How to be born in Massachusetts – BitLife Guide

Creating a character out of a particular city has always been one of the initial objectives of several challenges. One such objective for finishing the Mistress of Dark challenge is to be born into the state of Massachusetts. Being a state, you cannot directly select Massachusetts as your birthplace. Instead, you must bypass by picking […]

How to be born in Texas – BitLife Guide

Weekly BitLife Challenges like Slice & Dice require players to create characters out of Texas. So, if you are wondering how to be born in Texas or create a character out of Texas in BitLife, here is a detailed guide. How to create a character out of Texas in BitLife Before doing anything, please understand […]

8 Best Gifts for BitLife Players & Fans

If you’re looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, why not consider their gaming habits? For lovers of the mobile video game BitLife, it may not initially seem obvious what they’d want as a gift. Thankfully we have plenty of insight on the subject, and we’re happy to share our best ideas. […]