Fortnite Best Landing Spots and Locations

Fortnite's map can look quite daunting at first, but this guide to the best locations and places to land should help clear up the best places to go!

Our guide of the Best Landing Spots in Fortnite for Season 9 features a bunch of high loot concentration spots that will get you equipped and ready to go on the attack! We're also featuring some spots that are less popular so you can loot up in safety.

It's now Season 9 and the map continues to change in evolve. We've now got Slipstreams all over the map that will help you travel, we've got Sky Platforms you can land on for quick loot, and the popular Tilted Towers and Retail Row have converted into Neo Tilted and Mega Mall!

Where You Probably Shouldn't Land

Lonely Lodge and Junk Junction are probably some of the worst landing spots in the game. Now, this doesn't mean you can't get looted out and get a win if you land at these spots, but for various reasons they are poor locations. I'll go into more detail...

Lonely Lodge

An area that is just kind of awkward with chests scattered around. It's slightly better these days because you can transition over to the superhero mansion that is south of it, but if you get a bad circle you are going to be having to run for a long time. This is one of the common weaknesses to areas that are on the edges of the map.

Junk Junction

Again, this isn't a bad spot for getting loot, but it's very far away from everything. If the circle is on the far side of the map you are going to be traveling the entirety of the game. There's also limited resources, it does have palettes of wood, but you'll have to hit trees along the way to really get enough resources.

Fortnite Best Landing Locations

What you are mostly looking for when you land is a spot that has good loot and doesn't have a ton of people. You would generally prefer a few enemies floating around so you can kill them and round up their supplies, but you don't want so much that you are fighting to grab a pistol and getting rushed by multiple people with shotguns. I'm breaking up the section into more populated and less populated areas. It is really personal preference on how you like to play the game, but if you really want to improve I recommend seeking action so you can get better at building and combat under fire.

More Populated Areas

These are the better areas to drop to if you are looking for action and good loot. I only recommend these areas if you are experienced with the game and you have all of the basics down, such as building, looting quickly, and have a good handle on the weapons.

Neo Tilted

New: Neo Tilted POI

A lot of people land here and there's a good reason for it... It has a ton of loot! There's loot everywhere, and the buildings are huge so each floor has the potential to have something good on it. The problem is that because a lot of people land here so you'll have to watch out for people from just about every angle. Your best bet it to scope out a roof with a gun and quickly make sure you can grab it before anyone else. If you are able to grab something quickly, look for someone to quickly kill to make sure they can't grab a gun themselves or use a shield that you could be drinking. Don't stay on any roof for too long, because you could easily get shot from many different spots. You'll also find corner buildings your best bet, this limits the areas you can get shot at from.

Neo Tilted is a popular place among people who aren't as proficient at building. You can use a lot of the natural walls and cover instead of having to build everything yourself. If you are looking to play this way, always be aggressively trying to take battles where you can hold the right side view. If you didn't know, being able to peek on the right is far bigger advantage due to how the camera is placed over your right shoulder. If you have to peek on your left, you'll be far more exposed and it takes long to take a shot. You'll notice that really good players look to always peek on their right.

You can also now bail from Tilted pretty quickly if you want due to the Slipstreams. You will have to be careful though, people can fire at you while you are riding one of them. A good way to use these is to launch yourself out of the top of the stream, and then fall back into it. This makes you harder to hit!

Another thing to be careful of is people shooting at you from the surrounding mountains. The southern mountain that overlooks the towers is notorious for stragglers that will come from the south part of the map.

Paradise Palms

This was a new addition to the map in the Season 5 update. It's in the desert biome that use to be Moisty Mire. I actually really like this place, but it can be very popular so be ready to fight immediately. There's a ton of houses with lots of chests in the area. You can also sometimes find a rift north of the town.

Mega Mall

New: Mega Mall POI

While I like the look and theme behind Mega Mall, I'm not as in love with it as a loot spot compared to Retail Row. The actual mall area is very large and kind of awkward to get around in. The chests are very spread apart, and if you get in a fight here it's going to be very close quarters in the early game. The housing area is largely the same, so it's still pretty good. It's also unfortunate that LeBron must have moved, because the house no longer has a basketball court!

You do have a large network of Slipstreams to use, so traveling from here to another location is pretty convenient.

Salty Springs

Salty is kind of popular by default because it's kind of right in the middle of the map. There's rarely a game where this town is too far from the bus path. It's pretty small but does have enough loot to support a few players. Fights can get pretty crazy here, so just be ready for a battle if you decide to land here.

Less Populated Areas

If you're looking for good spots that have loot but less people dropping then these are good areas. Keep in mind that these areas are more populated when the bus is driving right over them, so "less populated" just largely means people aren't landing their consistently. These are areas you can land if you are looking specifically to win the game. Winning games largely involves NOT running into a lot of people, and playing defensively for the most part.

Loot Lake Buildings

I really like this spot, but it's probably not going to remain low population for long. There's three big buildings here that can each have a few chest spawns, there's a possible vending machine spawn near the big truck in the middle (under the big power cord), and you are right next to a Slipstream for easy travel out of the area. This is also fairly centered to the map, so you shouldn't struggle too much with circle placement.

Pirate Ship

This one might be a bit more populated, but it's really good for loot. There's a ton of chests and resources to be harvested from this area. Also, after you're done here you can either head east to the town, or you can go to the beach to the west where there's a spot that has a possible three chest spawns available!

Cactus Mountain Near John Wick's House

This is a good solid route, and you can even go hit up John Wick's house if no one lands there. Land on the mountain with the cactus on it. You can find a couple of chests here, and you'll want to harvest down the cactus. Head down to the east and head to the four pillars surrounding a cactus. There's another couple of chests possible here, and you can get some more quick harvesting in. Run up north from here towards the truck and Quadcrashers where you can find another chest. From here, you can either grab a quad and head out, or you can loot up John Wick's house if it hasn't been looted yet. If you go to the basement, you'll find a spot you can break near a desk that can have three chests!

Another option with this spot is to head south to "Mini Junk Junction" which is unnamed spot just south of the mountain. Both John Wick's house and Mini-Junk can be landed at by other players, so be careful.

Near the Wooden Sled

If you want an unnamed spot and a likely spawn for a Baller then this is a good one. Land at the mountain area with the red building, head in there and there can possibly be up to three chests inside. Grab a baller outside, and drop down to the smaller area north. There's a possible chest in the shack, one in the roof, and some weapon spawns all around this area. You can head to the sled for another chest and some loot spawns. If you go west from there you can hit up the busted down house for another possible chest spawn.

Once you've done that circuit of looting, you have some more options. You can head south east for the unnamed buildings near the river, or you can head south west and loot up all the various spots that are in the snow area that are unnamed.

Haunted Castle

The Haunted Castle that was created during Halloween of 2018 is now dilapidated, but that doesn't mean there isn't good loot to be found. You can find around four chest spawns here. Slightly to the east you'll find a broken shack that can have a chest spawn and some loot. After that you can either head down to Haunted Hills for more loot, or you can take the zipline over to the windmill and potentially get a chest and a Baller that can spawn there.

This should be a pretty quiet spot as long as no one goes after the Baller at the windmill.

Sky Platforms

There are now seven Sky Platforms on the map in Fortnite, and they are pretty versatile landing spots. You can usually get at least a few chest spawns, ammo boxes, and weapon spawns. The slight problem with these is that there's no real resources to harvest, so if you get in a fight you'll have to do it without building (unless you got to open a couple of chests first). Once you're done looting here, jump through one of the turbines then launch yourself out of it upwards. You can then glide your way to your next potential spot.

Viking Village

Viking Village is still around in Season 9 and is still a pretty quality landing spot. You can get looted up pretty quickly here, and there's a lot of wood to be harvested. The one issue I have with this place is that it's pretty hard to travel from here. There's no obvious ways to quickly move from here to other spots, and you are pretty much stuck running. You could, however, head a bit south west and take the zipline over to the small red expedition garage. There could be a Driftboard spawn, or a Quadcrasher in the garage area.

RV Park

A quality spot for getting resources and getting looted up. The best place to start here is on the big red barn and hack through the roof. You can get two quick chest spawns here, and from there you can loot around. There's a fair amount of trees and fence here, and if you are looking for metal you can carve up the vehicles! As for travel, you can either grab a Quadcrasher that sometimes spawns here, or you can head to Mega Mall and use the Slipstream to go to the next area.

South of Paradise Palms (Mexico or Westworld)

I'd say this is more of a mid-tier popular place to land due to it being popularized by Tfue. It is mostly known as Westworld, after the HBO television show that partially takes place in a western setting. There's a ton of chests to loot here, so getting looted is pretty easy in this area. There's a lot of various things you can harvest to get your resources up, you should come out of this place with full shield and a nice loadout.

Let us know in the comments where you like to land and we might add some of your options to the list!

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  1. visible confusion……. please mark can you update this it would be amazing as it would help is out. you could say lowkey places like flopper pond or zero point or even weather station! i remember season 9 and it was really fun but please update this if you can!

    1. Remind me next week after Christmas and I’ll take a look at it! Happy Christmas to you!

  2. …why was this updated?

    1. Do you mean why wasn’t this updated? As it hasn’t been updated for a while.

      1. It literally says at the top of the article “Updated: December 22, 2020” and got pushed to the front page because of it. So no, I’ll stick with and expand my original question. Why was this “updated” when no information in it has changed?

        1. So it was. Probably due to something technical that had to be done. These things happen

    2. I’m thinking that too

  3. Dusty is a good place to land cus u get decent loot it’s not heavily populated and you can get allot of wood

  4. Lebrons house already got the basketball court removed and it’s called dog house!!!!!!!!

  5. The tiny house to the north of Lazy Links could have up to 3 chest spawns, and you could rotate to Lazy Links, the motel, or The Block

  6. thank you and you should add the tunnel near tomato temple it has two chests and lots of ground loot, also its right in between tomato temple and dusty so you can loot their and get some kills.

  7. I think that the mountain next to salty has good loot with three chests and you can go to the expedition outpost, go to dusty, or go to salty.

  8. thank you

    1. It’s decent 👌

  9. What about Leaky Lake? There’s tons of loot there and it’s pretty popular.

  10. For me it’s Shifty For life

  11. Lonely lidge is not that bad, a good amount of chests, close to the abandned mansion and the racetrack (extra loot YAY!),easily max wood and you can jump off the lookout tower and redeploy for mobility.

    1. Yeah. Sniper tower is my fav. place on the whole map

  12. Add Wailing to one of the best, It has good mobility (rift and quadcrasher). Tons of mats. Also, good loot. It has gotten a lot better since season six to have about 20 chest spawns.

  13. Actually it’s pretty fine to go haunted hills
    -lots of loot
    -you and your squad can split up and take the castle and houses
    Motel is over near it (rifts spawn at it)
    Junk junction is also close (extra loot YAY)
    Evident, please reconsider!

  14. Snobby Shores is a good place for begginers like me, it has lots of chests and you can pop in a couple kills – Cole M

  15. I like dusty

  16. I love this game so much

    1. Do you still love it after they removed siphon and pumps?

  17. I find it can be good to land on the fox near wailing, as it can have two chests and is near wailing and the house made of walls

  18. There is an area southwest of Wailing Woods with a bunch of boxcars that has some pretty good loot. Your best bet is to land in the area, grab weapons, items, and materials, and head for somewhere good nearby like Retail Row or Anarchy Acres.

    1. Rip container yard 😢 (the name of that place is container yard btw)

      1. And wailing woods

  19. Haunted is also a pretty good landing

    1. It’s okay, I like Snobby Shores better.

      1. I can’t wait till they make the final house taken over by Vikings!

  20. There is a hill near dusty depot that has a tower and a campsite that has up to 3 chest.

    1. Rip dusty😢

  21. That is so good places