Destiny 2 Lost Sector Extraction Location and Guide

Savathûn’s Throne World is filled with its own mysteries and secrets. However, it shares a secret with every other destination in Destiny 2, Lost Sectors. The Throne World has three of these Lost Sectors scattered around its map. In this guide, we will go over where to find the Extraction Lost Sector and how to […]

Destiny 2 Firepower Mod, Explained

Destiny 2 is a deep and complicated game with many different things contributing to that complexity. One of the more confusing aspects of Destiny 2 is Mods. Unique Mods are plentiful, and they can go on both weapons and armor. However, taking a look at individual Mods actually makes them much easier to understand. In […]

How to refer a friend in Fortnite

As a game that was designed to be as socially interactive as possible, Fortnite is much more enjoyable when played with friends. But, what if none of your friends play Fortnite? Fortunately, Epic Games has revamped the Refer a Friend system to reward both you and any friends you might convince to play the game—giving […]