Onesie is a Epic Fortnite Outfit from the Durrr Burger set.

Official Description

Smash that snooze button.

Cosmetic Information

  • Release Date: 12/06/2018
  • Last Seen: 02/28/2019
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Outfit
  • Availability: Battle Pass
  • Battle Pass Season: 7
  • Battle Pass Tier: 87
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Rating: 3.7/5. From 3.2K votes.
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Durrr Burger Set

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  1. I don’t mean to get anyone’s hopes up for it “coming back” but, considering how Bullseye was released after being “taken out from the game”, this can be the same for this skin. Really all there is to do, is to be patient.

    1. Well if they don’t release it they’re not going to be able to get all the money from the skin. Plus skins are expensive in this game 2,000 V-Bucks (20 dollars). Plus Almost every streamer especially ninja buys all the skins that are released.