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Fortnite Emoji/Emoticons Cosmetics List – All Available Emojis!

Check out a full list of the Emojis that have been available in Fortnite!

We've got a full list of Fortnite emojis that you can throw into the air at the moment. There's actually quite a few emojis, and pretty much the only way you can earn them is by completing your battle pass every season. If you see one you like, at the moment, it's unlikely you will be able to get it unless it is in the current season's battle pass.

Emojis can be set in your emote wheel and go along the new sprays and those fancy dances you can get. When you use an emoji, they are essentially tossed into the air and visible by everyone in your vicinity.

Fortnite Emoji List

Here's the current list of emojis you can find in game if you were lucky enough to grab them up when they were in a particular season's battle pass.

Season 8 Emojis

Season 7 Emojis

Season 6 Emojis

Season 5 Emojis

Season 4 Emojis

Season 3 Emojis

Season 2

Challenges and Promotions

You can sometimes obtain Emoticons from Challenges and Promotions.

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  1. This page would look a lot better if someone rearranged the ‘other emojis’ category. All of those enoji could be arranged into 2-5 season pass categories like ones form season pass 6 and 7 are and the rest belongs in ‘chellenges and promotions’ category.

      1. Don’t know the name but u can see it on the emoticon loading screen. (P.s make that banner that loading screen)

  2. Could you make a list just for in released items?

    P.s keep up the great work I come to this website every day just to see what the new items are.😄

  3. some of these emojis have the wrong names. for example “dog bark” is called “rabid” (i think) and “fist bump” is called “teamwork” (i think but i’m not sure), could you double check/fix the names please?