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Become a powerful Soul Reaper.

When I started my journey as a Soul Reaper in the Roblox game Type Soul, I knew I needed to get my Shikai to become truly powerful. However, the type of Shikai I got would also determine my playstyle and how strong my character could be. This left me wondering what the best Shikai in Type Soul is.

All Shikai in Type Soul, Ranked

SBlood, Ice, Ink
AFire, Berserk
BShadow, Confusion, Water
CWind, Creation, Lightning

S Tier

Blood Shikai

Blood Shikai uses blood attacks and relies on the Blood Meter above your HP bar. You regain health when successfully landing a blood move but can lose HP if you miss. Here are all the Blood Shikai moves:

  • Hemorrhage
    • Slide backward and spin around with your blood lethally slicing those around you. Once you've landed the first part of the move, you will have a blood link with the ones you have sliced. Click Z again to drain the blood out of them and leave them ragdolled.
  • Bleeding Willow
    • Pull your enemy in with your blood then push them away. This move also heals you.
  • Exsanguinate
    • Slide across the ground with blood, ending with an overhead slash.

Ice Shikai

Ice is a Legendary Shikai that uses the power of ice to defeat foes. It provides offense and defense, making it quite versatile. Here are all the Ice Shikai moves:

  • Carving
    • A quick ice dash that leaves your enemies frozen for a short duration.
  • Shatter
    • Form your ice into multiple shurikens that auto-target your enemies and freeze them on hit.
  • Ice Mirror
    • Create an ice mirror that reflects damage, acting as a counter. On a successful use, your opponent will be ragdolled and flung away.

Ink Shikai

Ink is a Legendary Shikai that can be tricky to use but deadly once you master it. This Shikai provides offense and debuffs your enemies. Here are the Ink Shikai moves:

  • Wavefront
    • Lunge forward and apply ink and slow on hit.
  • Nameless
    • Disable an enemy's skills/move set when you hit them twice with X.
  • Droplet
    • Travel a distance (distance scales with HP) and apply ink when hit.

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A Tier

Fire Shikai

Fire Shikai focuses on all-out offense. This powerful Shikai can burn your opponent and break their guard, leaving them open to follow-up attacks. Here are the Fire Shikai moves.

  • Kaen
    • Briefly charge up your weapon before sending out a powerful burst of flames. Has slight knockback and applies burn.
  • Entai
    • Deliver a powerful upwards strike that brings you and your opponent into the air. Briefly ragdolls your opponent, applies burn, and breaks your opponent's guard if they are blocking.
  • Boren
    • Lunge forward in a trail of flames, delivering a quick slash to your opponent before slamming them into the ground. Inflicts burn and ragdolls on the second hit.

Berserk Shikai

Berserk Shikai focuses on an all-out attack, much like Fire. It has powerful moves and a passive buff that increases your attack speed. Here are all Berserk Shikai moves:

  • Rageful Leap
    • Slam the ground around you before jumping into the air and toward your opponent. The first hit inflicts ragdoll for a very short duration and guardbreaks your opponent if they are blocking. Note that you do not need to hit the first part of Rageful Leap in order to leap toward an opponent.
  • Flurry
    • Dash forward and deliver a series of three consecutive circular slashes around you.
  • Limitbreaker
    • Utilize your limitbreaker stacks to gain a temporary defense buff, which scales with how many stacks you have. At 60 stacks, the maximum, limitbreaker will provide a 15% defense buff along with an 8% heal. If limitbreaker is used under 50 stacks, you will not receive a heal.

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B Tier

Shadow Shikai

The Shadow Shikai is another Shikai that requires some mastery, but it can be strong if used correctly. Many of its abilities require timing or have a delay. Here are all the Shadow Shikai moves:

  • Shadow Snake
    • Harness the shadow to form a snake that swiftly lunges toward your opponent. This move auto-tracks and can be aimed with your cursor.
  • Delayed Death
    • Surround yourself with shadows before rising into the air and rapidly traveling toward your opponent. Upon successfully hitting an opponent, this move will inflict Delayed Death, signified by an 'X' mark. After a certain amount of time has passed, the mark will activate, damaging the marked player. If the marked player has low enough HP, the mark will auto-execute them.
  • Shadow Tendril
    • Slam your weapon into the ground before summoning a tendril of shadow that grabs your opponent, lifting them into the air, before slamming them down. Upon a successfully hit, this move will inflict ragdoll on your opponent as they are lifted up and slammed down.

Confusion Shikai

The Confusion Shikai is an annoying one to fight against, but requires precision to use correctly. It relies on making your opponent dazed and confused, leaving them susceptible to further attacks. Here are all Confusion Shikai moves:

  • What's Even Real?
    • Swirl your hands which leaves your enemies confusion procced if close enough (if they have the proc you get bane m1s on those who have the proc)
  • Now You See Me
    • An illusion counter which can keep going as long as you time it right (you teleport behind the enemy if the counter is landed)
  • Inverted Reality
    • Clap your hands together leaving your enemy confused (mouse target). If your enemy is confusion procced from your Z and you use Inverted Reality on them, it will leave them confused no matter what. If they don’t have the proc on them and you use Inverted Reality on them they can block it and not be affected.

Water Shikai

The Water Shikai is great at knocking your opponents off their feet. It also provides movement and the ability to steal Reiatsu. Here are all Water Shikai moves.

  • Cascade Ripple
    • Harness the power of the waves to swiftly glide toward your opponent before slamming into them. Inflicts a brief ragdoll and steals reiatsu on a successful hit.
  • Reverse Tide
    • Call forth a wave of water to slam into your opponents. The wave will dissipate before returning to you as a larger wave. The first wave inflicts a brief ragdoll.
  • Geyser
    • Summon a powerful geyser beneath your opponent. Upon successfully hitting the target, it will inflict a brief ragdoll while knocking them into the air and stealing some of their reiatsu.

C Tier

Wind Shikai

The Wind Shikai suffers from its reliance on itself. It can leave your opponent stunned and inflict bleed, but can be tricky to use effectively. Here are all the Wind Shikai moves.

  • Wind Crown
    • Throw out a crown of wind, and when landed, stun the enemy with a crown stuck on them.
  • Wind Prison
    • Create a prison of wind that autotracks toward your opponent. When you hit the person with Wind Prison, you can click X again to fling them toward your cursor.
  • Wind Arc
    • Wind Arc only works when the person is bleeding from Wind Crown or Wind Prison.

Creation Shikai

The Creation Shikai is another type that requires extreme precision to use correctly. In the right hands, it can be deadly, but requires some time to master. Here are all the Creation Shikai moves.

  • Surasshu
    • M1 - Leap into the air before slamming down.
    • M2 - Throw multiple swords in a given direction.
  • Gyakko
    • Command your blades to spin forwards, before ordering them back to you.
  • Ryusei
    • Clicking C once drops a sword on the floor. Clicking C again throws it toward an enemy, creating a zip line that stuns.

Lightning Shikai

Lightning Shikai is one of the best mobility Shikai in Type Soul. It deals decent damage but is mostly used for chasing down opponents. Here are all the Lightning Shikai moves.

  • Bararaq
    • Briefly enter a pounce-like windup state before teleporting to your opponent and slamming them into the ground.
  • Blitz
    • Raise your weapon into the air before creating a shock that teleports you toward your opponent.
  • Fulgora
    • Teleport yourself forward at the speed of lightning. Any opponent who is caught in between your starting and ending positions will be briefly stunned before being struck by a bolt of lightning. Provides invincibility frames for the user on a successful hit.

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