Roblox Piggy Chapter 1 Guide (House)

Piggy is one of the hottest games in Roblox at the moment, so having knowledge on what you need to do in the game is crucial to your success! There are quite a few steps you need to take as a survivor to escape from certain doom! We've got information on what you need to do to complete Chapter 1 and prevent Piggy from getting you.

How to Escape Chapter 1 in Piggy

There's four main objectives to escaping the house in Chapter 1 of Piggy:

  • Use the Wrench tool to fix the power generator near the exit door (door with a code pad and boards on it).
  • Use the Hammer to remove the boards from the door.
  • Use the Silver Key to unlock the door.
  • Finally, use the Keycard to input the code on the data pad which is required for opening the door.

While this sounds relatively simple, you will need to track down quite a few items to complete these objectives! Here's a look at exactly what to do and where to find all of the items required.

First, we need to locate the Green Key. This can be found either on the table in the starting room, table in the kitchen, or the table in the room that leads to the backyard. The Green Key is always accessible and is guaranteed to spawn on one of those locations. At this time, you can also possibly find the Wood Plank which is used to access toe third floor. You can find this either on the floor of the shower, in the backyard, or in the room you unlock with the Green Key.

Use the Green Key to open up the Green Door in the house. You will then be guaranteed to find the Red Key in this room and possibly the Wood Plank. Take the Red Key and go upstairs to unlock the Red Door. Grab the Blue Key that can be found in this room and head to the backyard and unlock the Shed.

Once you open the Shed, you will likely find one of the following items:

  • Yellow Key
  • Gears
  • Hammer
  • Wrench

At this point, you're just going to need to locate the items and know what to do with them. They could be in any of their spawn locations, other players could have them, or they could've been used. So, we'll now look at where to find them and what to do with them once you do. For the most part, you don't need to do these in order.

Sometimes Needed: Orange Key

You can find the Orange Key in the Shed or near the Well in the backyard. This is used to unlock the Orange Room in the basement. You don't always need to acquire this because the items that are sometimes in here can be found elsewhere depending on if you get lucky or not.


The Wrench can be found in the Shed, in the Basement in the open room, or in the Orange Room.

Once you have the wrench, you need to go to the front door area and use it to repair the power generator. It's a digital looking panel that will have a red light on it displaying that it is broken. If it is green, that means it has already been fixed. The Wrench can also be used to open up a room on the Third Floor, which is sometimes necessary to find a Gear or Hammer.


You can find the Hammer in the Green Room, Shed, Third Floor across the Wood Plank, or in the Orange Room that's in the basement.

The Hammer is used for taking the boards off the Front Door. This needs to be done before you can escape.


The Gears can be found in the Shed, near the dining table on the first floor, in the living room (first floor) on the round table in the corner, third floor in the room that can only be opened with the Wrench, in the basement go through the vent which leads to a room that can have a gear on the table, and finally you can sometimes find gears in the Orange Room.

Gears need to be brought back to the Shed and placed in the box with the blue glass. You need to place two Gears in it: Red and Green. Once you do that it will bring up the bucket from the Well in the backyard which has the Silver Key in it! You use the Silver Key to unlock the Front Door.

Yellow Key

The Yellow Key can be found in the Basement room that is open, across the Wood Plank on the Third Floor, or in the Shed.

The Yellow Key is needed to unlock the Yellow Safe which is in the Basement, it holds the code that is used on the data pad that opens the door. This is the final thing you need to escape!


There's a Purple Key that can sometimes be found that unlocks a Purple Safe. Inside of the Purple Safe is a Pistol. You can then find Ammo and use the gun to shoot Piggy! If you shoot Piggy, they will be gone for 20 seconds and you will be safe to run around during that time.

Video Guide

If you are still having trouble completing Chapter 1 in Piggy, then here's a video guide you can follow:

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  1. Hey, do you know there is a glitch that will let you get things without keys? Just zoom in, press S until you cannot, crawl and zoom out. You will see the things inside the room! Try these on safes too, I tried it on my phone and it worked!

  2. This was rlly good info! Does each key open up to the same thing no matter which chapter it is (i.e. green key can open up hammer in house. the same happens the other chapters)?

    1. No, it’s different for each chapter as far as I know.