When does Final Fantasy XVI come out? Release date, trailer, characters, platforms, & more!

Final Fantasy XVI closed out the show for the June 2022 PlayStation State of Play. Wowing fans with a trailer that was a combination of cutscenes and gameplay, all who viewed were treated to more information like the upcoming release date, characters, and more. Everything we know about Final Fantasy XVI What is the release […]

A War of the Eikons consumes Final Fantasy XVI

In a new trailer, lore details have been dropped for the next game in the main title of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XVI. The trailer shows a medieval world in chaos, fighting over the remaining power of crystals that manifest in Dominants. Dominants are “gifted” humans who manifest their power in their Eikon form, likely […]

Final Fantasy XIV Pandaemonium: Abyssos raid guide

The second part of Final Fantasy XIV’s Pandaemonium raid, Abyssos, can be a great challenge for players to test their skills and get better gear. Featuring four boss fights with their own challenges and mechanics, Endwalker’s main raid is sure to be a frustrating yet fun one. However, this guide will explain each boss fight found within for […]

Phoenix, Titan, Garuda… Who are these characters in Final Fantasy XVI?

Iconic figures within the Final Fantasy franchise have been given a makeover and are now new characters in Final Fantasy XVI. Classic Final Fantasy summons like Ifrit, Phoenix, Titan, Shiva, Garuda, Odin, Bahamut, and Ramuh are re-introduced as Eikons in XVI. Eikons are giant beings that are summoned through human conduits called Dominants. The Eikons […]