How Poise, Stance Breaking, and Super Armor works in Elden Ring

If you are new to Soulsborne games, fear not—or do fear, actually, because they’re challenging, dreary, and gothic. However, in terms of the inner workings of the combat system, we are going to walk you through how poise, stance breaking, and Super Armor work in Elden Ring. For FromSoftware’s combat system, upgrading your weapons is […]

All Dragon Locations in Elden Ring

What’s a fantasy epic without dragons to hunt down? For fans of those magical lizards, Elden Ring has them in spades. However, tracking them down can be quite a challenge. But conquering that challenge will reward the Tarnished with vast sums of Runes and Dragon hearts, which can be exchanged for powerful spells. Where are […]

How to get to the Queen’s Chamber in Elden Ring

Elden Ring players are constantly trying to find brand-new locations via backtracking, as its fairly easy to miss something along the way. In this guide, we outline the best way to go to the Queen’s Chamber in Elden Ring. Where is the Queen’s Bedchamber in Elden Ring? The Queen’s Bedchamber is located in the Leyndell […]

How did Thops die in Elden Ring?

When we first meet Thops he is the Church of Inth in Elden Ring. He is a friendly sorcerer trying to make his way back to the Academy of Ray Lucaria to continue with his studies. Eventually, we find him there after having finished his questline. He is dead. But how did he die, and […]