Rogue Spider Knight

Rogue Spider Knight

Rogue Spider Knight is likely a Challenge Pack along the lines of Breakpoint, Fallen Love Ranger, and Inferno. This usually comes with V-Bucks, but instead it looks like this pack comes with two additional styles that you can earn by completing challenges. The pack has been $9.99 USD, but we haven't confirmed the price yet.

Rogue Spider Knight Challenges

  • Play a match of Battle Royale (1)
  • Land at different Named Locations (3)
  • Search chests (5)
  • Start or join a Creative server (1)

Completing the challenges will earn you styles for this skin as well as the back bling that comes with it.

Official Description

Weave a web of destruction.

Cosmetic Information

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Rating: 3.8/5. From 339 votes.
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Rogue Spider Knight's Attachments

Attachments are items that come with a cosmetic when a particular one is purchased.

Rogue Spider Knight Images

Arachnid Set

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  1. Rouge is right if they keep doing this Recolor of are favorite skins crap and charging for it my money is going to go rogue and it won’t be going to Epic anymore.

  2. I have the normal Spider Knight skin. One of my favorite. This honestly makes me angry. They are releasing a better Spider Knight, after so many months we bought the original.
    The Original Spider Knight is still my favorite, but of course, this has 3 styles, so is better in any logical way.
    Such a unfair decision of Epic, make this lazy skin and sell it in somehow a real money pack. They should make an entirely original skin. I wish to know who make this bad decision that make their existing users very angry.

    1. its probably a reskinned xbox pack they have done it with 2 other legendary skins and your just noticing this now?

      1. I don’t think is xbox exclusive. Is a pack probably in 9.99$ that can be bought by everybody.
        Is a unfair decision to take a legendary skin, upgrade it and sell in a different pack.

    2. I am also very mad about this. I love the spider knight skin. when they add styles for skins that cost less but they make a whole new challenge pack of the exact same skin that is more expensive it’s just not fair

    But I hope it’s a Xbox gold exclusive