. I think I saw a leak about it but can’t remember where it from. Thank you!

  124. Are the toy story skins coming out today because on twitter they tweeted toy soldiers take the battlefield

  125. Considering that the Synapse skin came out with styles tonight do you have a way to find out if skins have seperate styles or no because I kinda want to know if the Airhead skin has styles so that why I know exactly what I would be buying because I dont want to play STW for v-bucks and then not want the skin

  126. Do you think that “Cyber Runner” will be coming out Sun 16th 2019 because usually all loading screen skins come out 3 days after the loading screen/challenges come out. It’s happened since week 1 this season or is it just a coincidence??

  127. fiend wrap vame with the new zombie challenges – but theres some glitch with the gamemode so its unavailiable right now

  128. On each cosmetic’s page, in addition to the other information, it should also say when the item was first leaked.

  129. I know I asked this before, but is the any news on anything related to moving parts for iOS coming soon? I sent a request to them, I don’t think they heard me. So any news? Thanks.

  130. Ok I know it isnt related to this place but i have a theory… Or smthin likw that. So on the Fortbyte picture near Jonesy’s leg there is a shadowy figure (as literally anyone calls it that) and … Thats the monster in the ocean of Fortnite Land with the castle on top of its head.

    1. Next week’s patch might show it. Epic released a teaser for the last one, so it’s possible they do that again.

    1. I saw a Black Ark concept, so I’m not sure that’s real. There’s a file name or two that reference a dark version of Skully.

  131. Was looking at the new styles for the Outbreak set and I was wondering if you could add a styles filter for things like back blings, pickaxes, and gliders?

  132. Hi Evident now when you buy something in the item shop you can undo it and get your vbucks back. Do you know how many times you can refund/undo an item?

      1. The Refund tickets is 3 refunds in a Lifetime, no per month.
        The “undo option” is until you abandon the shop screen, and that Refund option was released this patch (9.20).

  133. Evident, skins like the new Tempest, The Prisoner, Molten Legends are animated right? You think that they should have an specific section like the reactive skins, alternative styles etc? Because with the wraps, if they are animated they are epic rarity.
    I think that animated skins have more value than simple skins.

    1. Maybe, that’s not a bad idea. I wish they were labeled in game as animated though, it would make it easier.

  134. I reckon that Relay is going to be a male recon expert and recon expert is gonna come back. Hey, and also, I’ve been using this site for over a year to find out leaks. Thank you so much Evident and I want to gift you an item in the shop. Add me as: Bohemian-Boi! Thanks so much! And there is gonna be new styles for the Hazmat skins, and a new style for Blackheart. Find out on Lucas7Yoshi in Twitter. 😀😀😀

    1. I added the Hazmat styles to their pages. I didn’t see a new style for Blackheart though. Glad you like the site!

    2. Looks way more like recon specialist but whatever. I’m sorry if that came across as snappy. Nothing against your opinion and I kinda hope you’re right!

  135. What i think is that the monster is a chunk of ice possessed by the cube whivch is going to explode or something and zombies will come – again ;(. Dont believe the zombies and the cube? Look at the colours in all the leaked loading screens and never surrender loading screen for the zombies.

    1. I think it’s more likely that the zombie event we’re getting is a Creative Mode LTM, like Downtown Drop. The challenges/rewards were leaked and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a normal Battle Royale mode.

  136. Evident what you think about the Week 5 Loading Screen Skin? Do you like it? Looks like Mysterio of Spiderman Universe.
    Also, what is your guess? Epic Rarity or Legendary Rarity??

  137. Hey evident do you think the reason for them adding the toy story soldiers might be because the monster might be Rex the Dino from toy story

    1. Yeah, and it’s a coincidence that toy characters are coming out right before Toy Story 4’s June 21 release.

  138. Hey Evident, the “Running Man v3” emote now has a name, Pick It Up. It also has a picture now instead of a placeholder.

  139. Hey evident.lets say I have been playing on x box but I have to share it with my family so I started saving up for a ps4.will I still be able to get all those ps+ skins and other things

    1. You’d only get whatever current PS+ pack there is, you wouldn’t get Blue Team Leader and the older ones.

  140. My theory about the sand contrail is that either Sandstorm or Scimitar will come with a contrail similar to Ravage.

    1. The John Wick event is over, so it looks like it was likely just something for the Wick’s Bounty event.

  141. Let’s play a game! One of us mentions a skin and we express our thoughts on it. I’ll go first: Abstrakt. Honestly, he is OK. Since Season 6 was the first battle pass I bought and reached Tier 100 with, I never got Teknique, which is a pity because she’s the better of the two skins. I don’t know. He has a unique feel to it and if I had 1,500 and he came back on the shop (Which is possible because he’s extremely common, unlike one fishy) I would probably get him.

    As I said, name a skin below and we’ll express our thoughts on it.

          1. Yes! My favorite superhero from Season 4! He reminds me a lot of Superman and honestly, he seems like Omen’s enemy.
            Carbide fights Omega
            Venturion fights Omen
            Valor fights Fate
            Steelsight fights Flytrap

            Anyway, I kind of want an alternate style to him, maybe unmasked or more armor or maybe a black version, similar to what Sentinel has. Easily the best Season 4 Shop skin, if not, the best skin that season.

          1. Don’t say anything negative about fishy……anyway, one of the best skins in the game. He’s basically a meme. Great skin, but a bit too rare.

      1. Ruin is kind of a Magma Black Knight. I would say he’s better than Enforcer, but – you know what, I like him. A discount Black Knight is always cool.

    1. LEVIATHAN: I think is one of the most unique skins in the game. I like how Epic were so creative with their first “Alien” skin. I like the color scheme of his astronaut suit. Is looks like the Minion of Megamind, and those two are a unique and creative concept of a funny extraterrestrial being.

      1. He’s a great skin. Like Fishstick and Chomp Sr., he’s too rare (Weird how they’re all fish or fish-based). Sadly I only have 1 Season 3-based skin (Dark Vanguard, which I bought minutes ago). He’s my favorite Space Explorer and yeah. Now we need a fish in a bowl pet (Basically Leviathan’s head) to complete the Space Explorers set.

    2. Omen
      Nice Superhero theme skin. It looks like a Golden Age Hollywood comic super villains. You can see his awesome suit that has scratches of all the use time that he has entered in action. I think that is the bad guy in a Sci Fi history that has an evil plan of control the destiny of humanity.
      I love his cape also, he looks like Ronan of Gurdian of the Galaxy.

      1. I had a theory that the real superheroes were fighting Thanos and Omen was one of Thanos’ Black Order, while the Season 4 movie was being filmed. The Omen we saw in the lore was simply an actor and I think he’s the enemy of Venturion. I like him more than Fate, and yeah.

      1. Nightshade: I remember Season 6’s start well. Brother and I were in our living room, 20-30 minutes before school began. We updated it and I saw Nightshade on the loading screen. I couldn’t tell who she was, so I disclosed her as “Pumpkin Girl”. Then, my brother became excited about unlocking her because she was a female Tomatohead. Then the food fight began and we bought Tomatohead (We already had Beef Boss)

        A.I.M: At the end of Season 6, we used to use this skin a lot. One of the better challenge skins and we were so curious what was gonna happen next. I remember on one of the last days of Season 6 I, as my signature skin Highrise Assault Trooper, snapped a photo of the iceberg coming toward us.

          1. Fun fact: My younger brother likes these baseball skins yet he prefers Slugger and Fastball re-released on his birthday.

            As for me, she’s cool I suppose. I prefer the other sports skins and I even made Baseball skin concepts with the set name: Three Strikes, but they were more traditional baseball skins. The more I look at it, honestly, the more I like it.

        1. Black Knight’s a pretty neat skin. Certainly overrated, but I like him. Best Battle Pass Season 2 skin.

  142. Evident you cn get rid of the text explaining how sofias head is a placeholder now. Also why isshe not in the long leaked section?

  143. heres another nugget – for 45 fortbytes rox has insane looking dual picks – check them out yourself!

  144. Lol heres a nuggetof wisdom – save the world has daily quests along the lines of “visit 3 constuction sites” and tis givess you 50 vbucks. deal or what?

  145. I hope the dark vertex skin comes out in a controller bundle too – cant be asked to buy another xbox – but i didnt happen with eon thou

    1. Ya, would honestly be so lit! I ended up buying the eon bundle but it wasn’t a big mistake since I needed to buy another Xbox anyway. 🙂 Also, I wish epic did what they do with PlayStation. 🙁

  146. I think the ‘Sofia’ skin was a model that was going to be used as the female model in the wick’s bounty ltm but they scrapped it and chose the rook

  147. Help Evident or someone else:
    My account of Fortnite is from my Gmail, is a Google account.
    I play BR on Mobile and STW on PC. I hate to use the keyboard in any game but with STW is just fine to use controller.
    I bought a PS4 and I want to play but I cant!! They just give me the option to sig in with PS Plus or Epic account.
    What should I do? Or were I can find a solution?

          1. One more thing – i probaly think sofia is safe to put in the long leaked section – the john wick event is over and epic probably thought the skin wouldnt be too popualr

  148. Evident, you like more the Lava Legends/Frozen Legends skins or their original counterparts?
    You think that this season they will make a similar pack but with futuristic versions of original skins?

    1. I really like the Lava Legends. I imagine they’ll probably do another pack that’s similar at some point, not sure if it’ll be futuristic stuff. I like that idea though!

    1. No, that’s what the long time leaked area is for. I also don’t think it’s unlikely for Gemini to be released.

  149. I have an idea about this season – with the new leaked sandstorm and scimitar skins, the sand contrail, and the week 4 loading screen, epic is probably making a reference to the sands of time. I don’t know but maybe some time travel stuff could happen this season?

  150. Evident, lately I had been thinking something and wanted to discuss it with you.
    I consider that the determined rarities of the skins are arbitrary. That is to say, there is no logical and absolute criteria to determine which skins are that rarity.
    For example, in Rare (blue) we have skins like Fishstick that is very original, creative, detailed and has three styles. It deserves to be a Legendary skin, even more than several Legendary rarity skins. The case of Cryptic, is similar, it is a more detailed and creative skin than Abstrakt but it is not Epic. Firewalker considered that it could easily have been a legendary skin.
    Now, many Legendary skins I consider that they do not have any solid criteria to be legendary. I can think skins like Velocity, Team Leaders, Legendary Dinosaurs Defaults, Sky Stalker, Luxe, Raptor, among others. And many Epic skins may well have been legendary.
    TLDR: My point with all this is that Epic has no solid criteria to say which are legendary and which are not. It is not level of detail, it is not frequency or absence of frequency with which the skin returns to the store. What criteria do you actually use to say “This skin is Legendary, this skin is Epic, this is rare”? I consider all this to be arbitrary and there is no reason why certain skins are worth 2,000 VBucks.
    What do you think? Do you agree?

    1. I think you can’t really compare an older skin like Abstrakt to a newer skin, Epic is doing a lot more things with skins now than they were before. I do think rarities can be a bit arbitrary, but generally skins that are detailed and don’t have a back bling are Rare (some have gotten Back Blings these days) and below. Skins that are fairly detailed and do have a Back Bling are Epic, and the very highly detailed skins that have a Back Bling are Legendary. I’m glad that Epic does put skins like Fishstick at Rare, because it’s a fun skin and I don’t want people to have to pay 2,000 V-Bucks to get it.

      1. Honestly, I wish they could just vault the idea of rarities. In the end, they’re all cosmetic. So, let me break down which each rarity.

        Common: Default-level stuff (Jonesy, Ramirez)
        Uncommon: Defaults but on the shop (Assault Trooper, Jungle Scout)
        Rare: Defaults but with style (Brite Bomber, Jumpshot)
        Epic: The really unique skins (Merry Marauder, Skull Trooper)
        Marvel: The ones I copped (Star Lord, Black Widow)
        Legendary: The unique, detailed ones (The Ice King, John Wick)

        Again, this doesn’t go for every skin of said rarity. The farmers are probably the most unique Uncommon skins, Fishstick is obviously godly, there are some crappy Epic skins, and I have no idea how Chomp Sr. is Legendary. I bought him though.

        1. You know, I agree with you. Rarities of skins should be vaulted and just pop skins and the price depends of the level of detail, creativity and uniqueness. Other wise, it should be directed of how often the skin rotates. For example, Leviathan took since September to rotate again, I am not saying that Legendary skins should take 8 months to show up again, but maybe once per season, Epic, three times per season, Rares maybe seven- eight times per season and so on.
          Regarding the details, I still think is quite arbitrary. Some Epic season pass should be rare, Velocity (Recent skin) should be rare. A lot of other Legendary skins should be Epic, some Rare should be Epic and there are new Uncommon skins that they are not just the default with clothes, they are far more unique.

  151. Why is Gemini still on the list? How long till you’re puttin’ her on the long leaked list. Also vault K-Pop.

  152. Evident, of all the Epic rarity skins that have been released on the item cosmetic shop, what are your favorites because in YOUR opinion, they are really worth buying??

    1. I have a pretty limited selection of what I feel is worth buying, but I’ll give you some of the ones I like in particular: Abstrakt, Archetype, Bandolier, Bunny Brawler, Heidi, Jaeger, Lace, Luminos, Marshmello, Merry Marauder, Overtaker, Plague, Snowfoot, and Versa.

      Of those in particular, Lace and Bandolier are my favorite. Which do you like?

      1. Oh I see. In my particular case, I like the skins that look like Epic puts a lot of work in theirs details, creative and uniqueness. Skins that may appear that are of Legendary Rarity, but luckily they are not.
        Some skins that I consider to be part of that group are the following:
        Malcore, Snowfoot, Grind, Nitehare, Growler, Taro, Luminos, Jaeger.

      2. Have you ever thought of doing a seperate page specifically of your top picks like whats worth buying? It would honestly be really cool

        1. I haven’t really, I don’t like giving out my opinion on skins that much. People should just buy whatever they like.

  153. Hey Evident! Wanted to ask if you knew somewhere I could do a poll or post anout Fortnite suggesting they add RETALIATOR color variations to match the Main color and Plasma of Vendetta’s Variations. Would like to see if the community would back it up so they add that little but important change to that glider.

    1. The Fortnite Reddit might be a place to try that, or the official Epic Fortnite Forum. I can’t think of anywhere else.

  154. Evident when you click on chow down it show you the bao basket and when you click on bao basket the image it just shows you the you the image

  155. Do you think maybe you could add more pictures showcasing the wrap?That would help me,and others I’m sure.btw I use your code :p

    1. Thanks for using our code! I generally add videos to each of the wrap pages, but unfortunately for some of these leaks there’s no video available.

  156. Evident! There is going to be a new PS Plus Pack. Its going to contain the Blue Fusion contrail and something else too. We will see.

  157. Hey evident, I just played a game and came across a skin I’ve never seen, and I can’t find it anywhere. It was a dude wearing a black and white helmet, do you know anything about it. I have a picture of it but idk how to send it to you.

  158. Hey Evident, I like the Grind skin but no the Clutch skin. I like the colors and the style of the skin but I don’t know If pay the 1,800 VBucks or wait to other Epic or Rare Skin.
    What is your thoughts of this bundle? Do you like it and think that would never return when the event ends?

    1. I dig the bundle, but it’s not for everyone. I don’t know if it will return or not, with licensed skins it’s a bit hard to tell. The NFL ones have returned, but the Marshmello one hasn’t.

  159. Hey evident! This doesn’t really have anything to do with leaked skins but I was thinking what if you made an LTM list? I’d love to hear your opinions and takes on it! Btw the way I use progameguides in the shop ; )

  160. Seems like the Sofia skin was meant to be for the female skins in Wicks Bounty before being scrapped and replaced with the Rook body instead. Explains why Sophia didn’t have a head, only a body.

  161. Hey Evident, do you know if there’s gonna be a code in the Dark Vertex bundle to redeem the skin like with the Eon bundle?

      1. Oh Evident, also Merl on YouTube who’s a super reliable source said and showed proof in his video today that the Dark Vertex bundle should come out on or around June 7th. Want me to comment the link for the video so you can see?

    1. No idea, hard to say with these licensing type of deals. We haven’t seen the Marshmello skin again, so I’m not sure how often they can put them in the shop.

  162. Hey Evident. I caught wind of a Fortbyte Wrap, not sure if it’s real or not but, I thought you’d like to know just in case it is.

      1. It’s most probably fake as I can’t find any proof this wrap exists, sorry for the time wasted, case closed.

    1. It’s not an edit or style, it’s a separate skin. The Season 3 skin wasn’t officially “John Wick”, it was just a skin that looked like him.

  163. Goodbye, everyone.
    I would no longer be leaving comments on Pro Game Guides as Highrise, due to the fact that I did a little thing where I, well, died in the game. I even have a gravestone in one of the Creative islands. I won’t stop playing Fortnite (Or checking out this webpage) and will go under the name, “Agent 1288”.

  164. WOW!! It’s the real John Wick and it’s REALLY Keanu Reeves! Not some toy version!!! That’s dope! Definitely using you guys code for thissss!!

  165. Evident. I know this is kinda of a wierd question but how those this comment selection is used? Like do you choose the comments if it is acceptable or there is something else to this?

    1. I choose comments that are acceptable. If I didn’t moderate them, the comment section would barely be readable. We get a lot of comments that add nothing (one word, derogatory, off-topic, or nonsensical), plus there’s a lot of begging for skins and V-Bucks.

  166. Evident, as I said before, I love your work and I would like to help you improve it with simple proposals.
    It was happening to me that maybe it was a good idea that in each skin you put the base character that was used to create it.
    for example, you would say that a certain skin is Jonesy, or Ramirez or Hector etc, and if there is a skin with a new character model, it should be called like that skin. (The case of Guild, Kratos, Velocity, Lynx) because the model is possibly copied again.
    Of course, other skins like that completely cover the face (Omen, Spider Knight, Omega etc) should only be put “Unknow Character”
    Hope to help you, I know is a bit of extra work but I think that this web site is very good, and you have to continue doing that excellent job.

    1. It’s possible, but it’s a pretty difficult thing to go back and do. Epic also uses a lot of custom designs now, they are far less reliant on the base skins. I’m also wondering how useful would this be. Why would people want this information?

  167. Hopefully Fishstick will come back into the itemshop… Im waiting for him to come back for over 4 months!

  168. I honestly liked it better when the Battle Pass weekly Loading Screens had the first 7 weeks based on the Battle Pass skins

  169. Am I the only one who thinks the Week 2 loading screen pistols are kinda looking like New pistols or am I high?

  170. Evident I know that this has nothing to do with Fortnite (I dont find another place to ask you this) but I read that you like a lot to watch TV Shows.
    What are your favorite TV Shows?

    1. Normally, I don’t like answering personal stuff, but I’m a sucker for good TV shows. Our Discord is the best for conversing with me and the community:

      General All-Time Favorites: The Office, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Brooklyn 99, The Wire, Veep, Breaking Bad (Better Call Saul is also very good), Season 1 of True Detective (favorite season of television), Season 1 of Westworld, Game of Thrones (not really enjoying this season as much). There’s probably some I’m forgetting!

      One of my favorites right now that is ongoing is The Expanse. Very good Sci-Fi show, check it out if you have Amazon Prime. What do you like?

      1. Yea I have watch a lot of that. HBOs True Detective Season 1 have a STELLAR acting with McConaugey and Harrelson. I also like The Leftovers, Westworld (Both seasons, love the Sci-fi this one) and Game Of Thrones. Breaking Bad is also good.
        I think that one of my favorite that you did not mention is Black Sails (Golden Pirate Age) the entire 4 seasons are on Netflix. Also Lost and Death Note enjoyed a LOT.
        Yes I have Amazon Prime, I would check it.
        Also I Am so excited for HBOs Watchmen and Amazon The Boys!
        Thanks for your response you have a really good taste on TV Series.

        1. Thanks! I’ll take a look at the ones you mentioned, I’m always looking for more good shows. I didn’t know about the HBO Watchmen series, I’m a big fan of the graphic novel, so that should be interesting!

          1. No problem. I think that you would like it a lot Black Sails. Is a big budget TV Series. First season is kinda slow but since Season 2, there is no turning back.
            Yea Watchmen looks very promising, ther id alrrady a teaser trailer, is kind of a Sequel “remix” of the Alan Moore comic.
            Keep doing your good job on the web site, have a nice day!

  171. Well there ya go Prickly Patrollers, ya have an emote. I’m never going to the desert again. Also did you add the Season 9 Battle Pass loading screens? Haven’t bothered to check.

  172. Hey Evident. The Steadfast glider finally got released as the Field Flyer at Tier 22 in the new Battle Pass.

  173. Hey Evident, what happened to the blue and grey wrap that looked like it had little chunks of rocks in it? Thanks!

        1. Thank you! My post was before the season and I was very excited to purchase. Glad it’s going to be free now!

  174. do you think a website or someone is gonna accidentally leak season 9 skins just like almost every season?

  175. Evident! There is a skin version for Vertex called Vertex V1. Its like a yellowish gold skin version of it. Search up on google to see a picture of it.

    1. That was one of the deeper leaks, it should’ve probably been on this page but I doubt it’s going to be in the game so I’m not going to add it.

      1. I think that I like the most Nitehare because of its unique creativity, also Supersonic because he is a legendary with 4 different selectable styles and also the Star Lord outfit.
        I expect a lot of cool skins with the new futuristic theme of season 9.

      1. It’s actually the Infernal Wrap, just colored weird in the files. In the 8.4 update it had the correct black and orange color, but it was changed internally in 8.5 for whatever reason

    1. Based on leaks it looks like we’ll be picking a weapon to unvault, but other than that I don’t know.

  176. Hi it’s me again, this is not a leaks question but one that I have been asking myself a long time, will epic games make moving parts move on mobile (I play on mobile). Thanks! 🙂

          1. I meant like how the cloths move like prisoners cloth for example. If this helps any

    1. In mobile, the clothes of the Prisoner have a TERRIBLE animation, some hairs of some skins don’t move when the skins walks, the clothes of the Spider Knight looks low quality (makes the skin looks bad) I already write to Epics but they only fix one skin (Eyebrowns of Molten Valkyrie). I don’t t think they would fix that any time soon.

      1. The hair doesn’t always have to move. Besides, when they tried adding more logical physics to the game in season 6, things didn’t turn out so well. (The whole issue with Calamity, Fables pigtails choking her when she danced, etc)

  177. Evident, do you think this season was disappointing when it comes to the release of new skins? Only two legendary skins, which although interesting were not even the best. I think other seasons have released better skins and more variety of legendary, while this season only Malice and Supersonic were legendary and the epics were not that great. They took the opportunity to get their best jobs with skins at the real money store, and that was a bit unfair. We hope that the season 9 is not shy with selling us new and more legendary skin varieties.
    Including the skins of the real money store, which were your Top 3?
    1. Molten Battle Hound.
    2. Nitehare.
    3. Star Lord.
    ***Guys, feel free to comment your Top 3 of the Season 8 skins!!!!!***

  178. Hey, Evedent I was wondering what if you make a section on this site for the upcoming weapons for battle royale. an idea would be like, under the leaked music there would be the new weapon coming soon. and for this update the new weapon is the shawdow bomb, thank you hope you use my idea.

  179. Hello EVDIENT, can you add a new page that’s you show all Fortnite map changes.(sorry for bad grammar)

  180. Inferno, Burnmark, and Crimson Scythe. Are all realeased in the store this morning for 20 bucks and with 1000 v-bucks

    1. Haven’t seen anything about Spider-Man, I’ve only seen stuff about Star-Lord. Epic said there’d be two Marvel sets, so I doubt that Spider-Man is coming anytime soon. It’s possible Spider-Man could be promoted when his next movie comes out.

  181. Hey so I updated my Fortnite the other day and It was doing this bug. The bug is where if I hover over the item shop tab fortnite show’s that my pointer to my mouse is actually over the locker tab. Ever have an issue like that? If so, can you help?

    1. Haven’t experienced that, I can’t really help. You’d want to try asking through Epic’s support channels.

  182. Hey Evident the “K-Pop” skin is just a test for the ikonik and the name “K-Pop” was just a code name for it if you can find the ikonik skin in the files it will say “KPOP2” or something like that

    1. It was not just a test for Ikonik, it was likely a skin they decided not to release or they recycled into Ikonik.

  183. Hi evident I was in my locker and I Seen that the Amber skin has another edit style when I went on it said that complete on overtime challeges. So will the challeges overtime challeges come back again

  184. When do you think the Overtime Challenges will come out Evident do you think that they will make this season like two weeks longer?

  185. hi, i have a question…
    is the bunnymoon skin an exclusive holiday skin (halloween) or can it come to the item shop before holiday?
    all my friends say that it is only available on halloween, but the internet says nothing about it…:(
    thanks if you can help me 🙂

    1. It’s likely only available on Halloween. They do bring holiday skins back every once in a while off-season, but it hasn’t been as frequent as it used to.

    2. I have a feeling it is a reference to a Halloween movie but I can’t place my finger on what it is quite yet. ( I think it is a Disney movie)

  186. I hate it when they make a new set and then it only has two items ie; Criterion, Space Hop (Which I think should be part of the Space Explorers set)

    1. In addition, why can’t one item be in two sets? I have seen many cosmetics that qualify for this including Gemini.

  187. Hey Evident, Do you know if the K-pop skin will come out? I want to complete the set with ikonik. It would be good to know 🙂

  188. Hey Evident, since there have been a ton of encrypted skins recently, I think you should make a page for them. This is just a suggestion.

      1. Hello Evident! When do you think Gemini will come in the shop? Do you know any emotes that are coming either? Thanks!

        1. Not sure when it’ll be in the shop, likely soon. I think there’s another leaked emote, but I didn’t see an image for it.

  189. I was looking at this page and thought I’d buy the Relax Axe when it’s out. And with pure luck, it came today.

  190. Hi Evident, a few weeks ago I found this amazing website, With all sorts of tips and guides on the games I play, do you possibly have a fortnite creator code? I want say how thankful I am and how much I have improved on becoming a better video game player all from you. Me and my friends are truly happy from all you have done 😀

    1. It was probably going to be the Ikonik skin but then they changed the design to the current one. Hence the same pose.

  191. Evident, in my ignorance until today I realized that you write guides of many other games besides Fortnite (including Red Death Redemption). Many will agree with me; I want to thank you for all this work that you do that is very useful for us who play video games, there are many people who use this site, so your venture has already touched the hearts of thousands of gamers. Thanks for your work, I hope it grows and is very successful in the future! People like you unite this community and thats has to much value for us!!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I’ve put a lot of hard work into the site, and I’m glad you have been enjoying it!

  192. I am so disappointed of this Season shop realased skins. So far, just one legendary: Malice. And she was not so great. I thought that maybe 4-5 legendary cool skins would be realased this season but so far are just purchasable with real money. At least the Lava Legends Bundle was worthy my dolars.

  193. Whats Your Code? I’m Probably going to get the stealth reflex skin since the inferno is 20 Stink’n Dollars and I was looking forward for that skin

  194. Wow no new skins in 8.3.0 really, just some wraps. Is Epic doing something to better hide them or are they just slowing down on releasing new skins? Whens the last patch to be so dead on new items?

  195. Why are the rare emotes becoming better than the epic ones? Maybe its just me but im buying all the new emotes that were leaked.

  196. Evident the peely picked picaxe is in the leakaed section but it was already in the item shop. Btw I use your code.

  197. So if we put in you as a support a creator do you directly get money? And how are you a creator if you leak skins?

    1. Lots of people who leak information have creator codes, Epic doesn’t seem to mind too much. Here’s the information on the creator code on how creators get money:

      “In Fortnite accepted Creators will receive $5 USD (or the local currency equivalent) for every 10,000 V-Bucks spent by players who elect to support them in-game. This applies to free V-Bucks that players have earned as well as any V-Bucks they’ve purchased. Fans declare their support for a Creator in-game by entering the Creator’s Epic tag via the “Support a Creator” button, found in the Item Shop in Battle Royale, or the Loot tab in Save the World.”

  198. The 3 wraps arra called: Bandage for the whiteish striped one. And its in the Support Squadron set. The Evil Suit wrap is called Burnmark. And the last one is Digital Grayscale and it isnt in any set. I have 0 idea whats the “Evil Suit Pickaxe” is called

    1. Oh yeah the rock one is maaaaybe is for Ruin like a reactive wrap. When you get a kill or you outlive people it will becomes molten or smthing

    1. It’s Legendary based on the leaks, which would be odd since it’s a starter pack skin. It might be listed wrong?

      1. Just a heads up, it looks like Inferno isn’t going to be a starter pack skin and is likely going to be available the same way that Fallen Love Ranger was. It will probably be $19.99 in the cash shop, and will include a Pickaxe, Wrap, and challenges that when completed should get you 2,000 V-Bucks. That’s if it is exactly the same as Fallen Love Ranger.