Anime World Tower Defense Tier List – AWTD Best Units

Do you have the best units in AWTD?

Though there are many popular games from this genre, like ASTD or Anime Simulator, I spend hours playing the Anime World Tower Defense game due to its balanced gameplay and large roster pool. So, if you're a fan like me, this Anime World Tower Defense tier list will help you create the ultimate team.

All Characters in Anime World Tower Defense Tier List - AWTD Ranked

Crimson WaifuSecretRedS
Nightblade SamuraiLegend RarePurpleS
One Eye ReaperLegend RareRedS
Red ArcherLegend RareRedS
BarustLegend RareYellowS
PuragatoryLegend RareRedS
UnlimitedLegend RarePurpleS
ManalaLegend RareBlueS
Red HairLegend RareRedS
Dark HollowLegend RareGreenS
Kongkun(SSJG)Ultra RareRedS
LobosUltra RareBlueS
Dark BeardUltra RarePurpleS
Charuto(Chakra Mode)Ultra RareYellowS
DragoneyeUltra RarePurpleS
InvestigatorUltra RarePurpleS
Hoku(100%)Ultra RareBlueS
Soul PantherUltra RareBlueS
Capsule GirlSuper RareBlueS
Ice ShinigamiSuper RareBlueS
FatherLegend RareBlueA
Evil KaiLegend RareBlueA
Falcon EyeLegend RareGreenA
The GrapplerUltra RareRedA
Dark KongunUltra RareRedA
Lion HearthUltra RareRedA
SilentUltra RarePurpleA
JonosUltra RareYellowA
Veshita(SSJG)Ultra RareBlueA
Soul PantherUltra RareBlueA
Slime LordUltra RareBlueA
Konghan(SSJG)Ultra RareGreenA
BoostUltra RareRedA
The GrapplerUltra RareRedA
ShizakuUltra RareRedA
Sleepy ThunderSuper RareYellowA
Pure ArcherSuper RareBlueA
Veshita(Majin)Super RareYellowA
Virtual Sword GirlSuper RareRedA
KotaroSuper RarePurpleA
SanjiroSuper RareBlueA
PaneSuper RarePurpleA
Pink MaidSuper RareRedA
Kasuke(Susanoo)Ultra RarePurpleB
Kriezer(Full Power)Ultra RarePurpleB
PinkyUltra RareRedB
Hidden Mist DemonUltra RareGreenB
Pink Hair BoyUltra RarePurpleB
Lightining GodUltra RareYellowB
Ruffy(Time Skip)Super RareRedB
Hunter KidSuper RarePurpleB
TakashiSuper RarePurpleB
KillerSuper RareYellowB
SanjiroSuper RareBlueB
CotaroSuper RarePurpleB
Salo(Time Skip)Super RareGreenB
Royal GirlSuper RareBlueB
Mage ChildSuper RareYellowB
KrolySuper RareGreenB
Blood WingRareBlueB
Thorn PrincessRareRedB
Beast MaskRareGreenB
Virtual Swordsman(Gun)RarePurpleB
Muda BoyRareBlueB
Gold SpinnerSuper RareBlueC
TakashiSuper RareRedC
KillerSuper RareYellowC
Ghost SpeechSuper RarePurpleC
Half ElfRareBlueC
Gem GirlRarePurpleC
Gentle JoRareYellowC
Virtual SwordsmanRareGreenC
Psychic BoyRareBlueD
OneEyed MonsterRareRedD

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Best units in Anime World Tower Defense

Best S-Tier units in AWTD

All Anime World Tower Defense units in the S-Tier are Meta characters. Try to acquire some of these units and add them to your teams, as they can make a difference. These units are the best of the best:

Capsule Girl

Capsule Girl is similar to the Bulma character from ASTD. Being a support or money-making unit, she will be the heart of your squad. Use her in infinite mode or other dungeons to keep evolving your units and make your team lethal. Ensure to place her early in the game in a safe position. Also, she can produce bonus money if you feed her gold coins regularly.

Kongkun (SSJG)

Kongkun is the best air unit in the game. He can one-shot any enemies at the beginning of the round and is cheap to deploy. Also, as the game progresses, he inputs tons of damage to all enemy types, and his upgrades are pretty economical. Place him in an area where you can maximize his range capabilities, like elevated areas or corridors.


Purgatory is one of the best units in the current meta. The character is mainly known for the burn damage effect. Place the unit anywhere at the start of the course path. Once your enemies are damaged by his attack, they will take tick damage until death. 

Best A-Tier units in AWTD

A-tier units in AWTD may not be superior to those from S-tier, but they're still elite. They are placed a bit lower than the S-Tier units only because of their overall damage numbers.


Jonos deals a large amount of damage to enemies using an AoE cone. I use him in corner locations to cause maximum havoc on enemies. Also, he is pretty easy to acquire from banners, being an Ultra Rare legend.


He is one of the few units in the game that can stop and rewind time. Due to this, he can easily clutch and change the state of any round. Pick him if you are struggling to overcome the last few phases of any level.

Best B-Tier units in AWTD

Anime World Tower Defense units from B-Tieretty are effective in both Adventure and Infinity game modes. Ideally, any player should build a team using units of the given tier after learning all the basics of the game.

Kasuke (Susanoo)

Kasuake mainly excels in AWTD Story mode. You can almost one-shot a primary enemy using his attacks till the middle stages of the game. The only downside is that he is a bit expensive to upgrade. So, try to prioritize other units for leveling up.

Ruffy (Time Skip)

The time-skip Ruffy is mainly added to lineups because of his insane range. Place the unit in the middle section of the course path and watch all the enemies getting destroyed one after the other.

Best C-Tier units in AWTD

C-tier characters are somewhat good in AWTD Adventure mode. But may struggle in the infinity mode. Still, you can mix and match units from the C and D tiers to begin your journey confidently.


Killer is one of the few AWTD C-tier units that are lethal against boss enemies. Use his burst-type attack to deplete the health of fast-moving enemies and win rounds that looked so difficult in the first place.

Kasuke (Akatsuki)

One of the most underrated mid-tier characters in AWTD is Kasuke. It's mainly because this unit deals tons of burn and regular damage while being easily obtainable. But that comes at a price of low range. So, keep it near corridors where enemies move to a different trajectory. 

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Best D-Tier Units in AWTD

Every unit in AWTD D-Tier is mostly useless in default Infinity and Adventure game modes. Still, every new player needs to climb the ladder using these characters. Hence, we've listed some of the best of the worst.

Black Leg

Black Leg is an essential unit for beginners. He not only causes damage to enemies but also provides users with money and food. He is a must-pick for players starting their AWTD journey.

Psychic Boy

The damage provided by Psychic Boy is below average in AWTD. Still, it's pretty potent in clearing the first two to three villages of story mode. The good news is that you can place it in almost any part of a course path instead of worrying about a positioning strategy.

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