How to get Blood Stone Chunks fast in Bloodborne

Bloodborne is a popular action RPG that offers a ton of weapons players can use when hunting enemies. These enemies are strong and players who want to survive will need to upgrade their weapons using Blood Stone Chunks. Blood Stone Chunks are upgrade items used to fortify weapons to +9. You’ll need a total of […]

Bloodborne PSX has been fully released on the creator’s page

Lilith Walther’s long-awaited project has been released on her page. The PlayStation 1 styled Bloodborne “Demake” was in development for 13 months, with several updates on her YouTube channel and Twitter to showcase the journey. Players can play with either controller or mouse and keyboard. The Journey Over the course of 13 months, developer […]

How to Level Up Quickly in Bloodborne

A great entry in the Souls-borne series of games, Bloodborne challenges the player in a big way much like the other titles from FromSoftware. Sometimes the challenges get hard very quickly, and levelling up is desperately in order. With that in mind, here is how to level up quickly in Bloodborne. How to Level Up […]

Best Weapons in Bloodborne

All weapons in Bloodborne can kill, but depending on your build, some are more viable than others. Each weapon has its own movesets and playstyles that alter how they are used. So you may prefer a weaker weapon with a stronger attack set than a powerful weapon with a mediocre set. Due to the stats […]