Evil Dead: The Game Patch 1.05 Summary

Evil Dead: The Game received one of its most requested updates, fixing many of the game’s bugs that have been present since launch. Some quality-of-life improvements have been made, as well as some changes to two of the Support Survivors. The biggest issue, animation canceling, has been properly fixed and is no longer in the […]

How to play Support in Evil Dead: The Game

There are three Support characters in Evil Dead: The Game with four unique Skills. They all have the same Skills they can allocate their points toward to either buff themselves or provide more ways of helping their fellow Survivors. It’s an important role to have on any team and can make the difference between Victory […]

Where are V Rising saves located?

V Rising has players start from nothing, so starting over again can be a pain. Players who want to back up their save files can do so by copying these save files and storing them somewhere else. These files are located on the player’s local hard drive and have 14 Auto Save slots. This is […]