Midas is a Legendary Fortnite Outfit from the Golden Ghost set. Midas was available via the Battle Pass during Season 12 and could be unlocked at Tier 100.

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All that glitters is yours.

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Golden Ghost Set

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  1. Evident, what do you think that’s gonna happen with Midas in the event? I assume that he communicates with the Seven?

    1. I’m not sure, based on the leaked LTM loading screen it looks like he probably uses the suit from the Cyclo skin somehow.

    1. His reactive effect is that he can turn any weapon or item except for the Bandage Bazooka into gold. Yes, boats, choppas, pistols, shotguns, anything can turn gold. Not only is it a cool “wrap”, but it will remain golden for the entire match, so if you find a golden Tactical Shotgun in your next match, it could have been from a Midas. Hope this helped!

      1. Yeah. After level 100 you need less XP to level up. However, The more you level up, The more XP you need to level up. And 200-300 is much harder to level through than 1-100/100-200

  2. Midas is a very good skin because you don’t have to buy skins for your weapons because he turn every weapon you touch into gold very cool better buy this battle pass!!!