Haunted Hunt Walkthrough, Chapter 4 – Adventure Escape Mysteries

What is Otto up to?

Haunted Hunt is an advanced-level puzzle game in the Adventure Escape Mysteries series. At the conclusion of Haunted Hunt Chapter 3, shape-shifter Moira freed Bezzle the hellhound and discovered a hole in the ground to escape the armory and kitchen. Now she needs to sneak into Otto’s private rooms to find out his plans. If you’re stuck in Haunted Hunt Chapter 4, you’ll find all the clues you need in our walkthrough below.

Haunted Hunt Chapter 4 Walkthrough

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Begin by clicking the dust in the middle of the room three times to reveal and collect the Jar of Fish (1a) and the Bell Ringer (1b). Use the ringer on the Bell (1c) and then use the Bell (once affixed) to attract a cat.  

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Put the Jar of Fish on the box (1d), then click it to knock it off. Once smashed the cat will eat the fish, and while it does so you can touch it to be able to shapeshift into a cat

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Click the end of the cat footprints (2a) to start a maze puzzle. At the turning choices, go: left, left, right, right, right, left, right, up at the crossroads, right, and then out. It’s hard to describe in words, but you can’t fail so you may just need to keep trying.  

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Once you’re in Otto’s Private Chambers, revert to human form and take the Ghost Book (3a), then go downstairs (3b) to the library. 

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Click the rug (4a) and the curtain (4b) to reveal more of the room and take the Cord (4c). Move into the bedroom (4d). 

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Pick up the Chair Leg (5a), take the Wheel from the middle drawer (5b), then go back into the library and use the wheel on the hole at the bottom of the steps (4e) and the chair leg on the step (4f) to fix the steps. You can now place the Ghost Book in the gap on the shelves (4g) to reveal the crank (6a). 

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Back in the bedroom, use the cord on the cauldron (5c) to empty it onto the floor. Take the Brass Piece from the toppled cauldron, and collect a Vault Door Ring from in the fireplace itself.  

Go back to the first of Otto’s rooms and use the Brass Piece on the desk draw (3c) to start a combination puzzle. In cat form, look at the route the cat takes and wherever it stops, there’s a clue (yellow circles, below): 

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  • A: The second book is missing 
  • B: The fifth vase is broken 
  • C: The first butterfly is scratched 
  • D: The second bedpost is scratched 
  • E: The fifth pillow has fallen 

Set the Brass Pieces to position 25125 and the cupboard opens, from which you can take another Vault Door Ring. Now go into cat form and you’ll see there is also a Ghost Key in the cupboard. Take it to the bedroom and (still in cat form) use it to open the jewelry box (5d). Take the Diamond Ring and Turning Key from inside. 

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Use the diamond ring to cut the glass on the bookshelf in the library (6b) and take the Oil Can. Use the oil on the crank (6a), then click the crank to lower the chandelier. Click the lowered chandelier to get a third Vault Door Ring

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Go back up to Otto’s first room and use the turning key on the Music Box (3d). You can do this multiple times to hear a five-note tune. Now click the piano (3e) and reproduce the tune. Luckily you can see the notes in cat form, both coming from the music box and on the piano keys, so you just need to play them in the right order. The music box is then opened (3d) and you can take the next Vault Door Ring from it. 

Now click on the device that was underneath the rug in the library (6c) to find it needs a combination. In cat form in each room, you’ll notice some cat scratch marks, each of which is on an item with a description pertaining to a season (red circles on the cat image above): 

  • (3e) Snowy Winter Forest (5 marks) 
  • (3d) Spring Nympth (3 marks) 
  • (5d) Hot Summer day (1 mark) 
  • (4a) Rug with Autumn leaves (7 marks) 

So, use code 5317 to open the lock and take the final Vault Door Ring from the safe beneath. 

Go up to the first of Otto’s rooms and place the five rings on the Wall Mount (3f) to begin a ring puzzle. Once solved (see below) the vault will open and you can go inside. 

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Turn into a cat to see the full details of the animal puzzle on the wall. Each panel can be switched between two animals, one flying and one land-based, in cat form. While in human form, you can switch each panel between blue (sky) and green (ground). The panels need to alternate blue and green and have matching animals in cat form, for the panel to open

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Once open, you will find Otto’s secret inside. And behind his secret ledger, a Key. You can now go back to the library and use the key to open the locked door (6d) and complete Chapter 4!

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Haunted Hunt Walkthrough, Chapter 4 – Adventure Escape Mysteries

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