Fortnite How to Get Bot Lobbies (Season 4) – All Bots Only!

We're taking a look at how to get full bot lobbies in Fortnite! This doesn't mean bad players added to the game, this means you will get a full lobby of all bots, which are controlled by AI and not by a human being. Why would you want to do this? Well, it's pretty good practice if you're just looking to get a bit of real world experience, and it's a really good way to gain experience and even complete your challenges for a season.

This is the exact same process in Chapter 2 Season 4! However, if you had an extra account you used last season then you might need to create another one for it to work. Also, if you were using an Apple device as your secondary account, you can no longer do this because you can't update it to the new patch. You will have to use a different phone, tablet, or console to make it work!

Update: Fortnitemares Removes Bot Lobbies

Bot Lobbies appear to be working, I've tested it now myself. I'm not sure why it was being reported so often that they weren't, but you should be able to use them in Fortnitemares.

What are Bots?

Bots are AI controlled players that will sometimes be added to your game. They play at a pretty low skill level, so they give newer players a chance to get some practice in without getting trounced initially. Fortnite is a pretty skill heavy game, which means if you've never played you are going to likely get dominated in the early stages of your development. The bots seek to make things a bit more fair early on.

Why Were Bots Added?

The first reason is to give newer players a chance at getting an elimination and practicing in a more real world scenario. The second reason is that they've basically added them in as filler for matches. Epic has introduced skill-based matchmaking which puts players of similar skill levels together. This can lead to some holes for some players when they queue up, so bots will help fill this gap when necessary.

Bot Lobbies Guide

To play against bots, you will need to create a new account and have it invite you to a squad match! I'm going to go through details of what is required to make this happen in the information below.

Do this at your own risk! I wouldn't think you could banned for this, but it isn't exactly how you're intended to play so there's always a slight possibility something could happen. It's more likely they patch it out of the game then ban your account.

Step 1: Create a New Account

You are going to need to create a new account to do this. Don't worry, it's not a big deal and you won't actually be playing on it. You just need it to get your main account into a lobby that is full of bots. Just click this link to create the account.

Step 2: Login to The New Account on a Different Device

You're going to need to now login to that account via another device that you aren't playing with your main account. This would usually be your mobile device, and you would either be playing on PC or a console. If you're main device is mobile, there might not be much you can do if you don't have an alternative platform to put Fortnite on.

Step 3: Invite Your Main Account to a Party

Now that you're into your second account, you just need to invite your main account to a party. You can do this through the social tab, send them a friend request, accept it on your main account, then join up with them in a party.

Step 4: Start a No Fill Squad Game on Your Second Account

Make sure the secondary account is the host and then have it queue up for a Squad game.

Step 5: Make Your Secondary Account Leave the Game

Once you've gotten into the game, make sure to leave the game with your alternate account. You don't want them to gain ANY experience, because then you will no longer get bot only lobbies if you do! You should now be in a game with all bots and no human players!

That's everything you need to do face a lobby that is full of bots! This is a great way to jump in and either loot it all up for experience, or go on a rampage to practice against AI players. You shouldn't worry about facing real players with this method, it should all be AI, so don't feel too bad about tearing them up!

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About the Author

Shaun aka Evident is a lifelong gamer and creator of websites. He mostly focuses on shooters, but has been known to dabble in the occasional card game as well. You can find him binge watching TV shows in his downtime.

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  1. Still getting real people in bot lobbies, help?

    1. Not much we can do about it. You can try creating a new secondary account?

  2. Who else is planning to use this tomorrow on midas challenge

  3. Thanks for this update, But I played and there is a chance for there to e a real player inside of a fortnitemares Bot lobby

    1. Seems like it happens sometimes, I swear I had a couple in one last night. Are you using an alternate an account that is level 1? I think mine got some free XP which made it go to level 2. I was wondering if that was the problem.

      1. When I got home I tested it and I still had a game full of real people, so I created a new Account and tried again. I did get a couple of games with just BOTS but also got a couple of games with real people, And yep, when I created the new account, the account went to Level 2 immediately? In the past your Bot account would work until it reached level 10, once it reached Level 10 you would always get real people.

        But start a game, and leave your BOT account in the game until it is halfway across the map in the bus. If there are still 100 players in the game, the odds are you have a full Bot game. If your Bot leaves the game and before you drop and there are less than 99 people on the bus, the odds are there are other people in the game. Another thing to look for during the game, all Bots have a level of under 100 while most other people will be over level 100 at this stage of the season. So look at the combat messages… for example Kezzafett (170) eliminated….. If you see a higher than 100 level in the list then you have real people in your game.

        Hopefully, they will fix this after Fortnitemares.

      2. I’m out of luck with my iPhone as far as bot lobbies, but how does Fortnitemares work with the Shadows? Are they NPCs too?

        1. The bots turn into shadows and hunt you down!

      3. No because when it was at level one (account level 4) it still put me with real players

        1. What do you mean level one (account level 4)?

          1. If you go to your carrier tab there is a account level above your leagices

  4. Glad to hear the bot lobbies are working again with fortnitemares. As a ‘not very good’ 50 year old player I use these lobbies to do challenges and just chill out after work before bed, without having to just die after game after game. Thank god they’re back.

    1. I am 18 years old and I’m not good either thats why I do bot lobbies

    2. I’m the same way! I like to do my challenges in them as well, it’s much more relaxing.

  5. I don’t think they are working during event

    1. I just did it today, and it worked fine.

      1. That would be interesting. There’s the experience they gift everyone and so that would defeat the idea of 0 experience being the reason for bot matches. You foshizzle?

  6. Does wins in bot lobbies count for achievements

    1. I believe they do.

      1. Yes they do. Bot lobby wins count as duos or squads wins towards the 100 duos & squads wins achievements but as LTM wins in your account stats.

  7. I want a lobby bot

    1. Follow the instructions.

  8. May I please have a lobby bot

    1. All of the instructions are listed in this post, so all you need to do is follow them to get one.

  9. Did anyone got banned for this yet? Currently trying it out but just curious

    1. I haven’t heard of anyone getting banned.

      1. it was really helpful to get wolverine with your guides so thanks! (even though he killed me once cuz I didn’t read all the way to the part that he gets back up) but im still terrified ill get banned.

        1. I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine, I used the bot lobby all of last season and a bit this season.

          1. I checked and the wins I got didn’t count, so im starting to feel more like this is an allowed glitch. It also works with a squad.

  10. I would like to believe that Epic is letting us do this so we can play without getting sweated on

  11. Would you be able to bring a friend into a bot lobby with you or would that affect it and make it so its real players?

    1. Yes you bringing a friend works just make sure your extra account is the party leader and do squads no fill.

    2. Not sure on that, sorry.

  12. Can we play ltm like solid gold in bot lobbies

    1. Based on my experience, since bot lobbies depend on the game mode having skill based matchmaking to work, they will only work in the game modes that have skill based matchmaking. Bot lobbies won’t work in any game mode without skill based matchmaking like Team Rumble and LTMs like Unvaulted, Solid Gold & Rally Royale. Bots only use the default style for any cosmetic items they’re using, so any player using a non-default style for a cosmetic item, such as the blue color palette for the stage 4 Lynx skin, is a real player and not a bot. Bots also don’t drive vehicles.

    2. I think high explosives and 2 team games are the only modes in which this won’t work. The knockout modes don’t make sense either

    3. Not sure on that honestly, why not give it a try?

  13. You are able to do bot lobbies in duos. It is the exact same process, but just as duos. Also, are you able to do bot lobbies in Arena Trios? I want to test it out with a friend, but idk if it will work or not.

    1. I don’t think you’ll get bots only in Arena.

  14. Also you can go on switch cause there are alot of bots on switch servers

  15. I I really want lobby bot

    1. So do the steps I list in this guide! It still works fine!

  16. It still works from Console for pc or just to do Mobile

    1. It could work on console and pc.

  17. Hey this really works ! Switching to mouse and keyboard just got a whole load less stressful ! Thanks

  18. Can I use PC for second account?

    1. Help I’m doing this method and I’m barely getting any bots. My second account is on switch and level 1. Am I doing something wrong?

      1. Are you sure you aren’t getting bots? They could be all eliminating each other, or you need to watch where they land.

    2. Yes.

  19. Do the wins that you get in bot lobbies transfer to your stats?

    1. No they do not

      1. They show up in “LTM” stats but not for rankings.

    2. I’m not sure, maybe someone else knows?

  20. is this possible in split screen with the main account is the party leader

    1. I doubt it.

  21. Are you able to do this in duos?

    1. You can try it, but I’m not sure on that.

      1. Duos or Squads will make a bot lobby but not LTM (and the noob account doesn’t qualify for Arena). Squads is better imho tho because bot duos kill each other faster and you can merc a whole squad pretty quick.

  22. OK once you do this and play the match thru how do you get in not lobby again. Do you have to re join your second account all over again each time?

    1. Once you get in a game, you just leave the game on your secondary account. You play the game normally on your main account, then when it’s over you’ll go back to the lobby and still be in the party. You then just repeat the process.

  23. Any recommendations where to land? More specificity which place has the most bots.

    1. The earliest named location near the bus is probably going to be the best. Try launching once the bus lets you and then float for a bit to watch where they all go.

      1. Sweet thanks. And epic can’t ban us for this right?

        1. I can’t make any guarantees on that, but I wouldn’t think they would ban people for this.

  24. So leave the first game and do it again or leave the first game and create my own lobby you never specified

    1. The new account invites your main account to a party. Your new account starts the game and you ready up. Once you are both in the game, the new account leaves the game and you play on your main.

  25. quick question because epic removed skill based matchmaking will It affect the bot lobbies???

    1. I’ve done it a few times and it worked fine, so I don’t think that’s an issue.

  26. This really helps because my little brother REALLY wants the rest of the Kit set.

  27. at the endgame i get actual players for some reason, in bot lobbies

    1. Just cuz they’re bots doesn’t mean Victory Royale is a guarantee. I’ve gotten taken out in the early game unprepared and endgame cuz they have purple & gold. I just love that they have all these random names ready to go!

    2. Haven’t had that issue. Are you sure the secondary account is level 1?

  28. how do i do bot lobbies withh only 1 device with fortnite? im ios so i cant really duplicate fortnite and dual screen it

    1. Use someone else’s device? There’s no way that I know of.

      1. oh ok thx

  29. Is this bannable?

  30. I have a few questions about this, not in like a mean way, but can you have 2 people in the party with the new account and still work? And is it account level of battle pass levels, thanks in advance!