How to get Earth Motes in New World

Earth Motes can be mined from Earthcrag and harvested from Earthspine and Earthshell Turtles. You’ll need a mining level of 50 for Earthcrag and harvesting skills of 0 and 30 for Earthshell Turtles and Earthspine, respectively. Earthspine is one of the easiest magical plants to harvest in New World because of its plentiful numbers in […]

How to get Death Motes in New World

Death Motes in New World are found in Blightcrags, Blightmoths, and Blightroot. You’ll need to be at least level 50 in mining to mine Blightcrags, and you’ll need to reach harvesting levels 0 and 30 to harvest Blightmoths and Blightroot, respectively. The best place in all of Aeternum to harvest Blightroot is in Weaver’s Fen. […]

How to get Life Motes in New World

Life Motes in New World can be harvested from Lifebloom and Lifemoths and mined from Lifejewel. You’ll need level 50 mining to crack open Lifejewels and harvesting levels of 0 and 30 to harvest Lifemoths and Lifejewels, respectively. Lifebloom is the easiest of these three resources to find. These plants are located throughout the low-level zones […]

How to get Soul Motes in New World

Soul Motes can be harvested from Soulsprouts and Soulwyrms and mined from Soulspires. You need harvesting levels of 0 and 30 to harvest Soulwyrms and Soulsprouts, respectively. For Soulspires, you need a mining level of 50. Soulsprouts can be found in large numbers throughout the low-level areas of First Light, Everfall, Monarch’s Bluff, and Windward, but there are a […]

Best Wyrdwood locations in New World – Where to find Wyrdwood

The territory Brightwood is where you’ll find several awesome spots of Wyrdwood. These blue trees provide a lot of Wyrdwood per tree, and they’ll give you a good Logging experience too. Be sure to reach level 100 in Logging before you try chopping down these trees.  The best spot for wyrdwood in Brightwood is Bronzegrove, near the Alchemist’s Shrine fast travel location. […]