7 Best Terraria 1.4 Seeds

From your desktop computer to your mobile phone, Terraria is easily one of the most fun multiplatform games you can play solo or in multiplayer mode. It’s all about freedom as the game allows you to build cities, explore the world or go cave-crawling, looking for ever-more powerful enemies to defeat. And if you’re looking […]

Best Smoke Spots on Anubis in CS: GO

Anubis is one of the newest maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and will be part of the active duty map pool. Smokes are a vital piece of any strategy in the game. Players must study every map with different smoke spots and angles to play effectively. This article will discuss some of the best smoke spots on […]

Anime Souls Simulator Codes (April 2023)

Welcome to Anime Souls Simulator, an anime-inspired collecting Roblox Experience! Your goal is to build a team of the most powerful fighters and send them out to raids to collect energy and souls. Spend your hard-earned money to upgrade your crew even further and take on the more challenging villains. The codes for Anime Souls […]