How to play AimBotz in CS2

We all have a lot of sweet memories in CS:GO, especially the countless hours of training in the AimBotz mam. Unfortunately, the workshop maps, including the AimBotz training map, are not available in Counter-Strike 2 at the moment. However, there’s an easy workaround to install the AimBotz map in CS2 in order to continue your […]

CS2 Mic not working – How to fix

The in-game voice chat feature plays a significant role in Counter-Strike 2, allowing you to verbally communicate with your teammates. But what happens if your Mic doesn’t work while playing CS2? It can be incredibly frustrating as you can no longer give callouts to your allies and can even lose some crucial rounds. If you’ve […]

Valorant to CS2 Sens Converter

Valve has finally released Counter-Strike 2, the revamped version of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. So, it’s obvious that many Valorant players would want to get their hands on it, but they will need to convert their mouse sensitivity first. In case you’re struggling to convert your Valorant’s mouse sensitivity to Counter-Strike 2, we’ve got you covered […]

CS2 Premier vs Competitive, Explained

Counter-Strike 2 features a variety of game modes, including the most prominent Premier and Competitive modes. The Competitive mode is well-known to most CS:GO players, but not everyone has experienced the Premier mode yet. So, I decided to find out what the Premier mode entails and how it is different from the Competitive mode. How […]