Why is V Rising compared to Valheim?

V Rising is a survival game that sees you try and stay alive as a vampire. You stalk your prey, explore an open world, and slowly become more powerful and advance. So why is the game compared to Valheim, a game set in a world inspired by Viking culture? Well, the two games have more […]

Can you get a Werewolf servant in V Rising

Werewolves in V Rising are Creature Blood Type enemies that only come out at night. During the day, these creatures revert back to their human form and are susceptible to players’ Dominating Presence Ability. Unfortunately, the Werewolf is cured once bound to a player’s coffin, making them relatively useless. Despite this, there is a way […]

How to get Alchemy Floor in V Rising

Unlocking the Alchemy Lab Floor recipe in V Rising requires players to either use Paper to unlock the Technology at a Research Desk or to find the recipe by defeating humans. Unlocking the Alchemy Floor will allow devices like the Blood Press or Alchemy Table to require 25% fewer materials when producing items. The entire […]