All Lunch Box locations in Alan Wake 2

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As you play FBI agent Saga Anderson, investigating a disturbing case in Bright Falls, you'll come across some hidden Lunch Boxes. These were seemingly left just for her from some unknown source.

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Not only do these Lunch Boxes count as a potential lead for the case, but they also contain very useful upgrade material for our weapons. You'll want to find as many as you can, so here's where to look.

Where to find all Lunch Boxes in Alan Wake 2

The Lunch Boxes hidden around the areas of Cauldron Lake, Bright Falls, and Watery contain Manuscript Fragments, which are used to upgrade our weapons. They are also filed as evidence for Saga's case into the cult activity. To find them, however, you're going to need to stray away from the obvious path a little bit and explore. A good indicator that you're close to one is the colorful medallions hanging from the trees and the painted rocks.

Don't worry if you seem to have missed any; there will be a handy New Game+ mode to allow you to go back and get any collectibles after you finish the game. With our help, you'll hopefully be able to get them all ahead of that. Here are all the locations shown below.

This is a work in progress. We will continue to update it with more locations as we find them. Check back soon!

All Cauldron Lake Lunch Box locations in Alan Wake 2

Waterfall Vista

The first Lunch Box you'll come upon can be found in the first chapter of the game, as Saga and Casey arrive at the Cauldron Lake campgrounds to investigate the crime scene. You can find it near the waterfall vista by straying from the path with Casey and checking your map as shown above.

Witch's Hut

This Lunch Box is located just past the Witch's Hut attraction by taking a right down the path before the General Store. Continue past the Witch's Hut to the left, and you'll come across a little bridge where there is a campsite and the Lunch Box hidden there.

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When facing the crime scene behind the General Store, take a right down the path and continue past the picnic table. You'll find another Lunch Box in this campsite area past the firepit toward the left corner of the fenced section.

FBC Station

You can get this Lunch Box after receiving the Short Cut gate key from the deputy and beginning on the path toward the parking lot. On the way there, you will see the FBC Monitoring Station to your left. Head past the building on the left, and you'll see a ledge where you can climb up and collect the box.

Witchfinder's Station

Once you can access the Witchfinder's Station after defeating Nightingale, you'll be able to find the next Lunch Box. Head around to the trail at the back of the Station house (as shown in the map above), and you'll find the hanging symbols and painted rocks leading you to the Lunch Box close by.


This Lunch Box is a bit further out into the woods and can be a little harder to locate. You'll want to start from Streamside and head east as far as you can until you reach the stream. Look for the colorful medallions hanging from the trees and follow them to the waterfall, where the Lunch Box will be sitting right beside the water.


This Lunch Box is another more secluded location, but you can find it more easily by starting at the General Store and moving north beside the Bony-Legged Path shown on the map. Right below the red, blocked area, you'll find the Lunch Box below the landslide, once again, by following the colorful hangings in the tree.

Rental Cabins

This lunch box is hidden away inside the rental cabins toward the parking lot of Cauldron Lake. You must wait until you progress further into the game to head back here and get inside using the Bolt Cutters. You can find the lunch box in the second long cabin on the eastern side, and it's sitting right on a shelf near the fireplace.

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All Watery Lunch Box locations in Alan Wake 2

Radio Tower

Once you head down the trail after speaking to the Koskela brothers in Watery, you'll begin your way through the Watery Woods and eventually reach the Radio Tower. This Lunch Box is located just off the northwest of the tower (as shown on the map above).

Ranger Cabin Campsite

After making your way down from the Radio Tower and continuing toward Coffee World, you'll get to the Ranger's Cabin area of the map. Once you notice the split in the path, head off the right trail, and you'll come to a slight overlook above the cabin with a campsite. Here, you'll spot the Lunch Box.

Kalevala Knights Workshop

After traversing through Coffee World, you can find the Koskela brother's motorcycle workshop for the Kalevala Knights. You'll find a Lunch Box hidden to the right around the back of the workshop beside the covered boats.

Trailer Park

As you enter the Trailer Park to visit Saga's old trailer, head off to the right side instead of toward the playground area, and you'll find another hidden Lunch Box just off to the left side of the swing set.


Not too far away from the Trailer Park is the Lighthouse, where another Lunch Box can be found. Exit out of the Trailer Park and take a right down the road toward the Light House. There, you can veer off the left down the other hill away from the Light House, where there is a safe house. Just behind the safe house on the overlook, you'll find the Lunch Box.

All Bright Falls Lunch Box locations in Alan Wake 2

Valhalla Nursing Home Trail

You'll come across this Lunch Box on the path leading toward the Nursing Home. At the sign where the paths split, head just up to the left, following the colorful pendants hanging in the trees.

Valhalla Nursing Home Office

This Lunch Box is hidden inside the Valhalla Nursing Home. You can find it by heading into one of the first rooms on the right as you enter the Manor, inside the Office.

Ranger Station Trail

You can find this Bright Falls Lunch Box by following the trail toward the Ranger Station, down toward the southern end of the map. Just before the bridge, initially flooded before defeating Cynthia, you'll find it off to the left side of the trails.

This lunch box is also found on the trail to the ranger station but can only be reached after the flood has been cleared once you defeat Cynthia. It is just slightly northeast of the last box shown above.

Billie's Boat Yard

This lunch box is located near Billie's Boat Yard, just near the outskirts of downtown Bright Falls. You'll find it outside of the fenced area near a small campsite at the edge of the cliff.

Valhalla Nursing Home Backyard

This lunch box is located in the backyard of Valhalla Nursing Home. It is an area you will be unable to access until first defeating Cynthia and receding the flooding. You'll find it at the base of a tree with the usual knitting hanging off of it.

Bright Falls Park

This lunch box is located right inside downtown Bright Falls, in the park located off of Biltmore Ave, east of Oh Deer Diner. It's on the ground beside a tree toward the center of the park.

According to Saga's Mind Place, there should be eight Lunch Boxes hidden in the Cauldron Lake area, although some of them you won't be able to get the first time through. There will also be about six in the Bright Falls and Watery locations as well. Keep your eyes peeled for these collectibles as you explore, and check back soon for more updates.

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All Lunch Box locations in Alan Wake 2

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