What is Teardown? Destruction, Crafting, Trailer, & more!

Going on destructive rampages in sandbox games is one of my favorite means of digital catharsis. However, most games don’t feature completely destructible environments where every object within view can be razed to the ground—Teardown is not one of them. In this voxel-based game, you can destroy every object within sight down to its last […]

How to drop money in Project Slayers – Roblox

Project Slayers is a fighting experience on Roblox, drawing inspiration from Demon Slayer, the popular manga series. Players can either become a demon or fight alongside humans to eradicate the demon threat. No matter what you choose, you will be involved in a lot of fighting, leveling up, and earning Wen, the main in-game currency. […]

How to craft Last Wish raid weapons in Destiny 2

The ability to acquire blueprints and craft weapons was introduced in Destiny 2 during the opening stages of The Witch Queen campaign as a promise to shake up the weapons meta in the game. As seasons progress, more and more weapons have found their way into the craftable weapons pool, including the set of weapons […]

All Saints Row 2 Cheat Codes & How To Use Them

Saints Row 2 is my favorite title from the franchise, thanks to its over-the-top sense of humor, grounded storytelling, and huge list of cheat codes to play god with. The game strikes me as the wackier version of GTA IV due to their distinct similarities. While the differences between the two titles are many, Saints […]