Amnesia: Rebirth – How to get the radio

A guide on how to get to the radio objective in Amnesia: Rebirth.

It is the month of the spooky, which means everyone is playing horror games! One game on gamer's radar is Amnesia: Rebirth! Which is no surprise as Frictional Games do a stellar job at nailing the atmosphere down to perfection. Though there is no combat in these types of games, running and hiding is all you can do, but this fuels the terror up to a thousand! Not long into the game, you'll come across a massive old fortress, but before that, you'll enter a barracks and hear a radio looking for survivors? How do you get to the radio in Amnesia: Rebirth?

How to get the radio

This is the first major puzzle in the game, how to get to the radio, as it's the first thing you'll hear upon entering. And what's even better, you have to solve it while being stalked by a murderous ghoul! For those who like causing destruction to overcome your fear, then how to complete this task is right up your alley - mainly because you have to fix a lift and then smash a cannon through the weak floor above!

A screenshot of the radio you are after behind a gate in Amnesia: Rebirth

How to fix the lift

Inside the barracks, you'll no doubt become lost in the labyrinth of passages, and of course, you might see the radio, but you can't get to it that easily, sadly. To reach it, two puzzles must be solved - fixing the lift and the pulley. It might help if you envision the barracks as a square, that the lift objective is in the bottom left-hand corner, and the pulley is in the top right.

First, from the entrance into these dark halls, go straight and continue into you come across a small open area. Here you'll find a spear-launcher near the stairs leading to a dead-end. Take the pulley device from the back of this weapon.

Next, now that you've acquired the pulley, take it down to the lift, which is in the bottom left of this area. When you find it, open up your inventory and place the pulley in the open lift slot - then manually close it to seal it in place. This isn't all you have to do, as you need to find a long wooden board, this can be found to the right of the lift in an alcove. Pick up the board and place it so you can stand on it while the lift is heading up.

Stand on the plank, and use the crank by spinning your mouse or using the D-pad and stop at the highest floor you can.

How to smash the floor

You are almost at the radio now, and because you're so much closer, the dread will start to creep in. You'll find a cannon on this floor, and your objective is to push that cannon to the weak section of the floor above the radio room. However, to move the cannon, you need to find the two missing wheels.

A screenshot of the cannon on the upper floor of the barracks in Amnesia: Rebirth

The first wheel is located in the main hallway right next to the cannon. Have a look near it, and you'll see it. The second wheel is in the opposite direction of the weakened floor, so about-face, and you'll quickly come across a door. Open this door, and many corpses are side next to another canon. Right next to this cannon in one of the corners is the second wheel.

Head back to the cannon in the main hallway and attach each wheel to the empty spokes; once again, head into your inventory to do this. The rock securing the cannon will then move, and you'll be able to push the cannon finally. Give it a good old heave, and eventually, it'll crash through the floor into the radio room below! Follow it down, and use the radio to get your next objective!

Tip: An item needed for the next objective is located in the room above the radio. In this room, you'll find a storage area, enter it, and find an item called Saltpeter located on one of the wooden shelves. You can miss this, but you'll have to return later.

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