Yuanwu standing before the Twin Herons in Wuthering Waves.
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Where to find all Red Enemies (Map) in Wuthering Waves

Behold! All red enemies in Wuthering Waves!

Are you looking for all of the big, snacky Echoes in Wuthering Waves? With this monster map, you'll find every Red Enemy in Wuthering Waves without any issues. If you're not at a high level yet, I can't advise fighting some of these Echoes. At level 40, the level 85 straight-up one-shot my Rover before I could run away. The things I do for my readers...

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For this guide, we're going in level order of the enemies. Starting with a level 25 red Echo enemy, you'll be able to work your way up to the Spearback King, who is level 120. Each section has the map location and a shot of what your target looks like.

Northwest of Tiderise Cliff: Carapace - Engine Zero

Where to find the red Carapace in Wuthering Waves.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Level 25, easy to beat. This one isn't a red name, but it does glow red, indicating that it's a rarer Echo than the standard version.

You'll find this Chazerazor in an area surrounded by black and yellow "do not cross" barrier signs and broken street signs.

Southwest Loong's Gaze Suburbs: Viridblaze Saurian

  • Where to find Viridblaze Saurian in Wuthering Waves.
  • Red enemy Viridblaze Saurian in Wuthering Waves.

The Viridblaze Saurian here is just level 30, though it's wielding some spicy Fusion fire. Mine was asleep when I got there (mood), so I gave it a quick slash to wake it up and get the fight started.

Again, I got another three-star rarity from this red Echo fight.

Southeast of Tiderise Cliff: Autopuppet Scout

  • Where to find Autopuppet Scout in Wuthering Waves.
  • Red Autopuppet Scout in Wuthering Waves.

Another glowing echo. I got a three-star rarity from this one.

This Autopuppet Scout is level 40 and will either try to freeze you or throw ice blocks at you (and definitely a combination of both). Go in prepared to dodge.

Shattered Blocks: Wasteland Bellower

  • Where to find Havoc Dreadmane in Wuthering Waves.
  • Red Havoc Dreadmane in Wuthering Waves.

A small pack of doggos awaits you in the center of Wuming Bay's Shattered Blocked.

These Havoc Dreadmane Echoes are all level 40. Good luck.

East of the Distribution Centre: Sabyrkin

  • Where to find the Sabyr Boar in Wuthering Waves.
  • Red Sabyr Boar in Wuthering Waves.

You will be skewered by three boars if you're not careful. The Sabyr Boars in this area are nasty — at level 50, they're ready to charge and can take you out faster than a Tinder match.

You should be able to get one of them as an Echo, but it really does depend on the Echo Pity system.

North of Misty Coast: Illuminator Theater

  • Where to find Illuminator Theatre in Wuthering Waves.
  • Red Illuminator Theatre in Wuthering Waves.

Not one, not two, but THREE level 60 Traffic Illuminators await you at Illuminator Theater.

As if they were actually doing the job of traffic lights, the Traffic Illuminators can be found on a broken-down road in the east of Desorock Highland — next to Withering Frontline.

Again, these can and will one-shot you if you're not at a high enough level. You won't get all three Echoes, but you might get one. Try to get them to stand together so your attacks hit all three of them at once.

Southwest Donglu Research Station: Roseshroom — Mutant

  • Where to find Roseshroom in Wuthering Waves.
  • Red Roseshroom in Wuthering Waves.

The huge Roseshroom is easy to find — I almost walked past it, but it attacked me. Whoops. Just head to the pond that's southwest of the Research Station and you'll find this Echo quickly.

At level 60, it's not an easy fight. It's even more complicated because of the little shrooms shooting lasers at you.

Northeast Donglu Research Station: Scorpion's Nest

  • Where to find the Scorpion's Nest in Wuthering Waves.
  • Scorpion's Nest in Wuthering Waves.

When you reach this location, go inside the underground area that's shielded by the canopy. Go straight, walk or run past the underground encampment, and follow the path around to the locked door (nothing confusing, you're just following the path from the entrance to the door).

The password to the door is 2457.

Go through, walk a bit, and you'll find a lovely Scorpion's Nest of level 70 Diamondclaw Echoes.

North Sea of Flames: Fractsidus Follower

  • Where to find Fractisidus Followers in Wuthering Waves.
  • Red Fractisidus Followers in Wuthering Waves.

The only non-Echo on this list is a Fractsidus Follower battle. These red enemies need to be taken down for more than their fashion sense.

They're all level 80, but, hey. You get a chest if you win!

East of Camp Overwatch: Obelisk Guardian

  • Where to find Obelisk Guardian in Wuthering Waves.
  • Red Obelisk Guardian in Wuthering Waves.

The Obelisk Guardian sits at the end of the highest cliff in Camp Overwatch. The closest Fast Travel point is the Huanglong-Desorock Highland-Camp Overwatch Resonance Beacon. The other Beacon that looks closer to the monster mark on the map actually has several cliff points underneath where you need to be.

This Echo is level 85 and throws giant boulders at you. Run. Run away.

If you do decide to fight, you'll get a lovely Stonewall Bracer from this Echo drop.

Southwest Giant Banyan: Prism Heart

  • Where to find Prism Heart in Wuthering Waves.
  • Red Prism Heart in Wuthering Waves.

Four level 90 Elemental Prism Echoes await you in this area.

These spiky guys float off of the ground and shoot fire at you.

Southeast of Violet Banyan: Young Murmurin

  • Where to find Young Murmurin in Wuthering Waves.
  • Red Young Murmurin in Wuthering Waves.

Three different Echoes in one fight here. They are the smaller ones — Snip Snap, Whiff Whaff, Zig Zag — but they're also level 100.

You'll need to dodge a lot here, the fireballs are particularly annoying.

South of the Court of Savantae Ruins: Twin Herons

  • Where to find the Twin Herons in Wuthering Waves.
  • Red Twin Herons in Wuthering Waves.

At level 110, the Twin Herons — Cyan and Violet Feathered Heron Echoes — are not to be underestimated. They'll dive at you in intervals, so watch for those attacks and get out of the way as soon as they start charging.

You'll find them resting in a lake at the mapped location above.

Northeast of the Waving Battlefield: Spearback King

  • Spearback King location in Wuthering Waves.
  • Spearback King in Wuthering Waves.

All hail the level 120 Spearback King! This giant, angry bear is the only thing standing between you and finishing this list.

Well, that's all of them! I hope you have a better time fighting them than I did, and don't try to take on any Echoes three times your level for funsies.

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Where to find all Red Enemies (Map) in Wuthering Waves

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