Hometopia officially delays release, moves to the Metaverse

Home-building simulator Hometopia has officially delayed its release and announced its move to the Metaverse. The news broke directly from the developer in a post on Medium, linked on Twitter.  In the post, developer The Isn’t Company outlined the new direction of the game and a new release date: March 2022. Hometopia will now move into […]

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Paladin Rotation

In Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, Paladin has one of the more complex rotations for tanks. This is because Paladin has both a magic phase of their damage and a physical phase. Balancing the two is the core of the Paladin gameplay. Below we’ve detailed the current optimal Paladin opener and the standard Paladin rotation. For […]

Best Kingsglaive glamours for Final Fantasy XIV

Characterized by their all-black outfits, long coats, and black boots, the Kingsglaive of Final Fantasy XV are prime candidates to be cosplayed as in Final Fantasy XIV. And with the vast array of black outfits and appropriate gear available, it’s definitely an achievable look for a glamour plate! But what are the best Kingsglaive glamours […]