A.I.M. is a Legendary Fortnite Outfit from the A.I.M. set.

This is the skin you can earn by completing the Battle Pass challenges for the Hunting Party Challenges!

Official Description

Scanning area for targets.

Cosmetic Information

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A.I.M.'s Attachments

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A.I.M. Set

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  1. In season 6 it was my first time buying the battle pass ( been playing since season 2 ) and was having a hard time with some of the challenges, I couldn’t bring myself to look it up on YouTube because I always thought of that as cheating. So I never got A.I.M 🙃

  2. I got the A.I.M. Skin!!
    All thanks to you Evident, your challenges helped me get it this season. Keep it up. I have no doubt your guides hepled other people too

      1. Oops grammar error
        I meant to say “Your guides helped complete the challenges (and get the skin) this season” not “your challenges helped me get it this season”

  3. I hate it. It looks like a mix between Iron Man and some power armor from Fallout. These week skins get worse every season. The pickaxe is pretty sweet though.

    But the backbling… I love it. I believe it’s called elim for a reason. Elim as in elimination. I think the number on the back is how many kills you have in that match. That would be so cool….

    1. We don’t need your negativity here
      Just saying, if you don’t like the skin, don’t get it. ( Don’t work for it – complete the missions )

  4. The body and the arms with the head looks sick!
    but the pants tho… yeah..
    The Visitor is my favorite out of all of these challenges so far

  5. Ha, Epic games makes fun of people that use aimbot by making a skin that’s a robot called A.I.M. Super creative on their part.