Bao Bros

Bao Bros

Bao Bros is a Epic Fortnite Outfit.

Official Description

Steamed up and ready for action.

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    1. Im starting to think this is gonna join k-pop and that one space hop bunny thingy in the unreleased skin graveyard.

  1. I’m getting really tired wen a skin tries to do something new and different the fortnite community bashes it for trying to do something unique witch just show’s how conformative and mundane the fortnite community really is.

    1. This is a community who claim Renegade Raider and Recon Specialist, 2 generic soldiers that have nothing unique are legendary. Why?

      1. Because theyre rare, other than that theyre pretty lacking for their rarities and dont have much uniqueness about them, theyre still decent skins tho just a bit outdated

  2. Not trying to be rude but there will actually be 4 because lil whip is based of the ice cream store across the street from the race track Sofdeezs

  3. its wird but it fits in fortnite beacause there is a durrr buger skin and a Durrr burger restrant and same with the tomato head skin and there adding another food skin and now there are 3 food skins

  4. Hi Evident, any idea if a Taco skin will be coming out soon as all the other stores have mascots e.g. durr, tomato, lil whip etc. I saw a concept online but I wasn’t sure if it was real. Thanks 😀