Best Lodestone Locations | Where to find Lodestone in New World

Lodestone, an ore that can only be mined once you reach mining skill 105 in New World, can be found in the middle- and high-level areas in Aeternum. The three best spots to find plentiful veins of this ore are northwest Brightwood, northeast Great Cleave, and northeast Weaver’s Fen. This image shows the northwestern section of Brightwood. You can find […]

How to get the Amrine Tuning Orb

The Amrine tuning orb, a key required to enter the Amrine Excavation expedition, can be acquired through quests or by crafting the orb at a stonecutting table. One member of your party must have the orb to enter the expedition. That person’s orb is consumed upon use. Several quests give this orb to allow you access to the expedition: […]