Alan Wake 2 Patch Notes (March 2024)

Alan Wake 2 can be a nightmare experience if you’re faint of heart, but the scariest part is the bugs, like the audio bug. Fortunately, Remedy Entertainment pushes out updates, complete with patch notes detailing what has been changed and fixed. All Alan Wake 2 patch notes – November 2, 2023 Related: Where to find […]

All Lunch Box locations in Alan Wake 2

As you play FBI agent Saga Anderson, investigating a disturbing case in Bright Falls, you’ll come across some hidden Lunch Boxes. These were seemingly left just for her from some unknown source. Not only do these Lunch Boxes count as a potential lead for the case, but they also contain very useful upgrade material for […]

Alan Wake 2 All cast and voice actors list

Alan Wake 2 is unraveling the mysteries of Alan Wake and his battle between realities further, introducing new story elements, characters, and more. With the addition of new faces in the game, we expect some more actors to be added to the cast, and I was thrilled to see some names that we can all […]

Is Alan Wake 2 coming to Game Pass?

Alan Wake 2 is bringing horror back to Bright Falls, and I am thrilled to see what Remedy Entertainment has in store. I’ve had my eye on the deluxe edition for the extra goodies, but I also wondered if Alan Wake 2 would launch on Game Pass. If Alan Wake 2 is added to Game Pass, […]