Risk of Rain 2 Rex Guide – Gameplay, Release Date, Abilities & Skills

We're taking a detailed look at the Rex character from Risk of Rain 2!

Our Risk of Rain 2 Rex Guide takes a look at all the information we know about this new survivor! We're taking a look at some gameplay and information on the release date, as well as its abilities and skills! Rex has yet to release, so we don't have all the information we'd like just yet, but we'll be updating this guide as we learn more.

Rex is a completely new character to Risk of Rain 2! He's a plant-robot hybrid survivor, who combines those two abilities to take down all of the monsters in his path! The plant based abilities are self-damaging, but he makes up for that by featuring a couple of healing abilities in his kit. He's a rather large character, this will make him much easier to hit, but hopefully the healing abilities make up for this.

Rex's Release Date

Unknown at this time, but based on the Risk of Rain 2 Road Map, it is supposed to be due in June!

How-to Unlock Rex

It's unclear how you will unlock Rex, but the developers mention there will be a unique quest to complete. They seemed to allude to the fact that this is much different than how you unlock all of the other previously locked survivors.

Rex's Abilities & Skills

Rex is a half-plant and half-robot character. Half the kit takes advantage of its plant abilities, and the other half takes advantage of the robot ones. Rex's plant based abilities cost health, but this is offset by the M1 ability that gets a heal if you land the third shot. You can also obviously mitigate this with healing based items.

  • M1: Fires three projectiles, if you hit the third dart it will give you a small heal.
  • M2: This calls down a mortar to drop down on whatever you are aiming at. It costs health to use this ability.
  • Shift: Force cannon like ability. It shoves things away from you, this has added utility due to an upcoming update that allows for damage to enemies that are forcefully thrown into walls.
  • R: Fires out a seed onto the ground where you are aiming, it grabs any monsters that go within its proximity. This ability will heal you based on how many monsters you gathered into it.

When you're sprinting with Rex you go underground. It's unclear if this makes you less likely to be hit by monster projectiles or not.

Other Rex Information

  • Rex can take advantage of items that are activated by taking damage because they will work when Rex uses one of its self-damaging abilities. Items like Stealth Kit and Med Kit are better on this character because you can trigger them whenever you want.

Rex Gameplay Video

We got to see a fair amount of gameplay at IGN Live at E3! The developers of the game discussed what went into creating this new survivor, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of it. They also showed off the new stage that is likely called "Scorched Acres."

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  1. His second ability does not have charges. The game play that you saw of him where he had a second charge was due to the fact that he had a backup magazine, which adds a charge to your second ability.