Co-op Roblox games Jailbreak, Work at a Pizza Place, Rainbow Friends, and Decaying Winter
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Best 18 Co-Op Games on Roblox

Let's work together!

While it's easy to find great Roblox solo experiences, sometimes you want to just play with your friends or family. Read on for my list of the best co-op games to play on Roblox, no matter what style of play you’re looking for. 

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The Best 18 Roblox co-operative games

I’ve broken the games into loose categories below to help if you look for a particular style of play. However, with friends, these genres tend to blur, so it's worth exploring experiences that seem outside of your comfort zone. Note that, if you want to ensure you’re just playing with friends, you may need to purchase a private server with Robucks. This normally costs just a few dollars but ensures your privacy. 

The best Roblox co-op cozy games

Adopt Me

A group of pets in Roblox Adopt Me
Image via Roblox Adopt Me

Adopt Me is one of the top five most-visited Roblox experiences of all time. As the name suggests, the game revolves around finding, adapting, and raising adorable pets and babies. But it also has hundreds of clothing choices for your avatar, decorating your home, and exploring. Plus, you’re constantly given tasks to complete to earn Bucks. Adding friends is easy; you can explore all kinds of worlds together, finding and exchanging rare items. 

Brookhaven RP

A detached home in Roblox Brookhaven RP
Image via Roblox Brookhaven RP

When you log into Brookhaven you’re arriving in a fictional town with everything you’d expect to find in one, from cozy houses to police departments. You can decide to be anything, from babysitter to bank robber, and can switch roles freely. This makes it perfect for teaming up with friends, as you can play cops and robbers, act out a play, or anything in between. It’s also the most visited Roblox experience of all time, so how wrong can 50 billion visitors be?

Scuba Diving at Quil Lake

Diving in Scuba Diving at Quill Lake
Image via Roblox Scuba Diving at Quill Lake

Most of us aren’t fortunate enough to be able to explore the bottom of a lake, but we can with Scuba diving at Quill Lake! There’s something wonderfully serene about swimming in these waters. Even better, there are treasures, secret areas, puzzles, and other secrets to find through an excellent story mode. As you explore you’ll find coins to spend on gear, giving the game a relaxed RPG feel. This is best experienced as a group. Note you can die by running out of air, but you’ll only lose some coins.

Royale High

Two characters sitting on a bench in Roblox Royale High
Image via Roblox Royale High

With around 10 billion visits, Royale High is one of the most enduring and popular Roblox experiences. On one level it is a magical school roleplaying environment where you can dress up, decorate, and hang out with loads of clothes, accessories, and locations to choose from. But it is also packed with collectibles to trade and challenging mini-games to explore and win. All this is much more fun when you play with friends, helping each other to complete your quests and meeting up to chat and play. 

Work at a Pizza Place

Working together in Roblox Work at a Pizza Place
Image via Roblox Roblox Work at a Pizza Place

While it may seem like work away from work, work at a Pizza Place requires great teamwork if you want to successfully complete all the food orders you’ll get. Get together to fulfill the roles of manager, cashier, cook, and boxer to earn coins. Then, when you need a break, spend your coins on upgrading your home, buying pets, or visiting party island.  

The best Roblox co-op escape games

Murder Mystery 2

Characters competing in Roblox Murder Mystery 2
Image via Roblox Murder Mystery 2

This fast-playing whodunnit experience adds a third wheel to the usual escape horror scenario. One player is singled out as the murderer and tries to kill all the other innocent players. The twist is one of the other players is the sheriff who must cooperate with the innocents to find out who the murderer is and shoot them before all the innocents are eliminated. It's a frenetic game of hide-and-seek with a twist. It has risen into the Roblox all-time top 10, so it's definitely worth a shot.

Escape Room (Multiplayer)

Five maps in Roblox Escape Room Multiplayer
Image via Roblox Escape Room Multiplayer

Team up with up to five of your friends in this classic escape room experience. You’ll find yourself locked in one of five maps, with themes ranging from a Japanese temple to a spaceship. You’ll be separated into two teams, with both sides needing to cooperate to solve a series of puzzles and escape. Find and use codes and items to escape, opening doors and exploring secret areas.

Rainbow Friends

The blue friend in Roblox Rainbow Friends
Image via Roblox Rainbow Friends

This is an excellent escape experience with a strong Five Nights at Freddy’s vibe. In each round, the players must explore a creepy environment and collect all the items required to survive the night. Cute but dangerous monsters hunt you as you do, but you can hide under a box if one comes too close. Once you’ve cooperatively collected the items needed, all the survivors move on to the next round. The randomness of the item placement and monster movement makes it infinitely replayable. 


The Roblox Spider game spider logo
Image via Roblox Spider

Spider is an all-against-one co-op experience. At the start of each play, one player is randomly chosen to be the spider. While they try to kill everyone else, the rest of the friends cooperate to escape before time (or their health!) runs out. This involves finding keys to open new areas, collecting items to power up doors and barriers, and escaping the property in a boat. It’s great tense fun, whichever side you’re on. 

The best Roblox co-op team games


Escape to Victory spoof in Roblox Jailbreak
Image via Roblox Jailbreak

While you can rob banks and catch criminals in many Roblox RP experiences, Jailbreak makes it the whole game. Playing with friends is much more fun and fulfilling, as you can work together to plan the perfect heist. Alternatively, you can create the ideal trap to catch the robbers red-handed. Or, better still, get enough friends together to play both sides! The fun and replayability can’t be over-emphasized, with Jailbreak gaining more than 5 billion visits and a place in the Roblox all-time top 20. 

Phantom Forces

Two soldiers in Roblox Phantom Forces
Image via Roblox Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces is an impressive shooter that’s currently the closest you can get to the Call of Duty or Battlefield FPS experience on Roblox. Combat is fast and packed with dramatic moments, plus it does its best to emulate its PC and console cousins, with conversion kits and an impressive array of weaponry. You can team up with friends and play team versus team scenarios, making it a fantastic co-op shooter experience.  For more games like this, check out our 12 Best Roblox FPS Games.

All Star Tower Defense

Characters battling in Roblox All Star tower Defense
Image via Roblox All Star Tower Defense

Tower defense games are a huge genre on Roblox and a great way to get together and play co-op with your friends. There are countless experiences to choose from, but I’ve found All Star Tower Defense to be the deepest and most polished one out there. You claim units via a gacha system and then use your units to set up ill zones to take out the oncoming enemies. Clearing levels opens new challenges, and working co-operatively on maps leads to greater rewards

Decaying Winter: The Last Strandeds

A soldier silhouetted in Roblox Decaying Winter
Image via Roblox Decaying winter

If you’re looking for a scenario-based shooter with co-op modes, look no further than the excellent Decaying Winter. It classes itself as a survival shooter, which sums it up nicely. Work together to see off enemy combatants, covering each other's backs while collecting salvage to upgrade your base. While you can’t win, you can get to and defeat bosses every 10 waves.


Soldiers posing in Roblox Arsenal
Image via Roblox Arsenal

Arsenal is the current king of FPS battlers on Roblox with more than 5 billion visits. Its popularity is down to the weapon variety it provides as well as the fun, with players able to wield everything from bazookas to spell books in battle! The game has more than 65 playable maps and, depending on the mode played, you can choose to team up and work together to succeed. 

The best Roblox co-op communication games


A bomb ready to be defused in Roblox Defusal
Image via Roblox Defusal

As the name suggests, Roblox Defusal is all about working together to defuse a ticking time bomb! You can play with anything from two to four players. Players need to use the expert defusing manual to work out how to defuse each bomb, working together to work their way around the mess of buttons, wires, and codes. The game has a classic escape room vibe with an incredibly urgent time pressure piling on the tension.

Bee Swarm Simulator

Bees and bears in Roblox Bee Swarm
Image via Roblox Bee Swarm

Many tycoon-style Roblox experiences can be played co-op, but Bee Swarm Simulator has that little bit extra that makes it stand out from the pack. You’ll collect different types of bees and use them to create pollen you can then collect; bees and collection items can be upgraded, while hostile creatures can attack. Moreover, bees have a wide range of abilities, from battling creatures to more efficient pollen collection. You can also complete quests for bonus rewards and, by working together, reach the top of the mountain and gain access to the game's most powerful items. It’s great for educational purposes too, encouraging parents to talk with their kids about how bees pollinate. 

Staying Together

A character about to throw their partner in Roblox Carry Me
Image via Roblox Carry Me

This clever dexterity game takes the classic Roblox obby experience to the co-op level. It can only be played two-player but is perfect for cooperating with a good friend who has a similar obby skill level to you. The simple premise is that you and your friend must work your way through a tough obstacle course. There are puzzle problems to solve along the way too; the trick is that you have to stay very close together throughout or fail.

Carry Me

An obby from above in Roblox Staying Together
Image via Roblox Staying Together

If anything, Carry Me can be even more infuriating than Staying Together (above). Following a similar concept, this two-player obby gets progressively more difficult as you advance. You’ll find a bunch of fun theme courses to beat, with the added fun of sometimes needing to pick up and pair with, or even throw, your buddy to beat the levels. The experience is closing in on a billion visits, although how many of these have ended in frustration is unclear! 

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Best 18 Co-Op Games on Roblox

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