Grind is an Epic Fortnite Outfit from the Hang Time set.

The Epic Grind skin is part of the Hang Time Bundle and is part of the Fortnite x Jordan collaboration. If you purchase the bundle, you get both this and the Clutch skin. You can complete the challenges below to unlock more styles for this skin:

Grind Challenges

  • Complete Any 3 Challenges to Unlock the Reward (3)
    • Reward: Red Style
  • Play any 3 creative games (3)
    • Reward: Pink Style
  • Change the color of 100 tiles in creative mode (100)
    • Reward: Yellow Style
  • Collect 50 basketballs in creative mode (50)
    • Reward: No Reward (?)

Official Description

Greatness is forever.

Cosmetic Information

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Grind's Attachments

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Grind Images

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Grind Wallpaper

Hang Time Set

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  1. Evident, what is this skin really? I believe he should be in the “robot” category or I am wrong? Because clearly he doesn’t look like a human in a costume.

  2. Wait so were they going for basketball or skating? I love the skis and the game mode is pretty cool but the whole concept is pretty confusing. Feels like they found a notnellaf creative map and decided to shove it together with the jordan stuff

    1. Yeah its confusing. The skin is great but I still don’t understand the whole thing here. Is a robot with human foots because the theme of this season is Futuristic. Use Jordan outfits but it don’t look like a basketball player and tbh, neither does look like a skater guy. The girl Clutch looks more normal.
      But anyway, is a great skin, one of the very best Epic skins.

  3. Pretty interesting crossover. To be honest, I dislike the girl. Is just the Duelist/Sunbird girl with Nike clothes. They could make a way better job with her.
    Now, Grind, I think is cool and unique. It looks very well with the Jordan suits and the colors combinations looks great! The concept is kind of confusing, I need a little help here Evident; Robot? Human? Cyborg? I say because his upper body don’t look human but his ankles?? I don’t t know if it was made on purpose or was a type of mistake. But any way, I like that skin.
    1800 VBucks for the bundle? YES! Grind is worth the Epic rarity, the girl is Rare (blue). If they give me the option to buy only one for 1200 VBucks, I would buy Grind. But common!! 1800 VBucks for both of them is a very good deal.