Encounters Codes (June 2023) – Keys & Crystals!

Encounters, similar to its inspiration, Super Smash Bros., is all about strategy and outsmarting, outmaneuvering, and overall outplaying your opponent on the battlefield, or in this case, in the battle arena. To do this, you’ll need the best, and most OP, characters at your disposal. So how do you unlock more characters? With crystals! And […]

Rampant Blade Battlegrounds Codes (June 2023)

Rampant: Blade Battlegrounds welcomes you to the fighting arena! Team up with your friends, choose your weapons and abilities, and fight other teams in this adrenaline-pumping Roblox experience. There are various goals, like capturing the flag, becoming king of the hill, and regular team deathmatch. Get more kills than any other player on your server […]

One Shot Codes (June 2023)

In One Shot’s open-world map, you are given a random ability on your first spawning. With that ability, it is up to you to explore the city, fight enemies, and complete quests to power up your stats and earn some Yen. You can also earn a Skillset, which gives you powerful superpowers to use in […]

How to get the Exclusive Hot Dooooog pet in Pet Simulator X – Roblox

Another two weeks have come and gone, which means it’s time for another Pet Simulator X update! On May 27, 2023, Pet Simulator X released its Dog World update, which saw the addition of a whopping 18 new standard pets, four new Huge pets, one new Titanic pet, four new eggs, and an entirely new world with three unique areas—Dog World. One of the pets added with this update, the […]