How to get Alchemy Floor in V Rising

Unlocking the Alchemy Lab Floor recipe in V Rising requires players to either use Paper to unlock the Technology at a Research Desk or to find the recipe by defeating humans. Unlocking the Alchemy Floor will allow devices like the Blood Press or Alchemy Table to require 25% fewer materials when producing items. The entire […]

Is V Rising fun solo?

V Rising can be played cooperatively or competitively with PvP enabled. There is a Duo Player versus Player mode as well, pitting two people against one another in a world. Even when working together, however, players still have to complete their own objectives in order to advance through the game. While the game has many […]

How to install mods for V Rising

After much demand from the community, the developers Stunlock Studios have added the ability to install and play mods for its title V Rising. To install mods for V Rising, you must first set up the mod framework by installing the BepInExPack,  followed by pasting your favorite mods in the folder. How to download mods for V […]

How to craft Clay Mold in V Rising

Farming Clay is relatively easy in V Rising and can be found in crates, on corpses, barrels, and chests in various strongholds. They can be used to craft Clay Molds and make many statues and gargoyles, but they require some work. Players will have to take out some bosses for some recipes as well as […]